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3x3 of the week! #19: Favorite Western Animation shows


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So lets do this, i'll be  posting a 'question" or preferences of the week and we'll do it in 3x3 style so 9 favorites in no particular order. 


This site is useful for making them. Also the various weeks will likely be more general from here on such as "favorite anime characters, favorite games in a particular genre" etc 

This template is also workable 


Thanks @shezzy and @Chen for said templates. 

Also heres my FE related one. The next one will be done on the 6th. 


#1: Favorite FE characters 
#2: Favorite Game Characters 
#3: Favorite Animated characters

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1 hour ago, phineas81707 said:

The program provided didn't work at all- couldn't feed it images, it didn't give me all nine spaces.

Strange, it worked for me just fine after I selected the number of columns and rows (3 x 3). Uploaded the image to Imgur so the image URL doesn't expire, and it was fine.


If people are using that site though, they need to make sure that the used images have the face central or they may get cut off.

For best results, making your own is probably the best way to go.

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2 hours ago, shezzy said:

nice taste jedi

Thanks haha. 

I see you like some of the more "villains with an actual cause"  and I didn't know you liked Zephiel 

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5 minutes ago, shezzy said:

yeah zephiel’s great. he’s one of those “badass normal” type villains like Luca  Blight that you have to respect if anything the effort they put in.

ashnard and berkut are also pretty great too. 

shame those dudes never end up being the true final bosses though 

Ashnard was at least the final boss of FE9, then 10 kinda decreased his relevance in a really bad way. :/ 

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I, uh... seem to have a thing for all the Kaga-era dragon riders. Good to know. I would've added FE5 Dean too, but I ran out of space. Shame I didn't have room for any SS characters either, but I clearly like FE4/FE5's casts too much, haha.

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