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Your Barrack Captains

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So let us assume that you have a captain who presides over each stat and that these captains are the ones who score highest on that stat in the Barracks sort option. Who are your Captains? Also lets just assume that we aren't intentionally min-maxing for this. Just your standard/current setups. I included the next in line, the lieutenants if you will, as well just for fun.

HP - My Captain of getting hit is Arden(5*) at 60HP .No surprise there. Beating his HP total isn't an easy task. His lieutenants are Amelia(5*) and Felicia who are both have 52(4*) HP. Yeah apparently Felicia has one of the highest HP stats in my army.

ATK - My Captain of hitting people is Lilina(4*) at 58 Attack. She has three lieutenants. Ike(5*), Minerva(5*), and her papa Hector(5*) all tie at 55. Hector must be so proud of his little girl, yes?

SPD - My most hyper Captain is Felicia at 43 Speed. Felicia. . . wasn't being Arden's lieutenant enough for you? Do you need to stack your plate even higher? Her lieutenant is Eirika(4*) at 40 Speed. Had Eirika one less speed, Felicia would have had a large number of lieutenants, all women. I wonder if that would have been her way of trying to tell me something?

DEF - The Captain who holds the line is Draug(4*) with 44 Defense. He relies on Lukas(4*), 42 Defense, to cover his back.

RES - And should I ever be overthrown and reliant on the resistance to put me back on, my Captains would be Sheena(4*), Lute(5*), and Felicia all who possess 39 points of resistance. Because when fighting for the throne it is best not to put all your eggs in one basket. And dang it Felicia how high are you planning to stack your plate?! That is going to make such a mess when you inevitably trip and fall! They are rather strapped for resources and so they share a single lieutenant whose name is Deirdre(5*) and possess 38 resistance.

Felicia sure is determined to help out around the barracks. I guess that is what happens when her summoner supports her!

Anyways just figured it might be fun to do this. Though sadly Felicia may not hold all those positions for long. I am thinking of switching out my summoner support at some point. Might just support Tharja for the TT. Or maybe I'll leave Felicia and use her as my healer. Decisions Decisions.

Edit- Maybe a bit boring, but apparently my Captain of Captains(if you use the Rating sort) is Amelia at 207, with Nowi(4*) Assisting her at 201.
Edit2- Saw folks sharing 4*/5* for their captains. Many of mine are merged 4*'s. I prefer to merge to make room rather than sending home.

Edited by Usana
Saw folks sharing star levels and thought that would be interesting

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HP- Arden rules the domain of HP with an iron fist (and 60HP), with the help of his trusty sidekicks, Seliph (52) and Legionses(51). 
ATK- Chrom, Valtar and Legion fight it out at 53 Atk in attempts to claim the converted title 
Spd- Nephenee is the queen of the speed realm with her royal axemen of Legionses (again(43)) and Anna (40)
Def- Arden has also claimed the domain of defence (41) defeating the nephenee (37) and Valtar (37) in his rise to power
Res- The realm of resistance is a peaceful one with Genny (37) as its benevolent ruler however there is talk that Lieutenant Arvis (36) intends to host a BBQ apparently mutton is on the menu 

 It seems Legion really gets around I suppose that happens when there is multipleses of you 

Total- Legion (193) see there was a reason he is at the top of everything followed by top neph (191) legitimately how do they outscore my highest armour (I suppose being cranky does that to you)


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HP is Arden with 60, with Zephiel and Seliph/Black Knight behind him with 52 and 48 (for both).

Atk is Lilina with 56, followed by Seliph/Ike/CYL Roy with 54.

Spd is Fir with 42, followed by a swarm of Ayra/Nephenee/Bride Caeda/Tailtiu, all with 40.

Def is a tie between Xander and Lukas at 43, with Arden and Sheena close behind with 41 and 40.

Res is Deirdre with 39, while Genny and Sanaki are just behind with 37 and 34.

Seems that Res is the only one without anyone reaching 40+. I should forge that Res+3 Seal to let Deirdre fix that problem...

