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Heroes you're still waiting for?


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I'd literally be content if they just added Maribelle. I'd sink so much money into colourless hell that it would be stupid. Let me throw money at you, IS!

I'm holding off inheriting anything onto my Sakura, because I want to build a Maribelle instead, in the event that she comes into the game.

Oh, and I guess I want Nyx, just as much, too.

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  • FE6: Dieck, Sue, Shin, Milady
  • FE7: Wil, Erk, Rath, Canas, Dart, Fiora, Farina, Pent, Louise
  • FE8: Franz, Vanessa, Artur, Forde, Kyle, Gerik, Cormag, L'Arachel
  • Tellius: Shinon, Jill, Micaiah, Haar, Volke
  • Archanea: Hardin, Wolf, Sedgar, Norne,
  • FE13: Morgan(s), Anna, Cynthia, Laurent
  • FE14: Flora, Kaze
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I’ll just pick three playables from each game, counting remakes as one and usually preferring to put non-exclusives under their origin label, but not always.

FE1/11: Lena, Astram, Midia;
FE2/15: Silque, Tatiana, Kliff;
FE3/12: Phina, Eremiah, Sirius;
FE4: Azelle, Lex, Tine;
FE5: Leif, Nanna, Linoan;
FE6: Rutger, Juno, Dieck;
FE7: Erk, Isadora, Harken;
FE8: The Rachel, Marisa, Myrrh;
FE9: Calill, Lucia, Bastian;
FE10: Micaiah, Edward, Nolan;
FE13: Severa, Inigo, Owain let’s try again,
FE13: Miriel, Maribelle, Sumia;
FE14: Reina, Flora, Rinkah;
Warriors: Lianna, Rowan, Darios;
TMS: no idea, unfortunately.

Quite a list!

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Characters I'm still trying to pull: Maria, kid Tiki, Katarina, Camus, Alm, Celica, Faye, Clive, Eldigan, Olwen, Klein, Hector, Priscilla, Hawkeye, Karel, Jaffar, Seth, Lute, Amelia, Mia, Robin (M), Lucina, "Marth" (Masked Lucina), Corrin (M), Xander, Kagero, all the Fates children, and most of the seasonal heroes (only ones I've pulled that I wanted are Brave Lyn and Brave Roy)

I don't know how so many people have so many of the Heroes they want, not to mention so many of the seasonal Heroes. The struggle is real.

Characters I'm waiting to be added to Heroes:

  • FE 4/5: Leaf, Ishtar, Julius
  • FE 7: Karla, Harken, Wil, Heath, Fiora, Limstella
  • FE 8: Myrrh, Franz, Marisa
  • FE 9: Laguz units (any and all please, but especially Lethe, Mordecai, and Tibarn)
  • FE 10: like... everyone... how have they not added the Dawn Brigade characters yet? (This would also be a great opportunity for alternate versions of characters like Ike and Titania)
  • FE 11 (Awakening - I know everyone uses 11 and 12 as the DS remakes but... those are remakes. How are they numbered entries?): Morgan, Sumia, Ricken, Maribelle, Anna (I would love to see a bunch of alternate Annas, honestly - it would fit the lore and be really entertaining), Flavia, Priam, Owain (Odin is dumb), Kjelle, Cynthia
  • FE 12 (Fates - see 11): Rinkah, Scarlet, Kana, Sophie, Mitama, Charlotte (normal, not Bridal), Velouria, Percy, Ophelia
  • Shadows of Valentia: Silque, Python, Zeke, Forsyth, Tatiana, Valbar, Conrad, Rinea (burning witch form probably, but would like to see her normal form turned into a Hero in FEH)
  • TMS: I'd love to see EVERY CHARACTER from this game brought to Heroes! It would be hilarious, for one, but I also want more people to be aware of TMS, because it's a great game oozing with style and fun. But if I had to pick, I'd just ask for all of the Carnage forms of the main cast to be brought over. And I'd love to see Touma as a Cavalier unit but on a motorcycle :D
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Need to pull takumi and 9 5 star Marths 

Hope they add Linus I need my fourth fang

also Christmas black knight‚ Christmas garon‚ elf gharnef  and elf jedah with Santa Rudolf( or reindeer)  cuz it be funny

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for units that are already in the game, over 200 orbs  and mist still has yet to grace me with her presence I don't feel the same about anyone else.

I also only want micaiah and myrrh and I will be satisfied with the whole of the available roster, I'm pretty easy to please anything more is appreciated but I can call myself wholly satisfied with just the aforementioned two they are the only A tier favorites I don't have yet.

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5 hours ago, Christactics said:

Ones that are not in Heroes yet: Python, other morph types but mostly Keaton

I know its not what you meant, but you just made me realize I want Limstella and Denning.

Denning would be the easiest character to write dialogue for. Bad level up: "This...is...a...message..."

Good level up: "ThisisamessagefromlordNergalIawaityouontheDreadIsle"

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In Game:

Delthea, Amelia, Tana, Eldigan, Deirdre, Sonya, Saber, Leon, Lyn, Minerva, Hinoka, Young Tiki, Sigurd, Lute.

