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Fire Emblem Heroes Build Analyses forum manifesto

This is a forum where we can share Fire Emblem Heroes character build analyses. Share your knowledge, learn from each other, and don't be a dick.


I'm leaving the analysis format up to the author, but here are some general guidelines when writing an analysis:

Things to do when creating a new thread...

  • Please tag your thread with the name of the character you are analyzing using the English (US) localization. Thanks.
    • Please actually use their name so that it can easily be searched for. For example, Cordelia, Perfect Bride, is named "Cordelia" and not "Bridelia", though you're perfectly welcome to include "Bridelia" as an additional tag if you really want. I won't stop you.
  • Search for existing analyses on the character your are analyzing. If a thread already exists, consider if your build is similar enough to a build mentioned in the thread or if it is different enough to warrant a new thread. No one has a monopoly on a character.
    • Make sure to also check the template builds thread, but don't let this stop you from making a new thread if you have something to add that is specific to the character.
  • It's perfectly acceptable to create a thread highlighting one specific build if it is noteworthy or novel enough to deserve its own thread. Be sure to indicate that you're specifically highlighting that one specific build, though.
  • Feel free to be as creative or as uncreative as you want with the thread title as long as it is still clear who or what the thread is about.
  • If you want to reserve a character (or other concept)...
    • Create the thread first so that others know you are intending to write the analysis. Indicate somewhere in the thread title that the post is not yet completed.
    • After the thread is created, write up a skeleton that at least includes the builds you intend to cover. This should be done shortly after the thread is created, i.e. within an hour.
    • You will have 24 hours after the thread is created (or until whenever I log on after that) to finish fleshing out your analysis into a functional state.
    • Do not make more than 1 reservation at a time.

Things to think about when writing a build analysis...

  • Feel free to give your builds fancy names, but make sure you also make it clear what the build actually is.
  • Indicate the purpose of the build. This doesn't need to mention a game mode specifically, but anything that isn't meant to be used in an Arena or Arena Assault setting should probably say so.
    • For example, the Falchion medic template should indicate that it is meant for use in reinforcement maps and game modes with multiple maps in a row.
  • Indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the build.
    • In particular, highlight opponents that the build cannot handle or handle poorly even with weapon triangle advantage.
  • Not every player has access to everything. Give alternative options if they are still viable.
    • Obviously, do you don't need to do this if a skill has no alternative that serves the same purpose, like Distant Counter or Steady Breath.
  • Keep in mind other player's play styles and don't close any doors that don't need to be closed.
  • If the character you are analyzing is 5-star exclusive, it can be helpful to have a section for builds that work with sub-optimal natures.

If you have comments or suggestions about guidelines or other processes...


Revision history


2017-12-10: Added a tip for 5-star exclusive characters.


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I made the section and permissions should be in line now, maybe make a questions thread in case people have anything to ask, but your thread linked in the OP should work too.

Note to users: Ice Dragon will effectively be in charge of the management of this section, but you can message me if there are any technical issues you notice.

Have fun guys!

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