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Heroes you're still waiting for?


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Archanea: Nagi, Xane, Gotoh, Bantu

Jugdral: Lex

Elibe: Lugh, Linus, Nils, Canas, Kent, Sain, Rath, Harken, Dart, Lowen, Heath, Farina, Lucius w/light magic

Magvel: Artur, Cormag, Vanessa, Ross, Franz, Garcia, Gilliam, Lyon, Ewan, Myrrh, Selena, Gerik, Colm, Niemi

Valentia: Python, Forsyth, Kamui, Valbar, Silque, Rinea, Tatiana

Tellius: Rhys, Boyd, Mordecai, Ranulf, Gatrie, Meg, Ilyana

Ylisse: Maribelle, Miriel, Brady, Owain, Gangrel, Aversa, Morgan, Gerome, Flavia, Basilio, Panne, Yarne, Libra

Fates: Flora, Rinkah, Keaton, Kaden, Forrest, Nina, Ophelia, Reina, Orochi, CharlotteBenny, Kaze, Shura, Garon, Iago

Making this list has made me realize I have no sense of self-restraint

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Need to Pull:

  • Ninian - Been trying to pull her for so long.
  • Celica
  • Ephraim - Used Eirika for a long time. Would like her brother as another buffer for Blade Mages.
  • Genny - I need Wrathful Staff fodder.


Add to Game:

  • Owain - Odin does not count, we need the real deal!
  • Basilio - Some of the best dialogue in Awakening.
  • Erk - We have Serra, so we need Erk to complete the set!
  • Rath - More Bow Cavaliers would be nice.
  • Grima - More Dragons.
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Rather than my favorites, the ones I'm still expecting to be added into the game.

- Lena (the original cleric)
- Jake (since he's Anna's boyfriend and all)
- Astram & Midia (We're still missing Mercurius and without Midia it would be strange to have him)
- Cecil (the only missing recruit from the 7th platoon)
- Feena (hello, first dancer, why are you still missing?)
- Ellerean (can we finally have Thoron+?)
- Horace (the only new character from FE11/12 that I really want to see)
- Nyna (she would probably be a healer but that should be fine with all the buffs they've gotten)
- Hardin [GHB] (he could have Gradivus and be our blue DC Armor)

- Kliff (the only missing villager from Ram)
- Silque (considering she would make great "waifu" material I'm very surprised that she was surplanted by Faye in the initial banner)
- Valbar (he is one of the faces for Gaiden and we have a lack of Armors; Leon wants his love back)
- Conrad (kinda important in SoV despite being done poorly)

- Marcus (where is this manly man?)
- Sue (we need more Bow cavaliers besides Brave Lyn)
- Thea (since her sister is a blue unit, she could be another Red flier)
- Echidna (we lack Axes and this is a pretty unique character from a game that has a lot of clones from the original in it)
- Larum (as ridicilous as it may sound, she could be our first regular Axe dancer being from the Western Isles and all ... on the other hand, nah)
- Igrene (she has ties with a lot of characters and she is the only missing Arcadia character)
- Rath (see Sue but male)
- Pent & Louise (pretty obvious choice with their children considered)
- Linus [GHB] (he is the only missing member of the Four Fangs)

- L'Arachel (with staff buffs, she could have a lot of potential as a unit; give her Ivaldi as weapon, Latona as her Assist)
- Duessel (we are missing a representative from Grado and who is a better candidate for Garm than Duessel? *insert Sean Connery jokes here*)
- Myrrh (more manaketes really; Fae is still the only green dragon)
- Lyon [GHB] (one of the better antagonists in Fire Emblem)

Tellius (Pretty much all the Greil Mercenaries)
- Boyd
- Rhys
- Gatrie
- Shinon (this guy actually has an excuse for having an exclusive bow)
- Rolf
- Kieran (we won't have that many Christmas Knights since a lot of them are clones; but they could at least complete this duo and he is a rare Axe cavalier)
- Jill (one of the more prominent characters in both games)
- Micaiah (protagonist; I'm willing to bet she becomes a staff unit with Ashera's staff and some kind of Light tome like Thani or Rexaura)
- Sothe (sidekick; maybe with Baselard?)

