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Water Crest: Morps's Quest For Pants

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Come Join Morps in his quest to retrieve his pants!





-3 Custom Chapters
-Circleseverywhere's(and a bunch of other cool wizards that would be too long to list, special shoutouts to stan cause he's my french bro tho) skill system
-Tequila's display growths hack
-Some custom music made by a bunch of peoples, primarely alusq tho i think
-Portraits ripped from FE1 and 4

Big thanks to everyone in the void's blitzarre adventure team, for making the vba buildfile that allows an easy to make fully custom hacks.

Patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9qba39fn7kq5heu/MorpsQuestForPants.ups?dl=0

Enjoy! and most importantly, reply soon

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