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OC Legendary Weapon Ideas?

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I opted not to include S-Ranked Legendary Weapons for my own original story, but came up with two personal weapons for the Lord characters:

  • Excelsior, the Sword of Heaven.  Wielded by Claudus, a prince of the kingdom of Rema's current royal family.  (Want to change the name, but can't think of a good alternative.)
  • Peacemaker, the Axe of Earth.  Wielded by Carol, the last living member of Rema's original royal family and the rightful heir to its throne.

These weapons were forged by the gods for human use should evil threaten the continent they created.  The idea behind these weapons is to provide humans with a means of combating this evil while allowing the gods to maintain their policy of "limited intervention".  Until the time comes, the weapons are safeguarded on a remote island enchanted to bar access to anyone not deemed worthy to claim them.

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Legendary weapons hmm? How about...

The Three Laws:

  • Pathos - Law of desire. (Sword) Mt: Above Average (Legendary Weapons Standard) Hit: High Avo: None Crit: High Effect: Increases trigger rate of unit's skills by 15%. Rng: 1 (A longer Spatha in design with a golden guard, and black hand grip.)
  • Ethos - Law of value. (Tome) Mt: High (LWS) Hit: Above average Avo: 10 Crit: Low Effect: If unit's Res > foe's Res, foe can not counterattack. After combat inflicts foe's within two spaces of target with status effect that prevents them from counterattacking. Rng: 1-2 (Chain like animations from the tome.)
  • Logos - Law of truth. (Sword) Mt: Very High Hit: High Avo: 10 Crit: Average Effect: If unit's stat > foe's respective stat unit gains +5 of that stat. Rng: 1-2 (A Medieval Arming Sword that looks like it's shining all steel, and is almost radiant and luminescent white.)


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