- Sumia (funny that the 'poster girl' is still missing)
- Vaike (moar Axes!)
- Maribelle (if memory serves me right she was quite popular in CYL)
- Aversa [GHB] (so far the only 2-range fliers were seasonals and Aversa is the only one who is canonically a mage flier)
- Walhart [GHB] (he would be pretty cool to have since he is the lead antagonist for the most forgettable part of the game)

- Silas
- Kaze (I know that the Fates roster is main guy + his retainers but all 3 are somewhat relevant characters)
- Rinkah
- Charlotte (we have the Bridal version so the regular one shouldn't be that far off)
- Flora [GHB] (she would be the first Grand Hero with a Dagger)

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For the ones I've played

SS: Gerick, Artur, Colm, Neimi, Natasha.

Awakening: Sumia, Morgan (F), Fila/Phila (whatever her name was)

Fates: Silas, Kaze, Selkie, Kana, Percy (simply for Kouhei Horikoshi to do), Velouria, Ophelia

Echoes: Silque, Kliff, Forsyth, Kamui

There are too many characters that I want right now either for art, OPness, or whatever else. Off the top of my head, there is Azura, Katarina, Sigurd, Soleil, Mia, Celica, Tana (a better one), Innes, Amelia, Ayra, and others.

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My current list of who I want in the game.

Magvel: Myrrh, Marisa, L'Arachel, and Cormag

Valentia: Silque

Tellius: Ilyana, Astrid(please no mentions of Makalov), Sigrun, Kurthnaga, Nailah, Vika, Haar, Lucia, and Petrine.

Fates: Orochi, Reina, Flora, Sophie, Mitama, Velouria, Nina, Ophelia, Selkie, Nyx, and Arete.

Ylisse: Say'ri, Noire, Nah, fMorgan, and Aversa.

Archanea: Marisha, Malice, Wolf, Nagi, and Sirius

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Not in game -




Some version of Bandit Twin bosses (Maggie and Rose) (Paul and Jasmine) (Pain and Agony) (Vincent and Victor) It's a Fire Emblem Tradition

Tokyo Mirage Session Gharnef

Tokyo Mirage Session Virion

Emma (Cipher) Preferably Kinshi Knight version

Randal (Cipher) Preferably Bow Knight version


Bow Knights or Bow Knight variants in the Cipher series 

 Astrid (FE9-10) Gregor (FE13) Inigo (FE14) Leon (FE2) Midir (FE4) Nina (FE14) Randal (OC) Rath (FE7) Sedgar (FE3) Selena (FE14) Sue (FE6) Tobin (FE2) Virion (FE13) Wolf (FE3) 

Bonus - Horseback version of Takumi, but as Lance cavalier, not bow knight

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Waiting patiently for new shape shifters, particularly: Naesala, Reyson, Nasir, Ena, Keaton and Kaden. Also waiting for Mozu, Shura, Kaze, Flora, Heath, Legault, Petrine and Yukimura.

EDIT: Also forgot Rath.

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- Valbar


- Julius

- Isthar

- Travant

Thracia 776

- Leif

- Finn

- Orsin

- Ced

Blazing Blade

- Athos

- Pent

- Canas

- Linus

Sacred Stones

- Lyon

- L'Arachel

Radiant Dawn

- Sephiran

- Caineghis (A Red Lion laguz will be the best)


- Gerome, Owain, Aversa, Walhart, Yen'Fay


- Ophelia, Ignatius


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Already in the game: Hinoka, Nephenee, Ryoma, Kagero, Lucina, Brave Lucina, Bride Charlotte, Elise, Summer Elise, Minerva, Deirdre, Julia, Celica, Katarina, Kitty Sakura, Ninian, Rhajat, and Soleil.

Not in the game: Walhart, Aversa, Noire, F Morgan, Sumia, Cynthia, Owain, Severa, Kjelle, Ophelia, Velouria, Benny, Charlotte (regular), Caeldori, Sophie, Flora, Kaze, Midori, Mozu and Nina.

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A large majority of characters I want are already in game. I'll split my desirables in two categories. Those in bold will be units I will use orbs to summon for. The ones who aren't bolded are highly desirable for me, however aren't units I will go out of my way to pull for. Units I italicized I think will have a chance of being demoted or a free unit.  


  • Norne: Out of the Shadow Dragon originals, she's the most likely to appear. 
  • Nagi: Disappointed Izuka hasn't returned as a main artist. The original characters he made for New Emblem/Shadow were some of the best and unique designs in the entire franchise.


