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Best pairings for Birthright Children

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Hello, I'm currently playing as a female Corrin, but I am stuck on who should marry who. So far the only pairing I have decided on is Hayato and Orochi. Please help! Thank you. ^-^ 

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Stuff like this usually comes down to personal preference, since it'll always be a debate of supports vs. gameplay, but I'll give my personal favourites here:

Ryoma x Oboro - Shiro will look like Ike and have his Defences patched up by Oboro, so there is nothing to lose here. The only one losing is Takumi, since his older brother stole his retainer. Oh well... All joking aside, the Ryoma x Oboro support is pretty cute.

Takumi x Felicia / Setsuna - Felicia will completely screw over Kiragi stat-wise, but it's Takumi's funniest support by a long shot and one of only two times where I don't want to smash his face in. The other being his support with Setsuna. Supporting him with Setsuna has the added benefit of fixing Kiragi's awful, awful Speed growth.

Subaki x Hinoka - Caeldori's hair has to be red and she becomes a better, more defensive Hinoka. She also gains access to Spear Master, which will increase her damage output by a lot.

Hinata x Hana - Though it pains me to marry Hana to anyone else besides Corrin y'know, because waifu and all, Hinata and Hana will produce a very balanced Hisame, who can outshine his parents by being faster and more skillful than his dad and not as fragile as his mom.

Kaze x Azura / Mozu / Sakura / Corrin / Kagero - Midori is already strong, but with one of these as her mother... hoo boy, she'll transform into a weapon of mass destruction in no time. These five also have pretty sweet supports with Kaze, I believe.
Azura and Kagero fulfill similar roles for Midori: they both turn her into a physical powerhouse that is both fast and strong, while Sakura gives her a more balanced stat spread. Mozu meanwhile is the only one besides a Luck-boon Corrin that can push Midori's Luck modifier into positive numbers.
Whether or not you want Corrin to marry Kaze depends on your boon and bane combination. If you went +Magic, I'd advise against marrying Kaze, since Midori doesn't benefit from a higher Magic stat that much.

Saizo x Mozu / Felicia / Kagero - Saizo x Mozu is one of my favourite supports in Fates, while Felicia makes Asugi into a surprisingly effective user of the Flame Shuriken, while Kagero makes him into a physical powerhouse. You can't go wrong either way.

Kaden x Azura / Setsuna / Sakura - I like Kaden's supports with Sakura and Azura, but in the community, it is widely agreed upon that Setsuna is Selkie's best mother, because she kicks Selkie's Speed stat through the roof. Azura meanwhile adds to Selkie's Strength and Skill while giving you the option of having a third Kitsune in Shigure, while Sakura will give her a pretty balanced spread.

Hayato x Orochi - This one you're already using. It makes Rhajat have an 82.5% Magic growth as an Onmyoji. 82.5%!

Azama x Rinkah - This is more for the aesthetic of Mitama having rose-tinted white hair which makes her look very beautiful and not much else... The supports are mediocre, but the other supports for these characters aren't that much better, but at least Mitama will have a very high Defence along with not losing too much else. If you grind, she is one of only three units that can have both Counter skills without requiring to marry / befriend anyone else, with the other two being Hisame and Kana.

Silas x Mozu / Corrin / Hinoka - Hinoka gives you the statistically best Sophie you can get with high Strength, Skill, Speed and Resistance, with Mozu, she'll be a little more balanced out with a slight focus on Skill and Speed and his Corrin support is Silas' best support, in my opinion. Sophie is strong no matter what you do, I find.

I have no clue what to do for Jakob, though, since I like neither him nor his son. Marry him to someone with dark hair if you want Dwyer to resemble L from Death Note, I guess...

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