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Fire Emblem - The Light of Dawn - Prologue - Village of Hope, Maori Polynia

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Prologue - Village of Hope, Maori Polynia

The sound of bells chiming echo throughout a small village, as a young man, age 15, woke up to the first gleaming light of the morning sun. He laid on his oak wood bed, still covered up with a sewed blanket. “Another day, and another eight hours of work. Things have never seemed to change for me… But, what was that dream?” He pondered, removing the blanket covering his body. After brushing his smooth, medium black hair that gracefully swayed down to his shoulders, He dressed himself in khaki colored pants, a navy blue-colored short sleeved tunic in which resembled  a turtleneck, brown gloves and boots as he picked up a wooden basket and a sickle that had a named carved onto the handle. That name was Aleister. The young man put the sickle inside the basket as he exited his home and went out to the fields of grains, vegetables and other plants. Making his way to the field, he was encountered by a blonde haired, brown eyed, coat wearing man. “You’re up early, Aleister.” The coated figure greeted to the young man, who hadn’t showed emotions. “I can say the same for you… Robin.” Aleister replied within a stern, although calm voice. “I get up early so I can make sure that the fields are attended to, so that the other farmers have an easier job during the day.” Robin conceded to him, turning away. “Now… I am cognizant that you would help me with today’s tending to the crops. As if you had much of a choice.” He continued. Aleister sighed and nodded his head in agreement. “Yes, yes, I know. I am aware that our village leaders gave you a bit of authority, but you shouldn’t go and flaunt it to others. Just because they are gods, it doesn’t make you one of the higher ups of the village. I swear, you are-” Aleister had showed a bit of aggravation before calming down, rolling his eyes and getting his sickle out of the basket. “Nevermind, I’ll help. Just don’t force me around.”

The two would begin working, and as a few hours had passed, more and more farmers had come out of their houses to work in the fields. Robin, sweating from all the work they had to do, walked to a shady spot, where Aleister had been sitting. “It has been hotter than the last few weeks. It never gets to this kind of weather!” Robin pointed out, seeing the sunlight and heat exhaust and brutalize the farmers who had been working in the fields. The 15 year old, who was beat red from working in the sun for hours on end, had just recognized it as well. “Yeah… I’ve noticed some of the crops have been starting to wilt from it too.” Aleister gave feedback to Robin’s comment, wiping his hand with a small handkerchief that he kept inside of his neck sleeve.

The two had sat there for a few moments, alone and quiet, until a girl with pink hair with two ponytails and red eyes had come to them, sitting down. “Is the heat giving you a beat down as well, young Mae?” Robin questioned her. Mae, on the verge of having a heat stroke, nodded yes to his concern towards her. “I… I need some water or at least a breeze of cold air…!” She panted, sweat rolling down her face. “I do believe there is some we can get from inside my house. I do tend to keep iceboxes of water when in extremely warm temperatures like what we’re experiencing now.” The teen rose to his feet and went to the place he called home, bringing out cases of water, handing bottles, jars and cups of them to people who had experienced an extreme thirst during the hot weather. He returned to his seat as he gave some water to Mae and Robin. “I think we should keep in doors tomorrow.” The teen suggested. “Yes, but who will be there to make sure all the crops don’t shrivel and die? We have to keep working. Besides, the heat’s bound to go away.” Robin told them.

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