  • Altenna: The only character that made the second generation worth it. My favourite character in Jugdral, she's a legend. 
  • Brigid: First generation has so many legendary characters, especially on the female side. Briggid takes the cake out of the remaining cast, however. 
  • Lara: She'll likely be the only non-seasonal dagger dancer. Hopefully stronger than Performing Olivia. 
  • Ethlyn
  • Lex
  • Chulainn
  • Beowulf


  • Idounn: Unit I'm most excited for, to be honest.
  • Wil: Always be reppin'  him over Rebecca. 
  • Leila: Likely a tempest trial unit. Give her the love she deserves. Needs expanding on eventual Blazing Sword remake. 
  • Sonia: Likely a Grand Hero Battle. Can't wait for Fimbulventr and Fire Emblem's resident Lust. 
  • Heath
  • Fiora
  • Oswin
  • Dieck


  • Cormag: One-man army on a Wyvern. 
  • Selena: Likely a Grand Hero Battle. Need a good cavaliar mage (that's not blue).
  • Gerick
  • Myrrh
  • Colm
  • Lyon: Again, GHB. 


  • Boyd: I imagine he'd be one of the 
  • Tibarn: They have to do the Kings justice, so probably won't see him for a loooong time even when beast units get eventually added. 
  • Leanne: Not sure whether her or Reyson would get added first. I imagine Reyson, but Leanne's pretty memorable as well. 
  • Jill
  • Ranulf
  • Lucia 


  • Phila


  • Charlotte
  • Keaton
  • Selkie
  • Velouria
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Of the characters already in the game, the only ones I really want that I haven't gotten (that I can think of) are Ninian, who I have tried for on three separate banners and gotten pity broken all three times, and Soleil, who is on a banner at the moment but I don't feel confident in my orb count.

As for characters I'd like to see in the game that aren't yet, I'll only do the games I've actually beaten. I wouldn't necessarily spend super hard for all of these characters, but I would still like to see them in the game.

Sacred Stones: Gilliam, Ross, Garcia, Neimi, Artur, Gerik, L'Arachel, Ewan, Myrrh, Ismaire.
Awakening: Sumia, Kellam, Maribelle, Panne, Gregor, Morgan (F), Phila, Cervantes.
Fates: Kaze, Mozu, Kaden, Orochi, Scarlet, Nyx, Charlotte, Benny, Forrest, Ophelia, Haitaka, Lilith, Zola.
Echoes: Kliff, Valbar, Desaix, Rudolf.

Also all the original characters from Cipher and TMS.

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Characters already in the game that I want:

Echoes: Celica, Mae, Genny, Delthea, Sonya.

Sacred Stones: Ephraim, Tana, Innes, Lute.

Tellius: Sanaki, Soren, Mia, Nephenee, Mist.

No one from Awakening actually (either got them or don't care)

Fates: Ryouma, Hinoka, H!Sakura (still weeping blood everytime I think back to November), Leon, Aqua, (either version), Shiro, Kagerou.

Yes, my luck at pulling the things I want is terrible, I know.

Characters I want to get into this game:

Echoes: Python, Forsyth, Luthier.

Sacred Stones: Arthur, Neimi, Marisa, L'arachel, Cormag, Lyon.

Tellius: REYSON, Tibarn, Micaiah, Ranulf, Naesala, Leanne, Rafiel, Nailah, Jill, Marcia, Haar.

Awakening: MARIBELLE, M!Morgan, Noire, Nah, Brady, Laurent.

Fates: Orochi, Rinkah, Reina, Scarlet, Mitama, Forrest, Ophelia, Nina, Flora.

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12 hours ago, Anacybele said:

Not in the game yet: RD Ike

So I guess Brave Ike doesn't count as a Radiant Dawn Ike, despite using both an Axe, which he has no access to in PoR, and using the Radiant Dawn design.


As for characters that aren't in the game that need to be: Tibarn, Panne, Selkie.

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54 minutes ago, Neopolitan said:

So I guess Brave Ike doesn't count as a Radiant Dawn Ike, despite using both an Axe, which he has no access to in PoR, and using the Radiant Dawn design.

No, he doesn't count because he doesn't use the RD design, he uses the PoR one since that was the Ike that won the CYL poll. Plus, his description says "appears in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance."

