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Anybody need a new person on their development team?


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I'm someone who just stepped out of my comfort zone and started to try to do hacking and stuff. I can't event and I'm not much of a storywriter (I can make pretty good concepts, but can't flesh them out enough), but anything else I can do just fine, unless I'm forgetting something.





-Miles :3

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What exactly would you say are your strong points/What have you done so far?


(it seems like you're basically applying for a job, so listing your skills would make the most sense, like a resume)

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+I've made some portraits and maps before (much better at maps tbh)

+I know how to make music

+Some nice original ideas (technical and story)

+Good at Testing

-Can't write flushed out stories

-Can't event

-Weak at balancing

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