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All units are 5* unless stated otherwise:

HP: Arden (60), being the buff boy that he is. He has Effie (56), Zephiel (55) and Lukas (53) joining him in the 50 HP or higher club.

Atk: Soleil (58), thanks to that sweet LaD 3. Effie (57) is right behind her while there's a four-way tie for 3rd highest (54): Seliph rather impressive for a bench-warmer, I must say, Chrom, Ephraim and Shiro.

Spd: Lyn and Soleil (43) tie for the top, both being +Spd and having Fury 3 and LaD 3 respectively. I then got three-way ties for both 2nd (41; Mia, Ryoma, NS!Corrin) and 3rd (40; Ayra, Masked!Marth, Ninian).

Def: Lukas (47), with his +Def Slaying Lance+. Arden and Gwendolyn (who is only a 4* for the record) tie for 2nd with 41 each while Xander and Effie tie for 3rd with 40 each.

Res: WE!Lissa (40) now rules this roost, thanks to being +Res and having Fury 3. Julia (38) will now have to be content with being 2nd while 3rd is a four-way tie (36): Joshua, Arvis, WE!Tharja and ToD!Henry.

Overall Rating: Surprise, surprise, the unit who now boosts the highest stat total in game, WE!Lissa (200), is the highest in my barracks. Joshua (197) and Effie (195) get the silver and bronze respectively here.

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HP is surprisingly a four star Zephiel at 52 for me. Second is Winter Chrom at 51.

Attack is Winter Chrom at 57. Second is Lilina at 56.

Speed is Lucina at 43. Second is a tie between Eirika and Brave Lyn at 41.

Defense is Lukas with 43. Second is Adult Tiki with 41.

Resistance is a five way tie between Ceada, Sanaki, Fjorm, Mathilda, and Winter Lissa at 34. Joshua and Fae take runner ups at 33.

Overall is Lucina with 190. WInter Lissa comes in at a close 189.

Also, @Tybrosion, how did you get Lissa at 200?

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No one’s going to beat Arden’s HP I’m pretty sure. Not without help or whaling. He’s my captain as well.

For ATK, Ephraim is in the lead with 58 though Lucina is only is a close second with 57, followed by Alm, Gray, and Tana with 56.


For SPD, I’ve got a 3-way tie between, Merric, Nino, and Brave Roy at 43. Second place goes to Celica and Minerva at 42, and 3rd goes to Anna, Amelia, and Lon’qu at 41. 

DEF winner is Lukas at 42. Arden, Hector, and Beruka follow him at 41 with Xander and Nephenee at 40.

RES winner is Summer Leo with 41. Next is Innes at 39, and finally Julia and Deirdre at 38.

Overall, Amelia and Merric are co-captains, each with a 201 overall rating! 

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HP: There's a bit of irony with Hector and a 4* Zephiel tied at 52.  Ephraim's in second with 51.
Atk: Sigurd and Ephraim are tied with 54!  Second is a three-way tie between a +1 Lucina, Siegbert, and a 4* +1 Effie with 53.
Spd: +1 Lucina comfortably smokes everyone with 43 Speed (thanks Fury).  Distant second is Nino with 39.
Def: Hector and a 4* Draug tie at 37.  Zephiel's right behind with 36.
Res: Lucius will tank those mages with 35 Res.  Fjorm and Mist tie for second with 34.
Overall: Young Tiki somehow steals it with 189 points!  +1 Lucina's in second with 187.

Moral of the story: I need more Fury!

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13 minutes ago, Tybrosion said:

She's got Fury 3.

Ah, yeah that could probably do it...hmm. I do need an A skill for her...

Edited by Arthur97

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Main account:

HP Captain is Arden (60), second is 4 star Arden (57), +HP Hector (55) and third is 4 star Zephiel (52). Juts for fun, highest infantry is Karel/Ike (47), cavalry is Xander (47) although he has HP+3 seal so Clive is next (45) and flier is +HP Palla (45).

