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Your Barrack Captains

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  • HP
    • Arden (60)
      • Hector (52)
      • Zephiel [4*] (52) 
      • Donnel [4* +1] (49) - with HP+5 & HP+3 seal
  • Atk
    • Ike (54) with Fury
    • Sigurd (54) (+Atk)
    • Eldigan (54) (+Atk)
    • B!Ike (54) with Summoner Support
  • Spd
    • Nino (41) with L&D 3
      • Ayra (40)
      • Fir (4*) (40) with Spd +3
      • Masked Marth (39) with Fury
  • Def
    • Lukas [4* +2] (44) with Fortress Def 2
      • Arden (41)
      • B!Ike (40) with Summoner Support
      • Seth [4*] (38) with Fortress Def 3
  • Res
    • Arvis (36) with Fury
    • H!Henry (36)
    • Lucius [+1] (36)
    • Mathilda [4* +3] (36)


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My Captain of HP, Beruka at 51(+6 and S-Supported) and her Lieutenant Fae, at 51. ...followed distantly by +2 Eirika at 43. Geez, my units aren't too hot in the HP department.

My attack captain, Fury Lucina, at 56! Lieutenant Soleil at 53.

Speed Captain, Tana, with 41! Triple Lieutenants Eirika, Lucina, and P!Olivia, all with 39.

Defense Captain, Beruka once more, with 56(Fortress Defense). Lieutenant Fae again, at 33.

Res Captain, a position shared between Fjorm and Mist, at 34. Lieutenant Joshua at 33.

Overall rating goes to Beruka, with a whopping 209! Eirika is her Lieutenant at 189.

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I have a decent amount of Units, but i'll just post my captain, and my 2 vice captains of each Category that i have as of right now. (Will definitely change with time probs)

Hp- Not very many units with high HP but that's fine

  • Hector, With his 56 HP (He's +hp that's why.)
  • My Second Runner is Alm with 54 HP ( he has Hp+5 and +3 seal, mainly used as my falchion healer)
  • Finally, Amelia with 50 HP (Hp+) and could change with weapon refinement

Attack- OH boy, i have at least 10 units here with ties so... 

  • Captains are Ike and Male Corrin, both with 55 Attack both are merged +1 and with +atk natures. M Corrin has fury, so he'd fall into 2nd place without it
  • 2nd place runners are quite big. Ayra, Ryoma, Bike, Hector, and Minerva (With LaD3) all with 52 attack. (If most of these were +atk, they'd be in first)
  • 3rd place has 5 people. Mia, BK, BRoy, Sanaki, and Rhajat are all tied with 51 Attack

Speed- probably the most normal of my units

  • My captain being Ayra of course, with 46 speed
  • 2nd place is Mia with 44 speed (Both her and Ayra are +spd)
  • and finally, Soleil, with 43 speed (she has a +spd nature with a +spd weapon refine)

Defense- Only 2nd and 3rd place have ties

  • Captain Hector reporting for duty with 38 defense
  • 2nd runners are Bike and Xander, with 37 defense
  • 3rd place is a tie with 5 units again. Selena, BK, Adult Tiki, and Amelia all with 35 Defense

and Finally


  • My captains are Katarina, Fjorm +2, Mathilda, Felicia and Priscilla. Quite a few, all with 35 resistance.
  • 2nd place is Neko Sakura, with 34 resistance
  • 3rd place is Joshua with 33 resistance

Welp, i have quite a few, but those are all of mine




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  • Fae (55)
  • Catria, Zephiel (51) 4*
  • Seliph, Nowi, Effie (50)

I don't have Arden at level 40 :P


  • Effie (55)
  • Tana, Valter (53)
  • MASKED MAN, Hector (52)


  • Nino (45)
  • Catria (43)
  • Anna, Ryoma (40)


  • Lukas (43)
  • Catria (39) 
  • Xander, Hector (37)


  • Julia (35)
  • Caeda, Fjorm, Mathilda (34)
  • Katarina, Est, Priscilla (32)

Prissy isn't level 40 yet, though!

@Vaximillian Catria is big and fast ;)

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Yep. This is as much fun reading as I thought it would be! Very interesting to see the variety of units hitting the higher ends!

Special mention has to go to @L'arachel's defense captain. I will assume that Beruka simply does not have the word overkill in her dictionary. She has more defense than most people's ATK captains have atk! I assume we are looking at a Defense refined Slaying Axe+, Bonfire, and Quick Riposte, yes? 1, 2, SPLAT.

