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Fae, Cuddly Divine Dragon

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When the team calls for a green dragon, there's one unit that comes to mind immediately- Fae! (No one tell her it's because she's the only green dragon). However, just because she's the only one who can fill her niche doesn't mean that she's bad at doing it- green just so happens to be the colour that resists Reinhardt, after all! In addition, Fae is lucky enough to have the Trainee stat bonus and be in the 4-5* pool, so she's a very good contender for your Arena Core on that basis alone.

Base stats:

HP: 46
Atk: 33
Spd: 28
Def: 25
Res: 30

Base skills:

Weapon: Light Breath+
Assist/Special: Draw Back
4* Passive: Renewal (B)
5* Passive: Threaten Attack (C)

Triangle Adept:


Lightning Breath+
[flexible assist]
Iceberg / [flexible special]
Triangle Adept 3
Quick Riposte 3 / Guard 3 / [flexible passive B]
[flexible passive C]
Distant Def 3 / [flexible Sacred Seal]

Fae is great at Triangle Adepting blue mages, and just as well, blue mages are the scariest ones out there. This Fae is also fairly decent at taking blue melee hits, espcially those from opposing dragons. If you're Forging a breath for her to use, +Atk or +Res are your weapons of choice. Similarly, Fae benefits from a +Atk or a +Res boon, and would like a -Def, -HP or even a -Spd bane (so long as she is using Quick Riposte).

Colourless Defensive:


Lightning Breath+
[flexible assist]
Steady Breath/Fury 3
Quick Riposte 3
[flexible passive C]
Distant Defence 3 Seal

Fae's Defence may be her lowest stat, but she's surprisingly physically durable. If you've got a Steady Breath to throw around, or even a Fury if your budget doesn't stretch that far, Fae can be surprisingly good as a Brave Lyn counter, especially if your enemy doesn't expect it. Both Steady Breath and Fury have their advantages and disadvantages- Steady Breath is good if you want to hit the enemy with a special, while Fury is good for shoring up her Defence, Speed and even her Attack as a precaution. Fae would like a +Atk or a +Def Lightning Breath, and in terms of natures, you're looking for -Spd or -HP, with a +Atk or +Def boon being the most useful.

I personally use this build with +Spd/-HP, Fury 3 and +Atk forge. Fae can survive some, but not all Brave Lyns that come her way on the Arena Offences, but Defensively, putting this Fae on my team has awarded me with plenty of wins. Choosing the Steady Breath/Aether combo, while less likely to shock a Brave Lyn with her wits about her, is also a very powerful scoring tool.

Fae, in general, is not particularly fond of Falchions or the Naga family of tomes. As a green unit, she has the weapon triangle advantage against neither. However, in a pinch, her high resistance should allow her to be used to counter a Julia or Deirdre- but you should aim to avoid putting her on the defensive against such an opponent.

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