Edited by Anacybele
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FE 1-3 11-12 Wolf, Sedgar, Julian, Lena, Marisha

FE 4 Lex, Erynis, Briggid, Ethlyn, Faval, Ishtar, Delmud, Nanna, Ares, Beowulf

FE 6 Percival, Echidna, Guinevere

FE 7 Rath, Oswin, Linus, Kent, Sain

FE 8 Cormag, Vannessa, Syrenne, Kyle, Forde, Marissa, Selena

FE 10-11 Geoffrey, Lucia, Marcia, Kieran, Haar, Jill, Boyd, Shinon, Micaiah, Tibarn, Naesala, Leanne, Nailah

FE 13 Vaike, Sumia, Maribelle, Gregor, Panne, Owain, Severa, Brady, Noire, Yarne, both Morgan, Gerome, Cynthia, Kjelle, Aversa

FE 14 Orochi, Keaton, Kaden, Selkie, Veloria, Nina, Charlotte, Ophelia

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I still need to pull Celica, Sigurd, Lyn, Ephraim, Leo, Elise, B!Ike, B!Lucina, B!Lyn, Bride!Lyn, Bride!Caeda, all four Easter units, all four Nohrian Summer units, Summer!Robin, Summer!Tiki, Klein, Maria, Linde, Sanaki...it's never ending.

As for units I'm waiting to be added...

Archanea: Xane is the big one, plus Hardin and potentially Nyna?

Valentia: Jesse and Kamui, and maybe Rinea if they can?

Jugdral: Leif and Finn.

Elibe: Nils.

Magvel: Artur and Natasha.

Tellius: Rhys, Ranulf, Tibarn, Reyson, Leanne, Rafiel, Naesala, Nailah, Micaiah, Sothe.

Ylisse: Sumia.

Fates: Kaze, Rinkah and Midori.

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Above all, Kent!!!! I really, really, really want to see Kent in this game. I'm always hopeful with each new banner -.- 

I have no units currently in the game that I want to pull, since Shiro finally came to me, completing my collection again. I wouldn't say no to a +Atk Abel or a Gray, though. 

For other units not in the game, I really want to see: 

Archaena (I know, I can never spell this so it's probably wrong):

Wolf - We need more men in pink/purple. Plus bow knight :D


Forsyth and Python - Too fun a duo to leave out of this game

Luthier - I much prefer him to his annoying little sister.

Silque - If I'd had the choice, I'd've put her in instead of Faye, personally. Faye could happily stay out of the game -.- 

Jesse - So I could support him and Silque. As it should be!

Conrad - Again, Faye gets in but Conrad doesn't? Urgh. I'd love to have him, and then get Gerome, Sirius and Legion and have a mask party :D I suppose I could use Masked Lucina, but the whole Marth thing just gets old after two seconds. I didn't mind it in Awakening, but with Heroes and Warriors doing it and people who should know better not seeming to know... yeah, she's not welcome lol 



Ares - My favourite character from these

Rifis - I've always liked this guy. He's sneaky, he's not good... he knows it xD 

Kein - Seriously, this guy has a great design (his oa is awesome, especially). Since he's the Abel side of the archetype, I know I'll like him. I just want to hear him speak since he doesn't even get a line in his original game. 

Areone - What can I say? Game needs more male fliers, and I just adore this guy :D 

Sleuf - We need more lovely male healers... although ones that aren't quite as lovely as Lucius. I think Sleuf toes the line nicely. 

Homer - Bonus points if he's a male refresher unit. I still want more, although loving Inigo and Shigure. 



Percival - He's one of my favourite units. A very handsome black knight. I really hope he's added in soon. 

Saul - Fun priest guy. Plus a handsome male healer (sorry Lucius... Azama... Wrys... you're just... not).

Dorothy - To keep Saul in line!

Elfin - male refresher unit. Yes please. 

Sain - While Kent is my first favourite, I do adore his boon companion. I'd love Sain to be on the same banner as Kent. 

Pent - Well, since his kids are here, he can join. Wouldn't mind his wife joining, too, but Pent is my favourite of the two. 

Rath - The best looking bow knight. I'm still sad Lyn was the bow knight before he was even added to the game. Rankles a bit.



