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Heroes you're still waiting for?


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I'm biased. I am eagerly awaiting transformers that aren't Dragons generally, but I also feel we need more dragons units as well. Characters in bold are my most desired. 

Tellius:  Laguz added period. But of the entire cast themselves:

 - Ena,

 - Kurthnaga: (Also because I'm not going to say no to the addition of a "unicorn" dragon unit, aka one that isn't a female).

 - Reyson

 - Jill (Hopefully with a lance).

Awakening: I know we have too many sword users, but:

 - Owain (Not Odin. And hopefully actually good out of the box)


 - Kaden

 - Selkie

 - Ophelia

 - A variant of Oboro Please?


 - Rinea

Sacred Stones:

 - Myrrh

 - L' Arachel,

 - Lyon (Probably GHB, but still a character I really enjoy).


 - Nils (Part of me wants him simply to have with his sister,  but I am curious how they are going to differentiate him from his sister.)

 - Heath

 - Limstella

 - Rath


- Jahn (See Kurth)

Marthland (As someone else put it):

- Xane (Implementation Curiosity.)

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If I sat and thought about it, my list for characters I'd like added to the game would probably grow by the minute, but a few off the top of my head would be:

-Awakening: Emmeryn and Walhart

-Echoes: Forsyth, Rinea, and Rudolf

-Blazing Blade: Lowen, Kent, and Erk

These all seem like they could be fun additions to the game, in my opinion.

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21 hours ago, Cornguy said:

We have so many green armors already, but I'd enjoy him anyway. He can be blue if he wants though, anything but red is A-okay. Blue is still faithful enough. Unlike a certain green wyvern lord.

He could also have a new skill, Disarm, which would be the same effect as Candlelight. 

Both blue and green are fine with me! Blue would fit with PoR and green with RD, whichever works. Disarm could be cool and might make him worth pulling, might bump him up the tiers a little too.

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On 12/11/2017 at 8:54 PM, I'm a Spheal said:

In Game:

Delthea, Amelia, Tana, Eldigan, Deirdre, Sonya, Saber, Leon, Lyn, Minerva, Hinoka, Young Tiki, Sigurd, Lute.

Not in Game:

Kaze, Natasha, Dorothy, Isadora, Miriel, Vaike, Mitama, Velouria, Sue, Keaton, Charlotte (Normal), Quan (or is it Cuan, don't remember), Ethlyn (Sigurd's sister), Cormag, Libra.

Ok, I got Lyn, Sigurd (Dec, 31) & Leon. Now... come home, Innes & Elise.

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In the game: Ephraim, Innes, Lute, Tana (yeah, I'd like to make a Sacred Stones team)

Not yet in the game: NEIMI, Lyon, L'Arachel, Rutger... also, I would like to see some Tokyo Mirage Session characters as well, like Virion, Navarre (maybe edgy Chrom), or the Carnage Forms of... well, technically anyone since I really liked their appearence in the game :D

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I want to say Bastian, because I love him so much, but he's an improbable fit. His best chance was to be introduced with Elincia and it did not happen. Now, I am fairly sure he won't ever be in this game. He isn't well-known, from games that didn't sell well.... and I seem to be the only one with a crush on him. 

Waiting for L'Arachel still, because she's my favourite Fire Emblem girl but in her case I know she's making it eventually, very much likely the next time Sacred Stones comes rolling. 


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In the game: Reinhart. I mean, I've been playing since launch and didn't even get a 4* one. And I have a friend who started playing actively a few weeks ago (he played a bit during summer) and has got 4! C'mon game, it's time to give me a Rein pls


Not in the game: Bantu. It would be nice having a manakete that isn't a loli or a final boss, you know

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Eremiya and Gharnef should definitly come soon. I'd also like to see Etzel, Wolf, Buck, Malice, Bantu, Xane, Lena, JULIAN, and whoever else I forgot to mention.


Not the biggest fan of Jugdral, but I'd certainly like Quan, Ethlyn and Julius. From fe5, Leif and Machyua are all I need.


Most fe6 units, Limstella, Wil, Fiora and Farina, Sonia.


Moulder, L'Arachel, Lyon, Ross, Ewan.


Calill, Heather, Geoffrey, Lucia, Bastian, Tanith, Sigrun, Ranulf and of course Micaiah.


