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Paladin Thomas

Paladin's (new) Sprite Gallery

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Edited this one a bit. Hope she looks better.


Two New Sprites of mine. (Personal on the left, gift for my brother on the right.)


one of my first animations ever. I'm pretty proud of it. (Will soon be spoiler tagged, just gotta figure out how to do it)


Edited by Paladin Thomas

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The colors on both the battlesprite and the portrait could use some work. On the battlesprite, all the whites are pretty close together so it all kinda looks the same. The hair on both has a similar problem, you need to make your shadow colors much darker. It's advisable to borrow colors from existing FE sprites and tweak them a bit as they give you a good base to work off of.

The portrait has a lot of problems. First thing I notice is that the near eye is in a bit of a weird place, it looks like its too high up and too far to our right. Your fifth skin shade (the dark gray one) is definitely wrong, it's far too light and makes your eyebrows and jawline too light. The bridge of the nose is just sort of drawn in place as opposed to meshing into the eye shading, girls in FEGBA have pretty weak bridges so you could probably erase most of it. The shaping of some of the lines is sort of ugly, as they aren't smooth curves. Her near shoulder, far cheek, and jawline are noticeable to me. You're going to want to avoid drawing lines with a 2-1-1-2 pattern as it looks pretty bad on a small scale. The outline-black lines on her shirt stick out pretty badly as they aren't anti-aliased into the shirt at all. 

Hope you keep spriting and improving, good luck!

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