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Inigo, Indigo Dancer

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Inigo, Indigo Dancer

Inigo's well rounded (albeit low) stats lets him perform a variety of roles. Being a green mage, he can counter both BH!Lyn and Reinhardt if properly built. With his decent Speed, he can also function as a Blade mage.

Dancers/Singers are the ultimate support units in my opinion. They can give buffs with their C slot and Sacred Seal slot; counter any color their team has trouble with (besides PA!Olivia since she is colorless); and most importantly, Dance and Sing their teammates to massacre the rest of the enemy team, to retreat, or to undo a minor mistake.

As support units, a bad nature will not impact Dancers/Singers as negatively as it will affect combat units since their primary job is to Assist their allies rather than fight. Unless a specific nature is absolutely needed to counter a specific threat, natures are not too important.


Level 40 stats:
HP: 33/37/40
Atk: 24/28/31
Spd: 30/33/36
Def: 19/22/25
Res: 17/20/23
Total: 139~140

Default skills:
Weapon: Dancer's Ring+
Assist: Dance
Special: [none]
Passive A: [none]
Passive B: Gale Dance 3
Passive C: Hone Attack 3


General use, Arena offense, Arena Assault


Nature: [+Def, -HP/Spd/Def/Res]

Triangle Adept
Quick Riposte 3 / Bowbreaker 3 / B Tomebreaker 3 /
[flexible passive C]
[flexible Sacred Seal] / Deflect Magic 3 / Deflect Missile 3 / Defense +3

Inigo can take on BH!Lyn and Reinhardt with the right nature and skill set, or specialize against one of them if you do not have the right nature.

+Def — Quick Riposte 3: +Def with any bane allows him to take on the most aggressive BH!Lyn and Reinhardts.

Quick Riposte 3/B Tomebreaker 3: Without +Def nature, Defense +3 Sacred Seals, or more merges, he cannot reliably tank the most aggressive BH!Lyn, but he can take on Reinhardt. I do not recommend using B Tomebreaker 3 as it is currently locked to F!Robin, and Quick Riposte 2 should be enough to handle Reinhardt.

Bowbreaker 3: As long as he is not -Spd, he can take on both BH!Lyn and Reinhardt with just Bowbreaker, otherwise he cannot double and finish off Reinhardt.

Dancer's Ring:
Tempest Trials, Chain Challenges


Nature: [-Atk]

Dancer's Ring
Distant Def 3 / Close Def 3 / Fortress Def 3 / Fortress Res 3 / Speed +3 / Life and Death 3 / Fury 3 / Triangle Adept 3
Gale Dance 3 / Watersweep 3 / Windsweep 3 / Wings of Mercy 3 / Escape Route 3 / Renewal 3 / [flexible passive B]
Breath of Life 3 / [flexible passive C]
Breath of Life 3 / Phantom Speed 3 / [flexible Sacred Seal]

With three stacks of Breath of Life, Inigo can heal up to 21 HP per attack. Inigo can also run Watersweep and Windsweep to attack enemies safely.

+Spd — Speed +3/Life and Death 3/Fury 3 — Watersweep 3/Windsweep 3 — Phantom Speed 3: This combo allows him to safely attack certain ranged or Distant Counter enemies, so he can heal his allies.

Wings of Mercy 3/Escape Route 3: These skills allows him to teleport around to Assist his allies.

Renewal 3: This allows him to heal himself. Additionally, if he is running Fury for tanking, Renewal helps offset the Fury damage.

General use, Arena Assault


Nature: [+Atk/Spd, -HP/Def/Res]

[flexible Special]
Life and Death 3 / Swift Sparrow 2 / Fury 3
Desperation 3 / Axebreaker 3 / Lancebreaker 3 / Wings of Mercy 3 / Escape Route 3 / [flexible passive B]
[flexible passive C]
[flexible Sacred Seal]

While Inigo's Speed is sufficient for a Blade mage, his Attack is a bit low. Blade tome's effect does help offset his low Attack.

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