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HP- Arden (60) and behind him is Hector (55)

Atk- Delthea and Ike (54) share the number one spot with Ryoma (53) being only one point behind them

Spd- Anna (43) and behind her is Celica (42)

Def- Arden (41) again and behind him this time is Young Tiki (39)

Res- Sonya (36) and behind her is Julia (35)

Rating- Surprised myself to see Anna (200) at the top but it must be because of Summoner support and number two is Young Tiki (196)

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5 minutes ago, GuiltyLove said:

@Vaximillian Catria is big and fast ;)

She’s strong and she’s tough! And rough! And everyone’s toast!

As befits her station as the queen of the skies.

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HP: Arden. There's no one even close to his 60 HP, after him comes Nowi at 50 so...

ATK: It is a tie between Bike and Minerva at 55 Atk, after that it is another tie between Lucina and Tana at 53.

SPD: Funny enough my Clair 4*+8 is the winner here with 43 Spd thanks to Fury, then it is a tie between my lovely Eirika, Tana and B!Caeda at 42 Spd. 

DEF: Lukas is the winner with 43 Def, after that it is my Y!Tiki at 42 Def. Surprising how they're higher than big boy Arden.

RES: Clair takes another victory with her super high 41 Res, the runner up being Deirdre at 38 Res. 

Rating: Clair wins again with a rating of 197 followed by both Eirika and Y!Tiki at 196. I'm sure Eirika is ahead due to merges but Fury inflates both Clair and Tiki.

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Hp: Arden and his 60hp is the captain apparent with 55hp Hector as the runner up, and 52hp 4* Zephiel holding the bronze. 

Atk: Soren alternating between 57 and 59 atk is captain here with Seliph as lieutenant with 55 atk, and surprisingly, Alm and bIke tied for third place with 53 atk. 

Spd: Soren is captain here too some of the time. He’s ether at 45 spd or 43 spd which ties him with Nino. Then there are amazingly three lieutenants Ryoma, Linde, and a 3* +10 Gaius, who all have 39 spd. Bronze is shared between Lyn and Azura who both have 38 spd. 

Def: Arden wins this one too with 41 def. And then another three way tie with Xander, Hector, and Leon all with 37 def. And oh boy Ike, Burger King, bIke, Boey, and 4* Zephiel all come in third with 36 def. 

Res: Captain is Deirdre with 38 res and lieutenants Caeda and Fae have 37 res. Fury Soren is third with 36 res, if he’s running anything else I have a four way tie for third with Arvis, Sanaki, Lucius, and 4* Niles all with 35 res. 

Rating: A constant battle of who has more merges between Soren 202 and Seliph 201. wRobin is second with 187, and Burger King at third with 186. 

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HP - Karel at 53. Followed by Brave Hero Ike with current summoner support follows at 48.  4star Draug  follows at 47.

Atk - Brave Hero Ike at 54.  followed by Shiro and Ephiram at 51.

Speed - Nino at 42. Tied with Bridal Blessing Cordelia who hasn't SP grinded the third rank of Life or Death yet (currently at 2) 

Defense - 4 star Draug at 40. Followed by Another 4 star Draug at 37 and also Brave Hero Ike  at 37 with current summoner support.

Resistance - 4 star Caeda at 35 followed by Trick Or Defeat Sakura at 31

BST - Amelia at 195 followed by Brave Hero Ike at 191 with current Summoner Support.

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Arden- 60

Effie- 56

Zephiel, Hector- 55


Soleil- 58

Effie- 57

Tana- 56


Nino- 46

Lucina- 42

Ryoma, Nephenee, Anna- 41


Lukas- 47

Arden- 41

Xander- 40


Fjorm- 34

Joshua, Peri, Sakura- 33

Nino- 32


Effie- 195

Nino- 193

Nephenee- 191

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HP: Arden (60 HP)

Atk: Soleil (61 Atk)

Spd: Karel (45 Spd) Would be Ogma with 46 Spd, but he has L&D2 instead of 3 like Karel.

Def: Lol Arden again with 41, but Xander and Sigurd at a close second at 40.

Res: Arvis at 37 Res with Julia and Soren close behind at 35.

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My HP Goddess who watches over her followers is Beruka, with 60. Her faithful followers, skilled in their own right, but unable to reach the heights of their leader, is Adult Tiki at 48, and Sheena at 46.

My Attacking General is Princess Minerva, at 56. Few choose to follow Brave little Roy's orders, instead, with 55, causing some friction in the army. And even fewer choose to follow Tiki's orders on attacking, instead, but only when she's wearing a swimsuit, for some bizarre reason.

Caeda is the master of speed in the army. Although, many wonder how she can be so agile whilst fighting in a wedding dress, and with a bouquet as her weapon of choice, no less. This understandably frustrates Lyn, with 38 speed, who rides around dignified with her horse and bow in hand. Yet she has resigned herself to second in command, when it comes to speed. Catria and Tharja, however, both continue to come to blows over who comes next in the line of command, both sitting at 37 speed.

