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FE8 Lunatic PME


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So my Christmas holidays start in 3 weeks and I thought it would be fun to play an increased difficulty patch over the holiday but then remembered the pme craze that seems to be going round after Mangs started playing them - so why not do both? I can do most of the hacking but if custom graphics are required then assistance might be needed. e.g. portraits are not my forte

Here are some of the current edits:

  • Circles' (and everyone else who helped) skill system
  • Overlapping weapon triangle (Dark/Axe > Anima/Lance > Light/Sword etc)
  • 2-3 range bows
  • increased enemy growths - most likely 20%
  • Seth becomes Kid Seth (recruit/squire class)
  • If i can figure out how then level cap at 30 with promotion at 20 and no level reset upon promotion

Link to the current edits: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZouXEcGKQ7lRJKMlYaDHSesNsJvgM7Z2D2pL0iJBS2Q/edit?usp=sharing   EDIT: Updated as of 27th Nov

In summary then if anyone has edits fun or hard leave them in the comments and when this is finished I will add a patch to this post.


Coming Soon!

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Eirika now starts in her promoted class with 15/1 averages for her bases. So:


30 HP/12 Str/18 Skl/18 Spd/13 Lck/10 Def/8 Res

Her growths and starting equipment are unchanged.

Thought a role-reversal between the lord and the Jagen would be neat

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Well, here a whole list of suggestion if you can tolerate them all

All legendary weapons now have infinite uses.

Add in stage 2 reverse weapons. (Basically silver versions with even greater buff/nerf to the reverse triangle)

Buff poison weapons and combine bow and melee skeletons and give all monster units skills

Make normal bows 3 range and long bows bolting - 2 range.

Replace the legendary weapons with counterparts for path of radiance, radiant dawn or fates.

Replace some of the enemy units with prepromotes 

If possible, make tier 3 classes

Make vulnerary and elixirs 5 use

If possible, allow light magic to buff surrounding units, dark magic to debuff enemies and anima to inflict status (poison, paralyze/freeze(sleep), burn(fire tile))

Replace Ephraim with Marth/Chrom with pfr weapon being an unbreakable falchion that can also be used to heal and receives a buff in stat with he promotes ie 8 mt to 15 mt

Make chp 9 Erikia's route fog of war

Put the wind sword and light brand into shops

All trainee units come with a master seal

Make Orson into a green unit for chp 5x 

Allow the summoner to summon random monster units (base class version at lv 1-5 until the summoner reaches level 5, then 5-10 until level 10, then 10-20 with a chance of lv 1 prepromoted unit until level 15 and then the summoner will be able to summon prepromoted units whose level is equal to his level minus 10 or less.

Allow the dancer class to fight with swords and allow them to either be promoted or have a level cap of 40.

Dragonstones are now infinite used,  but created different versions that bluff different stats and have different weapon advantages and disadvantages, for example, one stone can buff up res more and does more damage against tome users.

Allow the fire dragon from FE7 to come in as reinforcement on every map after a certain number of turn and proceeds to move towards you to prevent people from turtling, such as 10 turns on short maps and 25 on longer maps.

Place enemies with droppable stat boosters and high tier weapons to encourage people to rush.

Give staff users a exp multiplier as I found that leveling them up is tedious and boring.

Put dark knights in as a promoted class

Monster class units now respawn after five turns 

Finally, change the map on chp 12 Erikia's route to have more than one path way or add a few house at the beginning that has a one time use item that allows the characters to ignore terrain 


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Chapter 7 boss is Flair From FE6 as a high speed Wyvern Rider with a Delfi Shield.

Chapter 5x boss is Glass from FE7 with a Lancereaver and a droppable Red Gem.

Dozla become Bartre as a warrior with a Devil Axe and a Short Bow.

Kyle becomes an armor knight but uses Beta portrait.

All red and blue Gems are half value. White gems stays normal value.

Bone and Bazba(chp. 3 & 4 bosses) become Damas and Batta.


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The boss of Chapter 10 in Ephraim Route, Beran, becomes Aion with 20 Magic and Skill, but the rest are his stats from FE7, and comes with one Thunder, two Boltings and a Master Seal. He also has Lance/Bow/Axe/Sword/Tomebreaker and Lucky Seven for skills.

Change the Cyclops boss from Chapter 12 in Ephraim Route into the unused bandit (a.k.a. Bandit) and name him Phil, give him the Ranger class, Beran's stats +2 skill and defense/resistance, +3 every other stat, and Savage Blow as personal skill.

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