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Randomized FE8 Ephrahim Lunatic Mode (ft. Skills)


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After doing a randomizer run of both FE6 and FE7 more recently, I figure I may as well do the only remaining game in the GBA trilogy as well. Sacred Stones may not be the strongest entry in the series, but it's still a game I have a lot of love for, and I've had a ton of fun with this so far (currently on Part 4, playlist here). 

SO, what makes it Lunatic mode?

-Enemy growths increased by 20%

-Bosses buffed twice (using the randomizer's 'Buff Bosses' option)

-All classes/characters randomized (including monsters/special classes)

-For Chapter 8 and beyond, enemies have been given better class bases to (hopefully) keep them competitive all game

-A Skills system (by circleseverywhere)

-Ephrahim's Route

I also made some other little changes here and there, like palette edits and music edits, just to keep it a little more fresh. It's definitely been a very different experience so far, I can say that much haha.

Part 1 includes the prologue up through Chapter 4, in which we meet our first units. This feels like some bizarro FE8 where Renais takes a back seat to Frelia, since 95% of my playable characters so far all come from there. Moulder as a Tarvos and my Eirika replacement is pretty hype, and he's as much of a beast as you'd expect. Some people had suggested that I give monster classes the promotion bonuses of their human counterparts, and I just might have to since I'd hate to see this guy fall off. Overall, I'm blessed with a pretty good starting squad, so we'll see where they go from here!

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Glad this caught your eye and hope you enjoy man, it's definitely been a ride so far for me!

Got another update. Again, Part 2-4 can be found in this playlist here to avoid spamming a bunch of videos in the first few posts haha.

In this part we do the first battle of Ephrahim's route, and like you might expect it's drastically more difficult. Getting to Gheb was no joke, but in the end we manage to pull it off and even snag a few new recruits on the way. Got a little lucky near the beginning after a horrible mistake, but hey, we take those. All I know is that if Fort Rigwald was this hard, then the Phantom Ship has me super shook right about now.


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Chapter 10 goes down, and we get two new characters for our troubles. Whenever she decides to move, Lute will be fantastic, but that's a small price to pay for a unit this good. Definitely shaping up to be Mage Emblem, and I'm completely okay with that. 

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