Goddess in HP and a Goddess in defence, with 47 defence Beruka takes the lead in defensive tactics, too. Few can wear her or her wyvern down in a battle. Not even the next best defensive soldier in the army, Sheena, clad in full armour, with 37 defence. Though they frequently fight together as equals in the army's best squad, Catria, with 36 defence follows Beruka when it comes to the art of defence.

Seeing her retainer bloom into a beast of a tank, Princess Camilla has taken up the reigns as the captain of resistance in the army, to be a magical tank. With 35, and also "convincing" Hector to teach her the art of Distant Counter, she is not one for mages to take lightly. As a loving captain, her lieutenants Fjorm and Sheena, both at 33, have no complaints following her orders.

Predictably, Beruka is unmatched in the entire army, with a rating of 211. Catria sits at an impressive 193, recognising she's not at the level of Beruka, but respecting her for her skill. Sheena comes in next, with 184, but she sits in this position with confusion, because she's tied with Robin, but only when Robin chooses to put on a swimsuit, and use a harpoon as her primary weapon.

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All the following results take into account stats after skills are applied, so Fury 3, weapons, and sacred seals will not be removed.

  • HP: Arden with 60, who would have guessed? Tied for second are Effie and Nowi at 51, with Hector and Fae in 3rd with 49.
  • Atk: Effie at 59 Atk with a Silver Lance+, tied for second are Ike and Eliwood with 57, and 3rd are Linde and Brave Ike at 56.
  • Spd: Nephenee at 45 is my fastest unit, second is a tie between Elincia and BB!Caeda at 44 (though since she has Amiti Elincia technically has the most speed at 46), and in 3rd are Caeda and Nino at 43.
  • Def: Arden and Shiro tie for Defense Captain at 41. Xander takes the 2nd spot at 40, and Adult Tiki takes 3rd at 38.
  • Res: Arvis is the Resistance Captain at 37, followed by Joshua and WE!Tharja with 36, and Sanaki with 34.

And my 3 highest rated characters... Amelia at 199, Joshua at 197, and Nephenee at 193.

Edited by Xenomata

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HP: Arden at 60, Zephiel and Effie at 55

Atk: Effie at 58, Hector at 56, Spring Camilla at 55

Spd: Brave Roy and Jaffar at 41, Summer Corrin at 40

Def: Frederick at 42, Arden at 41, Xander and Sheena at 40

Res: Halloween Henry and Halloween Jakob at 41, Christmas Tharja at 36

Overall: Halloween Henry at 204, Effie at 192, Sheena at 191

Halloween Henry has a summoner support of S. He, Brave Roy, and Summer Corrin all have Fury 3, while Frederick has Fury 2. Frederick, Effie, Sheena, and Halloween Jakob all have had their weapons fully upgraded in the Refinery.

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HP - Arden at 60. Surprise, surprise. ZephZeph sits in second place with 55.

ATK - Effie at 55, ATK build currently incomplete. Brave Ike is at second with 54 with Summoner Support. Oh the woes of having picked him at neutral nature.

SPD - Anna, Nino and Brave Lyn share a spot with 41 Speed each. Ayra and Lyn share second place with 40.

DEF - Arden at 41, yet another surprise. Zephiel, yet again in second at 38, sharing a spot with Adult Tiki. Gray may be stealing that spot soon, currently at 37 with an incomplete build.

RES - Arvis and Clair share the top spot with 36. A whole 4 units share second place, them being Fjorm, Camilla, Genny and Halloween Sakura at 34.

Rating - Brave Ike at 191, Anna surprisingly in second at 188.

SP - Brave Lyn is the only one currently maxed out, with Brave Ike only having about 400 to go.

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Okay, I'll keep them with what's currently equipped, since I'm often switching seals, etc, around. They're all 5* unless mentioned otherwise. 


HP: Arden is the clear winner here with the same 60 as everyone else had him. Far behind are his lieutenants Seliph (53 at 4*), Gwendy (52) and Zephiel (52 at 4*). 

Atk: Santa Chrom weighs in here at 57. He has a whole lot of lieutenants, though - Ryoma, Soliel, Legion, Cherche and a 4* Effie, all at 53. 

Spd: I have joint generals here, it seems. One is terrified of the other... Nino and a 4* Lon'qu both have 42 speed. Their lieutenants are the lovely Navarre and a 4* Hana, both at 41. 

Def: Lukas is my most lovely of generals here at 42. His lieutenants are Arden (41), Seth and Xander (both 40). 

Res: Again, I have joint generals, and again it's a red and a green. Naked Leo and Count Henry both have 36... I'm actually shocked that Leo's res is so high. They have a fair few lieutenants - Sanaki, Frankenjakob, Niles and Sanaki all have 34. 