Atk is +Atk Minerva (55), with second being Soleil/Ike (53) and third is Hector/Masked Marth+1 (52). Highest cavalry is cavalry bros Xander and Camus (50) while flier to no surprise is Brave Axe+ Cherche (49)

Spd is Commander Anna (41), then Linde/4 star Fir/4 star Lon'qu (40) with +Spd Ike/Masked Marth+1 as third (39). Highest cavalry is Brave Lyn (38), armour is Halloween Henry (37) and flier is -Spd Minerva (35).

Def is 5 star Arden (44), with second being 4 star+4 Fury 2 Oboro (40) and Xander/4 star Arden at 3rd (39). Highest flier is 4 star Michalis (33).

Res Captain is Halloween Henry (39), with 4 star Wrys being the VC (37) and then Fury 3 Arvis at 3rd (36). Highest cavalry is 4 star Priscilla (33) and flier is +Res Elincia (31)


Second account:

HP Captain is Arden (60), with second being Hector (57) and third being 4 star Zephiel (52). Highest infantry is +1 Masked Marth (49), flier is Beruka (49) and cavalry is Clive (45)

Atk Captain is +Atk Amelia (56), second is Lilina/+Atk Delthea (53) and third is Brave Ike/Minerva (52). Highest cavalry is Xander/Camus (51).

Spd Captain is +Spd Minerva (44), followed by +Spd Nino (41) and Anna/+Spd Lucina +1 (40). Highest armour is Amelia (39), cavalry is Camus (36) although if Brave Lyn didn't have Brave Bow she would be 38.

Def Captain is Arden (41), followed by Xander/4 star +1 Gwendolyn (40) then Hector/4 star Lukas (39). Highest flier is Beruka (37).

Res Captain is +Res Deirdre (38), followed by Arvis/Lucius (35) and a big tie between Sanaki/Fjorm/Halloween Sakura/Genny/4 star+2 +Res Sheena (34). Highest cavalry is +Res Peri (33), and flier is Clair (33)

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HP: Arden (60), Zephiel (52), and Effie (50)
ATK:  Sharena (54) with Celicia and Lilina (53)
SPD:  Felicia (44), Ayra (40), with Eirika, Selena, and Anna (38)
DEF: Arden (41), Seth (38), and Zephiel (36)
RES: Felicia (45), Deidre (38), with a four way tie of 34 with Caeda, Lilina, Fjorm, and Wrys
Total: Felicia (199), Sharena (189), and a three way tie with Eirika, Joshua, and BK at 185


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Since my Captain for ATK and SPD is BH!Roy (57/43, +3 merge, +SPD nature, LnD3), the other captains went to the training tower and are currently not available for interviews. 

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For HP my captain is Zephiel with the lieutenant being Hector

For Attack my captains are Lucina and Legion with the lieutenants being Chrom and Brave Ike.

For Speed my captain is Bridal Caeda with the lieutenants being Summer Elise and Legion.

For Defence my captain is Lukas with the lieutenant being Hector

For Resistance my captains are Halloween Jakob and Lucius with three lieutenants being Arvis, Genny and Fjorm.

My captain of captains is Hector with the lieutenant being Legion

Wasn't expecting Legion to be in so many places.

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HP: Arden with 60. His Lord's son takes the second place with 54.
Atk: Soleil with 58 tops it with LnD. Ike takes the second place with 57.
Spd: Linde with 44. Lyn comes in second with 42.
Def: Sheena with 48. Arden is second with 41.
Res: Deirdre tops it with 39 and best maid Felicia comes in second with 38.
Total is Sheena again with 194.

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HP- Hector (52), Ninian (50) and Black Knight (49) - I was really surprised that Ninian has the second highest HP in my file.

Atk- Tana (53), Seliph/Arvis/Hector/Minerva (52), Ayra/Black Knight/Eltshan/Deirdre/Julia (51)

Spd- Ayra (43), Minerva (41), Tana/Brave!Lyn (38) - kinda surprised that I have only two units that are above 40

Def- Lukas (46), Hector (40), Xander (37) - Lukas is such a wall

Res- Deidre (38), Arvis (37), Felicia (35) - and Deidre is -Res!