Not in Game:

Kaze, Natasha, Dorothy, Isadora, Miriel, Vaike, Mitama, Velouria, Sue, Keaton, Charlotte (Normal), Quan (or is it Cuan, don't remember), Ethlyn (Sigurd's sister), Cormag, Libra.

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To add one more unit I want in the game, even only slightly less than Maribelle and Nyx, I'd want Orochi. I'd like to think if either Nyx or Orochi joined the game, they'd be on the same banner, as notable mages from their respective Fates games.

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Already in the game: Ayra and a better natured Julia, those units are the two I really really want.

There are honestly A LOT of units I want so I'm going to keep it simple and just give my top 5:

  1. Finn
  2. Tine
  3. Lewyn
  4. Ishtar
  5. Yune
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From FE2/15:


From FE4:


From FE5:

From FE7:


From FE8:


From FE9:


Devdan (for meme's sake)

From FE10:


From FE13:


From FE14:


Also want Charlotte as her regular variation.

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Even though I have my favorite three of all time (Ninian, Azura, and Lyn) when I checked back through my games I realized there are actually quite a few characters I love that haven't been incorporated yet.

FE Binding Blade

  • Sue
  • Igrene
  • Juno
  • Guinivere

FE Blazing Blade

  • Rath
  • Nils
  • Fiora
  • Pent
  • Louise
  • Harken

FE Sacred Stones

  • Artur
  • Tethys
  • Saleh
  • Ewan
  • Cormag
  • Myrrh
  • Syrene
  • Selena
  • Glen
  • Ismaire

FE Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn

  • Ilyana
  • Sothe
  • Reyson
  • Lucia
  • Geoffrey
  • Tibarn
  • Naesala
  • Micaiah
  • Leonardo
  • Fiona
  • Rafiel
  • Leanne
  • Rhys
  • Sigrun

FE Awakening

  • Morgan

FE Fates

  • Kaze
  • Silas
  • Shigure
  • Scarlet
  • Reina
  • Kaden
  • Flora
  • Mikoto
  • Arete
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Characters Already In the Game: Azura, Bride!Cordelia, Elise, Innes, Lute, Sigurd, Soleil

Characters I'd Like to See
Archanea: Julian, Lena, Astram, Xane, Frey, Hardin, Roger, Phina, Gharnef, Lang
Valentia: Kliff, Valbar, Jesse, Tatiana, Rudolf
Jugdral: Quan, Ethlyn, Lewyn, Lex, Jamke, Erinys, Brigid, Larcei, Tine, Patty, Febail, Ares, Ced, Altena, Oifey, Hannibal, Travant, Reptor, Lombard, Manfroy, Leif, Finn
Elibe: Miledy, totally not Ogma Dieck, totally not Navarre Rutger, Sin, Gonzales, Perceval, Zeiss, Wallace, Sain, Oswin, Canas, Legault, Heath, Pent, Louise
Magvel: Cormag, L'Arachel, Franz, Colm, Gerik, Duessel, Caellach
Tellius: Haar, Shinon, Jill, Gatrie, Volke, Boyd, Kieran, Zihark, Tauroneo, Calill, Lucia, Marcia, Tanith, Tormod, Ranulf, Reyson, Tibarn, Naesala, Caineghis, Nolan, Aran, Ashnard, Jarod
Awakening: Sumia, Maribelle, Gregor, Basilio, Gangrel, Walhart, Emmeryn, Brady, Cynthia, Noire
Fates: Kaze, Mozu, Flora, Orochi, Kaden, Charlotte, Keaton, Midori, Kiragi, Mitama, Caeldori, Forrest, Velouria, Ophelia, Nina, Garon

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I actually have most of the characters I would want already in game with the exception of Hector and Reinhardt. Well, I maybe a seasonal or two, but nothing major.

As for not in the game...well, they covered most of them from the earlier games like Seth and Innes (maybe I should add him to the wanted list since he is about the only archer I like in the series).

Then there's Awakening. Female Morgan is a must, Sumia, Kellam (need more armors), Basillio, Owain, Cynthia, maybe Severa, plus GHB for (would go Madeus, but I'm not sure if they're going to add final bosses), Walhart and Gangrel.

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Maribelle & Brady. Now that healers finally got buffs, I don't necessarily mind pulling for them. And who knows in this brave new world maybe they'll have more than one skill tree! And let's get crazy, maybe one will get a new attack!


e: And I want Brady drawn by Soeda Ippei

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On 12/12/2017 at 8:18 AM, Fire Emblem Fan said:

Brom is the one I'm waiting for more than any other. But he's unfortunately not likely to be added any time soon...

We have so many green armors already, but I'd enjoy him anyway. He can be blue if he wants though, anything but red is A-okay. Blue is still faithful enough. Unlike a certain green wyvern lord.

He could also have a new skill, Disarm, which would be the same effect as Candlelight. 

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All I want is Nephenee, Mathilda, and a Christmas Unit for the TT. I would ask for a Minerva too, but it's my fault for killing off a Neutral Minerva to feed L&D3 to Bridal Cordelia.


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