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Sure, Altenna hit Ishtar with that 35%. However, there's always that 65% chance of her missing and dying horribly. I wouldn't consider such a strategy reliable at all. Sometimes the RNG feels nice. Sometimes it wants to activate Great Shield every other attack. And nothing stops an enemy from hitting your own dodgetank with a 35% and killing them.

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i just one shot her with ares with around an 80% hit rate or something like that. if you want a real stupid strategy you have to abuse arion's ai because his ai sucks ass. to do that just have seliph go around the back of the thracian castle and don't go into arion's range and he'll start coming towards you but just outrun him and clear out the rest of the dracoknights with your other units and then he'll go back to the castle to get another unit. stay 5 spaces out of the range of that unit and they will ignore seliph and it seems to me like no matter what they will not turn back and go back towards seliph. they will keep charging your other units no matter what. now that's how you cheese this game correctly

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