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Oboro: Fierce Fighter

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Oboro: Fierce Fighter

Long considered one of the least valuable units in the pool of Heroes as well as one of the weakest overall Lance infantry, the introduction of the Weapon Refinery and the improvements to specific weapons have granted Oboro a unique niche-- her balanced stats, which were formerly considered to be poorly-distributed with unnecessary points in Speed and Resistance compared to other tanky infantry lancers, now grant her a unique advantage as a double-sided tank when wielding Berkut's Lance refined for Resistance, being arguably the best infantry Lance for being able to tank both Defense and Resistance. Another factor in her favor is the fact that +Res-natured Oboro gets +4 to the stat instead of +3, giving her a very good balanced defensive statline. The only unit who can really give Oboro much competition in this role is Steady Breath Fjorm, who is also very good at countering on both fronts, but plays a bit differently due to her higher resistance and lower defense, arguably making her a less potent melee tank than +Def Oboro. 

Furthermore, though she might lack HP and Atk when compared to other prominent Lance tanks like Lukas and Ephraim, her defense is quite solid on its own and she can still be made into quite an effective physical wall, made all the more accessible by the weapon refinery allowing access to Slaying weapons via inheriting their Killer counterparts. Unfortunately, due to Oboro's poor default kit and her aforementioned stat distribution, she tends to be more difficult to build and less effective overall at other roles compared to her fellow tanky lancers, though that does not mean that she is ineffective at those roles if a player chooses to build them out of love for the character or some such. 

Level 40 stats:
HP: 36 / 40 / 43
Atk: 29 / 32 / 35
Spd: 23 / 26 / 29
Def: 32 / 35 / 38
Res: 21 / 24 / 28
Total: 156~158

Default skills:
Weapon: Heavy Lance+
Assist: Rally Defense
Special: --
Passive A: --
Passive B: Seal Def 3
Passive C: Threaten Res 3

Great Wall of Oboro, or Berkut's Nageyari (Berkut's Lance + Distant Counter)
*Optimal Build*, General Use, Arena Offense/Defense


Suggested IV: +Res/-Spd*, +Def/-Spd

  • +Res*: 45 HP | 46 Atk | 23 Spd | 35 Def | 32 Res
  • +Def: 45 HP | 46 Atk | 23 Spd | 38 Def | 28 Res

Weapon: Berkut's Lance [Res]
Assist: Swap / Reposition
Special: Bonfire / Iceberg
Passive A: Distant Counter
Passive B: Quick Riposte 2-3 / Guard 3
Passive C: flexible
Sacred Seal: Distant Defense 3 / Quick Riposte 3

Easily the most desirable and defining set Oboro can run in the current meta, the intention of this set is to act as an all-purpose enemy phase baiter and tank. With Berkut's Lance and a Res boon, her defenses sit at 35 Def / 32 Res, and are upped to a whopping 41 Def / 45 Res whenever she's attacked at range-- making her especially deadly to magic-users attempting to target what would ordinarily be a weakness on a physical tank like Oboro. Despite the crazy defensive heights that a Res boon gives her, however, taking a Defense refine with a Res boon may be preferable since it adds +4 to each stat, maximizing her tanking capabilities at close range while still leaving her very competent at range. (A Defense boon with Res refine achieves something similar albeit with 1 less point of defense, making +Res still her ideal boon albeit by a narrow margin.)

To demonstrate the sheer height of defensive power that the Great Wall of Oboro packs, even Reinhardt packing Death Blow, Quickened Pulse, and a Hone Cavalry buff is incapable of surmounting this monument of indomitability, and is KO'd in reply thanks to Quick Riposte and a Distant Defense-boosted Bonfire, and shreds the bulk of WTA-neutral matchups with similar ease. However, it's not all roses for Oboro; despite her formidable defenses, most commonly-used green units pack a high level of power that she can't quite manage to surmount against Weapon Triangle Advantage, so she will still need to beware of them (beating the majority of 3/4 colors isn't bad, though). Another threat she faces are dragon units, who can subvert her defensive boosts somewhat by targeting her Res at melee range, depriving her of Distant Defense's boosts, with Nowi and Fae in particular being the most prominent checks to her. And lastly, note she cannot be called a perfect archer counter if Brave Lyn is running her native Mulagir, which disables Distant Counter on melee weapons and prevents her from landing a kill when initiated upon, at the very least (not that Lyn can damage her much). 

For skill set options, there is a small amount of flexibility to it; while the rare skill of Distant Counter is strictly necessary for the set and makes budget versions impossible, her Special has some flexibility depending on her enemy phase stats, with Iceberg being preferable for a Res-specialized build and Bonfire being better for all other alternatives. Quick Riposte (even just level 2 is fine) will give her the best killing capabilities, though sacrificing her ability to double for Guard will make it very difficult for fast foes to penetrate her defenses with their specials, and synergizes well with a Smoke C-skill if she's thrown into the thick of combat as bait. Combining Guard with Quick Riposte isn't highly advisable, though for short-term encounters, sacrificing a bit of bulk for the ability to both block specials and double can certainly be useful. 


