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Fire Emblem: Chronicles

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Fire Emblem: Chronicles

A Kamen Rider Ex-Aid (Tokusatsu Superhero TV Series) x Fire Emblem Crossover


This will be a FE7 Rom hack - at this point in time containing 5 chapters (Prologue - Ch.5)

Features to be added (or hoping to add - still needs to be refined):

  • New Characters
  • (Pitch) Introducing characters from other Kamen Rider Series
  • New Story, Events & Map
  • New Sprites, Icons and UI
  • Changes to classes and class changes




Dan Masamune plans to world wide distribute Kamen Rider Chronicle however Dan Kuroto has found a way to enter Chronicle’s game area thus Ex-aid and friends have entered but a sudden turn of events have lead them to stray separating them all. Time is of the essence as they must regroup and find a means to defeat Masamune and stop the distribution of Chronicle.


Additional Information:


Dan Kuroto has been left in the real world due to his Godlike abilities he has created allied Bugsters to aid the riders on their adventure. Kuroto has found an abnormal glitch within Chronicle’s game area believing in the possibility that it could help them he forcefully asks the Riders to find, locate and examine this glitch.


Class List/Changes (WIP)







Saviour > Gamer



Mage > Sage

Swordsman > Swordmaster

Thief > Assassin

Mercenary > Vanguard /or Hero

Archer > Sniper

Knight > Guardian

Cavalier > Paladin

Drago Knight (Wyvern) > Full Drago /or Drago Master

Priest > Bishop

Shaman > Alchemist

Troubadour > Valkyrie

Pegasus Knight > Falcon Knight

Savages > Berserker

Fighter > Warrior

Inventory (Wagon)



Characters (WIP - What I have so far)




Ex-Aid: Mighty Action X > Hyper Muteki

Brave: Taddle Quest > Taddle Fantasy

Snipe: Bang Bang Shooting > Bang Bang Galaxy


Sub Lords

Para-DX: Perfect Knockout

Lazer: Baksou Bike + Giri Giri Chambara > Baksou Bike Turbo (Gear 0)

Poppy: Tokimeki Crisis






Ex-Aid (Lord Class) Attack




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