CORMAG!!! - With Kent as my top wanted, Cormag is my joint second with Geoffrey. I just adore this guy - who wouldn't? 

Glen - I don't want Cormag to be without his brother. Handsome and kind... I want this guy on my team. 

Selena - i need her to support with Glen ^.^ Plus an awesome character in her own right. Still sad we couldn't recruit her or Glen :( 



GEOFFREY!!! - That banner peeved me so much when they introduced Elincia without Geoffrey, Lucia and Bastian. They would've been the perfect banner. Instead they started the three person banner hell that I've been loathing ever since. 

Kieran - See above. Disappointment when Oscar was introduced so I thought at least I'd get the two christmas knights. Nope. Three person stinking suckfest of a banner. I mean, it's not like we need more axe cavaliers or green units in general. Nooooooo. 

Volug - Sexy wolf. Me needs.

Nailah - Sexy wolf. Me needs xD 

Rafiel - I adore him. Plus male refresher :)

Reyson - Herrrroooooon Puuuuuuuuunch!

Rhys - The most adorable healer to ever exist. I wish they'd put him on the Greil banner instead of Mist, even though I know they'd have never left her off. 

Naesala - Who doesn't love this guy?

Tibarn - Strong hawk dude needs adding in :D 

Sephiran/Lehran - Either/or. I want this guy in the game so badly. He's the best villain, imo. 


Awakening (Can't remember if the continent is called Ylisse or if that's just the state/country. Can't be bothered to look it up):

Gerome - My favourite child unit in this game, and one of my favourite units overall.  

Laurent - His hat is too cool to leave out

Panne - My favourite female from this game. She's just awesome. Gaius needs her to join him. 

Yarne - Because I imagine his voice lines will be adorably terrified. 



Silas - We got Gunther instead of him. I like Gunther, but this still makes me sad. 

Kaze - Saizo should not be in the game without his twin. Why couldn't we have Kaze? v.v

Flora - Way prefer her to Felicia. Totally plan to support her with Jakob if she ever gets in the game. 

Dwyer - Fun child unit :) 

Shigure - I love having the singer version. Now I want the pegasus version to match :D 

Keaton - He's way too adorable to leave out

Kaden - He's a fox! A lovely, lovely fox! This game needs all the shifters in it, but he's one I really wanna see. 



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Really want another redhead wyvern rider the most, tbh.


Binding Blade: Milady, Sue, Idunn

Blazing Sword: Leila, Ursula with her original artwork, Heath, Sain

Sacred Stones: Marisa, Gerik, L'Araquel, Vanessa

PoR: Jill!, Kieran, Tibarn

Awakening: How is Sumia not in this game!  Also, Gregor.

Fates: Regular Charlotte, Kana

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I'll just list two from each game, since I could go on forever. Counting Mystery and SD together though, they have enough as is.

1/3/11/12: Wolf and Cecil. More bow cavalry, and I like both of these characters. Also an excuse for the Lady Sword, only inheritable by females.

2/15: Kliff and Silque. Two of my faves who got skipped the first and second time around. Either Kliff mage and Silque healer, or Kliff archer and Silque mage with a unique nosferatu tome.

4: Shanan and Cuan/Quan. Balmung and Gae Bolg, yeahhhhhhh!

5: Evayle and Othin. More weapons with built in DC, more I say! Leif is a given, but if he somehow isn't,  Evayle can sit out.

6: Sue and Echidna. Two characters I like, and once more from the top, more bow cavalry, more!

7: Rath and Erk. I like Erk. He kinda sucks, but I like him. Bow cavalry ect.

8: La'Rachel and Lyon. Both of them deserve it. Caellach or Selena would also be fun if not Lyon.

9: Naesala and Petrine. Just characters I like, also want laguz already. 

10: Volke and Volug. More laguz. And assassin Volke is best Volke. And best assassin.

13: Sumia and Aversa. Flying staff user, and flying mage whose actually in the natural pool!

14: They have enough! But no, Kaze and Charlotte. Kaze's my favorite ninja, and it'd be nice to complete the trio. Even though Silas is way more likely to be paired with Kaze, I don't like him, and I do like Charlotte. 

As far as characters already in the game, there are tons. Still trying to get Soleil. I like her art, bums me out that people dump on it. But besides that, I have plans for FS+. Poison strike and savage blow. Seigbert would also be appreciated if he pops up.

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