Miriel and Maribelle


Kaze and Silas.

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Already ingame?

Lucina.  I have the Spring! Brave! and Masked! variants already, somehow I don't have the actual one.

Yet to be released?

FE6/7: Marcus (Gotta add another Jagen, right? right??), Legault (c'mon, let's make Nino happy.), Sonia (or not).

FE13: Morgan (she's a riot), Gangrel (surely there's some archetype he can satistfy), Panne (though this is more in the vein of needing a Laguz type of character in general)

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I thought of one other unit I want in Heroes I have not listed yet and that would be Elphin as a male refresher unit added to the general pool.

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I've been waiting for shapeshifters/laguz since launch!  I really want Keaton, Kaden, and Panne.  Ranulf too.

I also really want Hayato, he was an absolute monster in Fates, and it's so weird we have Rhajat but not him.   Inigo, Shigure, Soleil, Siegbert, Owain, Severa, and Shiro all have their parents in the game.  It even says "Hayato's daughter" in the description of her!

I also want Nyx, Orochi, and Shiro.  Ricken, Vaike, Aversa, Rhys, Nils, Izana.

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Shadow Dragon: Hardin, Xane, Bantu, Nagi

Gaiden/Echoes: Valbar, Jesse

Genealogy/Thracia: Leif, Orsin, Marty (yes i'm serious)

Binding Blade/Blazing Sword: Nils, Linus, Idunn

Sacred Stones: Myrrh, Deussel, Marisa, Tethys, Cormag, Ross

Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn: Haar, Volke, Tauroneo, Shinon, All Dragon Laguz

Awakening: Aversa, Walhart, Maribelle, Nah

Fates: Kana, Shigure, Charlotte, Benny, Reina, Yukimura

As you can probably tell, I really like dragons.

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Shadow Dragon: Xane, Wolf/Sedgar( Not so so much for their personality but they've carried me through so many playthroughs), Horace( I just really like his design), Hardin

Echoes: Conrad, Jesse, Forsyth( I'm a Forsyth to be reckoned with!)

Genealogy/Thracia 776: Leif, Quan( How dare they forget a member of my favourite trio), Finn

Elibe: Lowen, Nils, Rath

Sacred Stones: Myrrh, Lyon, Selena, Tethys, Duessel

Tellius: ANY of the laguz(I.S introduce beast units soon, please), Pelleas( No idea why I like him), Jill, Haar

Awakening: Maribelle, Morgan, Adversa

Fates: Selkie, Kaden, Keaton, Velouria, Flora, Charlotte 

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Already in game : Marth, Luke, Ninian and Klein. I don't need anyone else. Klein, why don't you come home...

Not in game : Due to a sad story of mine regarding the first B-8% banner (still triggered to this day),  I've been stacking up 300+ orbs, waiting for Leif or Finn. Not happening anytime soon, unfortunately. And I know very well I couldn't help myself if Intelligent Systems ever announces new Binding Blade heroes, such as Iduun, Sue, Wolt... 

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Archanea: Julian, Lena, Wolf, Jake, Elice, and Norne

Valentia: Kliff and Forsyth

Jugdral: Altena

Elibe: Echidna, Igrene, Lugh, Sue, Sain, Nils, and Karla

Magvel: Cormag, Myrrh, Gilliam, Ross, Gerik, Natasha, and Lyon

Ylisse: Sumia, Vaike, Panne, Say'ri, Maribelle, Cynthia, Walhart, Basilio, and Morgan

Fateslandia: Ophelia, Forrest, Kiragi, Sophie, Scarlet, Orochi, Nyx

Already available heroes: Ninian, Linde, Lute, Nephenee, Lucina&Spring Lucy, Brave Roy, and both seasonals for chrom and robin why do you two never come home

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Hmmm. Listing in order.

Morgan. I'm trash. She's my favorite. Best daughter. I like want her more than anyone else. And I need to complete my family. (Robin/Lucina/Morgan)

Lyon. I need him so much, omg.

Ewan. Loved this kid. Red mage.

Nils. I kinda hope he's a blue mage singer instead of a dragon though.

Heath. Cormag. I just want some badass male dragon riders please.

Saleh. Green mage, hopefully. 

Shigure. (not a seasonal version-and a flyer please)

Conrad. I liked him in SoV what???


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