Overall- Ayra (197), Black Knight (187), Seliph (186) - didn't expect Seliph to show up honestly

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A somewhat surprising number of 4-star units feature.

HP: Arden (60), Seliph (55), Hector/4* Zephiel (52)

Atk: Lilina (59), Effie/Winter Chrom (57)

Spd: Bow Lyn (43), Eirika (41), 4* Fir (40)

Def: Arden (42), 4* Lukas (40), Xander/Adult Tiki/4* Gwendolyn/4* Beruka (39)

Res: 4* Felicia (38), Arvis/Julia (36)

Total: Winter Chrom (191), Young Tiki (190), Amelia (187)

SP: Sigurd/Dorcas (9999), Bow Lyn (9573)

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HP - Actually, Lukas is the Captain on that departement with 50. Winter Chrom is the Lieutenant with 48. But Seliph would like to take the place (47, lvl 28).

Atk - There are three captains here. Each manage one color. Ike for Red, Lute for Blue, and Winter Chrom for Green (54). Strangely, Ike don't have any Lieutenant, but other two have two (Lukas and Winter Robin for Lute, Michalis and Julia for Chrom (53). But Ike can hire Hana (52).

Spd - Hana is the captain of Speed Departement with 45. Lute and Ayra are her Lieutenants (39).

Def - Michalis and a certain Summer Xander are the captain for the Def Departement (39), seconded by Lukas and Winter Chrom (38)

Res - Arvis, Winter Tharja and Lissa are the captains for Res Departement (36). Lieutenants are Lute, Julia and Felicia (35)

Total - Their are two directors on the army ! Their name ? Nephenee and Winter Robin ! (192). The secretary is holding by Winter Lissa (191).


Some people are really giving their all. Winter Chrom, Lukas and Lute are captains in one departement and lieutenant in two departements each. But things can change soon...

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HP: Arden with 60, followed by Zephiel at 52.
Atk: Tied between Alm and Tana at 56 points
Spd: Tharja at an impressive 45, second by Caeda at 43.
Def: Lukas at 44, the the runner up being Arden.
Res: Winter Tharja being the current queen at 39, next is Felicia at 38.
Total: Halloween Henry being the king with 195, and Fjorm being the runner up with 194.

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HP: Bridal Charlotte (54), Fae (50) and Alm (48).

Atk: Lute (58), Bridal Charlotte (52), Alfonse/Halloween Nowi/Ephraim/Delthea/Tana (51).

Spd: Lute/Navarre/Ayra (40). Followed closely by Shanna/Anna/Minerva/Brave Lyn (38). Though Lute is a +7 merge whilst the rest are +0.

Def: Fredrick (36), Female Robin (34), Henry (33) and Alfonse (32).

Res: Lute (39), Summer Leo (38), Innes (37), and Caeda (35).

Overall rating: Lute (195), Navarre/Ayra (182), and Fjorm (180). Runner-ups are Bridal Charlotte (179), Fae/Halloween Jakob (177) and Gray (176).

SP & HM: Alfonse (9999SP/3000HM), Sharena (6643SP/3000HM), and Anna (5721SP/3000HM).

All of them are 5* units (and yes that includes Alfonse) with varying amounts of effort put into them. Surprised Navarre ranked so highly despite having a really incomplete build (that I might just rework depending on what sort of skills get released). He even tied Ayra (who I put minimal effort into) despite her inflated BSTs/stats/whatever the problem was with her/etc.


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HP: Arden (60), Hector (54), Zephiel (52)
Atk: Soleil (57), Lilina (57), Ryoma (55)
Spd: Ryoma (44), Ayra (44), Navarre (43), Olivia (43)
Def: Arden (41), Xander(40), BK (38)
Res: Arvis (37), Mathilda (37), Wrys (37)

Overall: Ryoma(200), BK (197), Minerva (195)