Slaying Wall (dedicated physical wall)
General use, Arena Offense


Suggested IV: +Def/-Spd*, +Def/-HP, +Def/-Res

  • -Spd: 45 HP | 46 Atk | 23 Spd | 42 Def | 24 Res
  • -HP: 41 HP | 46 Atk | 26 Spd | 42 Def | 28 Res
  • -Res: 45 HP | 46 Atk | 26 Spd | 42 Def | 21 Res

Note that statlines do not include the improvement from skills such as Def+3 or Fury 3

Weapon: Slaying Lance+ [Def]
Assist: Swap / Reposition
Special: Ignis / Aether
Passive A: Steady Breath / Close Def 3 / Sturdy Stance 2 / Fury 3 / Def+3
Passive B: Quick Riposte 2-3
Passive C: Threaten Atk 3 / flexible
Sacred Seal: Close Def 3 / Def+3

Rather than attempting to beef up her Res, this build focuses purely on making Oboro into a dedicated physical/melee wall, a role she faces heavy competition for from Lukas in particular, though her heightened Res still serves her well in this role, making her matchups against manaketes slightly better than those of Lukas and giving her a higher likelihood of surviving when attacked by magic. Slaying Lance, a strong special, and Quick Riposte are the bread-and-butter of this build, lowering her Special's countdown and frequently allowing her to ORKO red and blue melee units who attack her.

This set boasts a fair amount of flexibility in its options; A-skill, Sacred seal, Special, and even weapon refinement are all fairly variable, as well as IVs being quite flexible; Defense boon and speed bane are most ideal, though any IV with either aforementioned bane or boon (especially +Def) is preferred. For her A-skill slot, Fury and Steady Breath provide the most attractive options for either offense or defense, though Sturdy Stance 3 and even the humble Defense+3 performs well due to its lack of recoil and its defensive-boosting presence during player phase if Oboro ever needs to initiate a Bonfire/Ignis nuke on a fellow wall or against WTA. Overall, Sturdy Stance stacked with Close Defense and a Def refinement offer the best performance on enemy phase, whereas Fury and Brash Assault offer some additional player phase performance if it's desired or it suits the IV. Aether and Ignis are both excellent specials for the set; Ignis is the go-to option for sheer piercing power, while Aether can be desirable for increasing her Arena score or providing some additional longevity in chain modes. Also worth mentioning is Bonfire, which fires off after taking just a single hit when combining both Slaying Lance and Steady Breath-- any unit who doubles her runs the risk of eating two Bonfires that round!

As far as checks and counters go, few physical units that lack a green Triangle Adept skill will be able to outright kill her in a single round (stacking Close Def twice will allow her to hit a whopping 54 Defense maximum before buffs), so she mainly just needs to watch out for magic attackers. 

Other Options

  • She can run a Brave Lance set, though will not be as good at it as pretty much any lancer with higher Atk (of which there are quite a few, most notably Donnel, who comes with it in his base kit)
  • Harmonic Lance + Noontime as alternatives on the Slaying Wall build (especially with Steady Breath for single-hit activation) give her a lot of longevity for modes like Chain Challenge and Tempest Trial, or even reinforcement-ridden single maps, but don't have much use otherwise.
  • Harmonic Lance + Bonfire fails to outperform the damage output of Slaying Lance + Ignis and thus probably isn't worth running unless you have a Shigure that you REALLY want to burn rather than upgrade a killer lance unit to feed her. 
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10 hours ago, Jingle Jangle said:

Can Oboro be good with a Slaying Spear+ for taking out the likes of Arden and the Black Knight?

Taking the optimal nature of +Def/-Spd and the skill set of Steady Stance, QR, CD seal, and Ignis, Oboro can take out the Black Knight on defense, but not Arden-- a second turn should handle him just fine though. Neither is capable of doing much damage to her (unless BK is allowed to proc Black Luna ofc) though, so I think she can reasonably be called a counter for them. Just watch out for Black Luna, needless to say; BK needs to attack her before anyone else on your team, ideally. 

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Hi hello, wanted to see if Oboro was in here already, and she was! But the last update was at least a year and a half ago, so nothing about her new Personal Weapon, the Oboro's Spear, yet. So if you don't mind...

Oboro's Spear

What you see is what you get. Armor slaying abilities and Close Def 3.

Now what does this mean for Oboro exactly? Well, her statline is relatively average, so slightly above average (for most launch Infantry) Resistance with a possible SuperAsset, and average Defense for a defensive unit. That 28 Res with an Asset, however, I believe makes the crux of what Oboro is now: The answer to any Melee unit in the game, regardless of weapon, and especially any Melee Armor.

