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Randomized Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Hard, No Mila Gear, Ironman)

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Hey everyone, Kobazco (just call me Kobe tho) here, bringing you my first screenshot lp! I've always really liked reading these, but never had a good excuse to start one of my own. I'm gonna keep commentary and such basic I think though, I don't see much of a reason to do anything over the top.

Somethings to establish about this run/lp.

  • Yes, this is Shadows of Valentia randomized.
  • I randomize above level 1 units via a save editor.
  • I randomize level 1 units by reclassing them via cheats.
  • All randomization choices are done via a list randomizer including all classes.
  • Sadly, I can't use the arcanist/cantor class as much as I want to due to magic lists not working (units won't learn spells)
  • Additionally, the only gender specific class that I will abide to is the Cleric, as male Clerics will not learn heal/nosferatu for the above reason.
  • All villager characters will be randomized upon their class change from villager, as there is no villager equivalent to random to.
  • To make things.... interesting, no mila gear is allowed and this is an ironman run.
  • I assume if you're reading this, you've already seen/played SoV, so I'll be skipping all story elements.

Without further ado, let's begin. 



We start off with our first 2 randomizations, Alm and Lukas. Alm is an Archer while Lukas upgrades to the title of Pegasus Knight. Having the extra range and mobility to help out my villagers this early should be useful. This start is gonna be a bit uninteresting, the screenshots will be a bit minimalist I'm afraid.


So without further ado, let's begin the first battle of Act 1!


A showcase of Alm and Lukas' new animations for their classes. Alm looks as expected, just an Archer with Alm's head. Lukas meanwhile... Well he really rocks that skirt I suppose.


Not much to show for this small battle, mainly feeding villagers EXP. Tobin gets a few small % crits though, so thats nice.


A few brigands later, the battle is finished!


Onto the second battle, I continue to use Alm's extended range to my advantage. It is really quite useful to get some chip damage against these mooks.


As the battle continues, we get our first level up of the game. Pretty good, by SoV standards I'd say.


Sadly, some of the brigands start to run in an attempt to heal, so I have Lukas chase them down with his new mount. The result is a... well it's a level up alright I suppose.


A surrounded boss and a crit later, Alm nets a level up and ends the battle. Standard stuff for this battle again.


Onwards to the thief shrine, I over come another added challenge to this run. As a class other than Alm's or Celica's, we learn that Alm CANNOT attack in dungeons. This means NO preemptive strikes, and NO breaking objects/walls in dungeons. This is the real challenge of the run in my opinion. This is going to cause me to miss A LOT of loot and secrets.


I enter my first skirmish, and throw my villagers in for some free exp. Kliff crits as well, which is always nice.


Faye, Gray, and Tobin all get pretty decent level ups. In particular, Tobin is looking to be quite tanky.


A demonstration of my inability to get to chests in dungeon. They sit there, just tormenting me. This is gonna be pretty painful to pass up in every dungeon.


As the other small dungeon battles unfold, more level ups come to my villagers. They're all pretty meh/bad sadly. At least all of my villagers are now at the level required to class change, so thats nice.


The boss of the thief shrine, this should be pretty easy.


Some very sub-par level ups. Except for Tobin. Of all people, Tobin is showing the most promise. I'm not quite sure how to feel about this to be honest.


We kill all of the brigands to ensure maximum EXP gain, and kill the boss.

Now, we're going to move onto promoting our villagers (and Silque) into random classes. These classes were all chosen through random.org , and I didn't reroll any of them unless they were their Cleric.


Gray the brigand! I forgot to screenshot his stat gains, but he only got +1hp for this change.


Here's the rest of our units in their new forms! Pegasus Knight Tobin joins Lukas in the weirdly shaped heads and skirts. Faye becomes our Mage, which I'm not actually quite sure if she could become one? I know she could be a Cleric, but I don't remember if she had Mage access. Kliff gets a surprisingly normal class, the Cavalier. His stats are looking promising, though.