Fury+Summoner support OP

Edited by Thor Odinson

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HP: Arden (60), Zephiel (55), Fae (55), Effie (54), Nowi (54)
Atk: Peri (60) (Firesweep Lance+), Brave Roy (59) (Blazing Durandal), Effie (59) (Heavy Spear+), Brave Ike (59) (Urvan), Brave Lyn (59) (Mulagir)
Spd: Ayra (55), Bride Caeda (49), Linde (48), Bride Cordelia (47), Brave Lyn (47)
Def: Lukas (49), Mystery Tiki (42), Gwendolyn (42), Arden (41), Eldigan (41)
Res: Julia (39), Sanaki (37), Fjorm (37), Sheena (37), Lute (36), Halloween Henry (36)

Total: Mystery Tiki (217), Amelia (207), Minerva (206), Ayra (205), Lucina (205)

SP: Black Knight (9999), Xander (9999), Fjorm (9999), Fjorm (9999), Fjorm (9999), Camus (9999)


Oh god, Peri has as much Atk as Arden has HP.

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HP: Arden at 60.  His four-star version also holds the #2 slot with 57 hp.

ATK: Brave Roy +Atk at 54.  Ayra and Hector are tied for #2 with 52.

DEF: Adult Tiki is the runaway winner with 45 defense.  +Def, Defense +3 slot A, and Lightning Breath+ forged to boost defense +4.  She's also probably my best unit.

SPD: Ayra is quickest with 44 SPD, followed by Nino who has 42.

RES: Tiny Tiki and Sexy Santa Tharja are tied for the lead with 39 res.

SP: Joshua and Brave Ike are my two with 9,999 SP; Brave Lyn is a few hundred SP points behind, because I gave her a new slot C skill recently.

Rating: Tiny Tiki is #1 with 187, Ayra is 2 with 186.

Summoner Support: Camilla

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Hp: Arden in the king here, with Black Knight, Gray, and Masked Marth as his lieutenants, each having 48,47 and 46 hp respectively. 

Atk: Ike and Eldigan tie for this spot, both having 54 atk, with Julia, Celica, and Gray being the lieutenants with all having 53 atk.

Spd: Regular Lyn is the queen here, with 40 speed, with Roderick (39 spd) and Brave Lyn (38 spd) being close behind.

Def: Arden once again, rules supreme here, with C!Robin (38 def) and Eldigan (37 def) being close behind

Res: Fjorm and agent are the queens here, with both having 34 res. S!Corrin and Arvis are close behind, both having a res stat of 33

Rating: C!Robin is first, with Nowi in second

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HP: I haven't leveled up Arden, so my captain is my Hector at 52. Second is my 5* Sheena as 50, and my 5* Black Knight and 4*Effie are tied for third. Funnily enough, the four of them make up my armor emblem team.

ATK: My LnD +Atk Delthea reigns supreme with a whopping 58. Tana has second with an impressive 56 (+atk and fury), and Ike has third with 55 (+atk and merged to +1). 

SPD: Linde captains Speed with her 42, followed by Minerva with 41 and a three way tie between Ayra, Nino, and Masked Marth (merged to +1) at 40.

DEF: My +def Hector once again captains this crew with 40. Adult Tiki (5*) takes second with 39, and Sheena (5*) takes third with 36.

RES: Not content with being a lieutenant, Sheena (5*, +res, resistance slaying axe) finally gets her own command with 40. Julia and Priscilla (5*) are tied for second (and funnily enough both are +res -atk with res +3 in their a slot).

SP: Between being a bonus unit and the fact that her build isn't very expensive, Brave Lyn is capped at 9,999. Thanks to the tempest trials Arvis takes second with 9,900 and Ayra has third with 7,552. 

Rating: Despite not being fully built (I need to give her a support skill still and I need an extra Hector to give her distant counter), Sheena leads the pack with 192. Second goes to Masked Marty at 187 with Camus close behind at 186.

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HP - Karel with 65 HP
Atk - Brave Ike and Tana tied for 59 Atk
Spd - Clair with 45 Spd
Def - Arden with 45 Def, followed by Boye and Lukas tied on 42 def
Res - Clair with 44 Res, followed by Wrys with 43 Res

Overall: Clair (214), Brave Ike (199) and Sigurd/Karel/Eldigan (197)

SP: Brave Ike 9999, Sigurd 9495, Azama 7716

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