Now other units can technically do what Oboro does better. There are certainly bulkier in either stat, in some cases even bulkier mixed, and others have more Atk than Oboro. In terms of Armor killing, Oboro is not the strongest of them. Her closest competition would be Gwendolyn, who has higher base defenses (specifically, her base Defense and Resistance are what Oboro has as Assets) while only having slightly less Atk. Access to Armor skills is also a point in her favor. But not many other units can achieve what Oboro can all at the same time, as well as remain as easily accessible as she is, and in Oboro's favor is the fact that Infantry do not have direct counters like Armors do, so Gwendolyn has to fear Slaying Hammers and other Armor-killing weapons.

(Bold denotes what I use for my own Oboro)
Asset/Flaw: Resistance / Speed
Weapon: Oboro's Spear [Special Refine]
Assist: any (Swap prefered)
Special: Ignis or Glacies or Aether

Passive A: Steady Breath or Warding Breath or Close Def
Passive B: Quick Riposte
Passive C: any (Odd/Even Res Wave prefered)
Sacred Seal: Close Def or Warding Stance

Boosting her Resistance means she can take on Dragons just as well as other units who have naturally high Resistance, unlike Oboro herself who is merely okay for a Launch Infantry. As such, you want to take in as much Res as you possibly can. Off her base Asset 28 Res, all of the bolded above boosts her all the way to 44 Enemy-Phase Resistance, which becomes 50 when Res Wave triggers. Her Defense does not slouch either, as off her base 35 Def, it becomes 47 EP. This allows Oboro to take on almost any Melee unit in the game. You could swap out Warding Breath with Steady Breath if you feel she can take the loss in Res, but overall you'd be best off keeping it as high as possible. An alternative to the Breaths is a third layer of Close Def, bringing her Defense even higher and her Res slightly better off, but this is not preferred, as she will then be unable to charge a powerful Special Trigger as fast.

As you can see, even dumping as much into Res as possible still keeps her Defense higher than her Res, so the prefered Special is Ignis. However, if you chose to give her Warding Stance instead of Close Def in her Sacred Seal slot, then her Res will be higher instead, and Glacies will wind up doing more. In either case, Aether is an option if you do not intend to feed her a merge to fix her Speed Flaw, which usually makes her doublable by just about anyone, even some Armors. However, Armor units, her primary targets, tend to hover around where Oboro is in Speed, so unless they have Bold Fighter she won't be able to charge Aether in time for her second attack. Safest would be to stick with Ignis/Glacies.

Quick Riposte, of course, is what will enable her to not only get a second attack, but also get her Special Triggered. Swap lets Oboro get an ally out of the way of an oncoming enemy, while letting herself take them on instead.

Team options: Obviously you can't go far with 47/44 Defenses. Units have far more Atk than that these days. But fortunately, Oboro doesn't need that much help to go far in the world.

~Any form of boosting Defense and Resistance is welcome. This is made easier with the existence of the Def Tactics and Res Tactics Sacred Seals, as well as Titania's Draconic Poleaxe Special Refine. Boosting her Attack and Speed would be good as well. As such, I recommend Titania and Seth as Oboro's buffing partners, as they can both get all of her stats way up quite easily.
~A healer is an obvious partner to a defensive unit. Good options include Winter Eirika, who's default kit boosts all of Oboro's important stats so long as it is her with the highest Atk, and Picnic Genny, who has Drive Def/Res in her Toasty Skewer plus Def Opening. Brave Veronica is also great for having default access to Close Guard. Of course, so long as any healer has any of those skills they will be excellent partners to Oboro, but generally speaking anyone works.
~Need an extra layer of support? Glad you asked. Mordecai's Saber Tooth Fang, as well as Atk/Def Link, both let Oboro get into the battle much faster, as well as serve to make the enemy weaker. New Year Corrin's default Hama Ya and Spur Def/Res access, plus the Rally Def/Res and Spur Def/Res seals can all really get Oboro's defenses really high without much effort. If you have Kaden, you can have him hang around Titania/Seth and essentially add another layer of heavy buffing to Oboro. Just don't forget that Tactics only work if a units Move Type on your team number 2 or less. Ranulf is similar.


Now there are obvious flaws for Oboro's Spear...

~She is useless against Ranged enemies. At least this saves you the trouble of wasting Distant Counter on her though?
~Axes and Green Manaketes, even though they would still struggle against her, do still do a lot of damage while not taking as much from her. If they can double her, Oboro might be in a bit of trouble.
~A lot of Oboro's abilities are on EP, so sending her in on Player Phase is not a great idea.

But I think if you just give it a chance, you might like what you find, especially if you are a person who has trouble against the increasing number of Armor units in the game.

...did I do it right? Do people love Oboro now?

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