Overall: Frankenjakob wins this at the moment... cheating with a summoner support that is likely going to change. However, at the time of speaking, his rating is 189. His lietenants are the Christmas Robin and Santa Chrom, both at 188. Since I plan to support Santa Chrom for TT, he'll likely become the overall leader :)

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All 5 star unless mentioned otherwise. And have only a summoner support with Alphonse who still wins nothing. Let the armor units lose!



HP - Arden at 60. Strong and Tough. I like the idea of Arden guarding the barracks because, well, we know how poor he is at keeping up with all those horses. Lieutenants are Zephiel (55), Hector (52), and Berkut (51). Hey a horse unit got mentioned!

Attack - Hector at 55. Behind him are Zephiel (54) and a tie between Charlotte and Summer Tiki (53)

Defense - Arden at 41. Adult Tiki and four star Lukas tie at 39. Behind them is a tie at 38 between Zephiel and Brave Ike

Speed - Nino at 42. Then Anna at 41. Then a considerable gap before reaching an ocean of 36-38 units.

Res - Four star Felicia at 38. Past her is Mathilda (37) and Arvis (36)

SP - Brave Roy, Reinhardt, and Brave Lyn are all capped. With runnerups Xander and Brave Ike between 8 and 9 thousand. Everthing below them has 6000 or less.

Overall - Commander Anna at 188, with Zephiel tagging behind her (187). And a three-way tie between Joshua, Black Knight, and Nowi (185)



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HP - The captain is Arden at his bulky 60 HP! Perfect for Panic Ploy shenanigans. Second place is Zephiel at 55.

ATK - Interestingly, my +Atk, +3Atk A-skill Alm, as well as my +1 +Atk normal Ike are tied for first in the hitting things really hard department at 55, with Zephiel trailing them by 1 point including his own +3 Atk A-skill.

DEF - Arden is also the toughest at 41 Def! Followed closely by Xander and Lukas at 40 Def each.

SPD - Nino is currently my fastest unit at a blistering 42 speed with Fury 3! Followed by Anna at 41 and Lyn at 40.

RES - Perhaps fitting, perhaps ironic, but my Arvis takes the Resistance lead with 36 magical defense including Fury 3, followed ever so closely by Deirdre and her daughter Julia at 35 each with their A-skills. It seems the fates of these three are intertwined for better or for worse.

SP - We have a tie with Bridal Cordelia and Brave Lyn with 9,999 SP each! Brave Ike and Delthea are the runners-up. I think all but Bridal Cordelia are because their skill sets were good enough to begin with and didn't require much skill inheritance investment.

Overall Rating - A tie between Young!Tiki and Summer!Robin with 194 each! Following closely are the heavy-hitting Zephiel and Black Knight with 187 each.

This is a cool idea for a topic! :lol:


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Overall: Hector at 188 surprisingly. Only boost he has is +3 HP seal. Next up is the BK with +2 speed at 187. After that is a three-way tie between Joshua, Fury +1 Camus, Fury Michalis, and Zephiel all at 185. Was certainly not expecting Camus even with Fury.

HP: Tie between Zephiel and Hector at 55 with Arden following-up (pun intended) at 51. Rather impressive for Arden given that he's still only level 30.

Attack: +3 Chrom sporting a massive 57 with no boosts to speak of. The man knows how to face-punch. Next up is Lucina at 54 also with no buffs to speak of, but a +2. Like father like daughter.

Speed: Palla surprisingly at 42. I guess less so once I consider she's +spd, has L&D3, and a Wo Dao+Spd. Next are Athena also with a Wo Dao+Spd, default Jaffar, and L&D3 Cordelia all at 41.

Def: Fury +1 Xander takes the cake at 41 with Zeph and Michalis right behind at 38.

Res: Sanaki at 37 with Arvis and Halloween Henry both sitting comfortably at 36.

So what I've learned from this is that aside from Chrom, I wasn't actually expecting any of these results.

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1. Eirika: 193
2. Effie: 187

1. Zephial: 56
2. Effie: 52
2. Hector: 52

1. Lucina: 59
2. Delthea: 58
2. BB!Cordelia: 58

1. Nino: 46
2. Delthea: 44

1. Xander: 41
2. Hector: 40

1. Felicia: 43
2. Sanaki: 37

1. BB!Cordelia: 9,999
1. BH!Lyn: 9,999
1. BB!Lyn: 9,999
2. Celica: 9,729

1. Alm: 3,000
1. Lucina: 3,000
1. Xander: 3,000
1. Celica: 3,000
1. Azura: 3,000
1. Ninian: 3,000
1. Reinhardt: 3,000
1. BB!Cordelia: 3,000
1. BH!Lyn: 3,000
1. BB!Lyn: 3,000
1. Olivia: 3,000
2. Clarine: 2,626


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