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REDFE - Demo out!

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REDFE is a hack of FE8 (U) featuring red haired characters from all over the FE series. Yes, Roy Radd is in this game.

Download here.

Some images of the game.






  • FEU's skill system
  • New maps, new events, new characters.
  • Press select for Danger Zone on the map
  • Press select for growths on a character's stat screen
  • A lot of smaller QoL life hacks to make this game a bit smoother
  • Radd


I'm the project lead and the map designer for this.

Thanks to quite a few people for the mugs used in this hack or that will be used in this hack.

Blueeyedman24 - Salem, Radd, Saias, current Xane, recolors of 6/7 mugs to FE8 standards. Also battle palettes.

Tyty - Anna, Cordelia

Blade - Lena, Lukas, Subaki, Maria

Xigdar - Saizo, Norris, Selena, Gazelle, Lawson

Atey - Julian

Nickt - Kieran, Titania

Zmr - Cain

On the animations side, thanks to Salvaged for their Cavaliers. They're real nice, looking forward to the Paladins.

Thanks to Glaceo for helping out with the C2 and C6 maps.


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Updated patch for SA release.

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Will this feature the ability to play both routes at the same time like FE:Midori (Green) did? That alone made it one of my favorite hacks.

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Yeah, we're planning on something like a Midori style route split. After the end of the current demo, you'll do Roy route and then it'll jump to Eliwood route. The idea here is to try and cut down on redundancies.

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Hmm, well, I'm on chapter 5. The lack of personal skills is a bummer, and I'm not too fond of Cain's portrait. Also, the random guy with a Silver Lance in chapter 5 needs to go. What the hell. Otherwise, it seems fine. Was not expecting Norris.

Edit: Alright, 


Xane caught me off guard, that was really funny.


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