And last but not least, Archer Silque joins Alm in my list of ranged units. She gained a lot of HP with this class change, as well as some much needed defense.


And here's the final list of our current units!  I'll be continuing this tomorrow most likely, I hope you all enjoyed seeing Echoes be randomized!


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8 hours ago, TwinBlade said:

This is awesome. Looking forward to this. No chance you can record it?

I could, but I don't have a capture card and to be honest, screenshot lps are a lot more relaxing. I can play anytime and anywhere I want, as long as I remember to take screenshots that is.


7 hours ago, BlueTetri619 said:

I'm guessing the brigand caps out at level 40 or 20?

I don't know when the brigand caps, maybe around 20 yeah. I'm thinking of looping Gray back around to level 1 brigand at level 10 though and upping his movement to 5 since otherwise he'll be useless.

Well, onwards to the rest of act 1!



Moving right into the next battle, we get another look at Gray's Brigand model. Looks quite nice actually. It fits Gray rather well. Also, I equiped Gray with the Splitting Axe that you can pickup in Ram Village in front of Alm's house. It has +1 Atk and -1 Spd. Not the best of weapons, but it'll do.


As the enemy approaches, I notice how difficult this really is going to be. I don't have a healer, and my closest thing to a tank is a 6 defense pegasus knight. Oof.


Alm gets a decent enough level up. No stats that really matter except Skill for an archer. The enemies get closer, and only Faye is really useful right now.


A crit later, the enemy continues to surround us. The situation is actually looking rather dire right now. Lukas just tanked 3 or 4 axes to the face.


A few dead brigands later, I Realize my mistake... That archer is in prime position to finish off Lukas, and there's nothing I can do about it.


Ouch. Exact lethal on Lukas as well. There's the first death of the run. R.I.P Lukas, you were a mediocre Pegasus Knight anyways.


Gray's revenge kill nets him a pretty bad level up. At least he does more damage now I suppose. Meanwhile, the dreaded leather shield mercenary arrives. Only Faye can really do damage to him, so I set up a small formation protecting her.


A crit later and the Merc is dead. Faye gets a pretty good level up, its not like she needs much more speed than she currently does but it would be nice to get.


Moving onto the next battle! We're down a Deliverance member, but I'm sure it'll be fine.


Gray showcases his skills as a brigand, and gets a great level up to boot!


Kliff get's an even better level up while Silque gets what might as well be a +0 level. Ouch.


Faye makes quick work of the Steel Bow Archer, and then we move on to draw out the boss.


Tobin gets a nice 3 damage crit to finish off the boss, and an equally "nice" level up. I worry about you, Tobin.


Faye finishes off the final enemy, and gets +1 Atk for her efforts. Not bad I suppose.

Moving on to the little loot I'm allowed to gain this run, I realize I have no sword users. This means I can't use the Lightning Sword yet, which is actually really scary. This thing is really useful, and not using it is scarier. The Iron Lance is gonna go to Tobin for now.


We get randomized Clair... who is a soldier. I mean I needed a soldier, but she looks hilarious. I'll be using her for sure, and she gets the leather shield that was previously given to Silque.


Moving on to the next battle, things start off pretty well with Alm getting a crit.


Nevermind. Things did NOT start off too great.


As the battle progresses, I decided to make a wall out of my units and hopefully get some good damage on the enemy. Clair even gets a crit to help!


This is where I notice things are looking pretty dire. Without the Lightning sword, I have no way of 100% killing a soldier per turn with little to no worries. I have to keep kiting back, and killing off soldiers where I can. The boss in particular gave me a lot of trouble, but I was able to find a way to kill him while keeping my units healthy and protected. Gray also gets a really good level for my troubles.


Forced to kite back even further, I manage to hang on just barely. Tobin also gets a point of skill, because he really needed it as a lance user.



From there, the battle was fairly easy. A crit and few pretty great level ups later, I can move on to the next battle.


Speaking of the next battle, this one shouldn't be nearly as tough. There's not many units, and theres a pretty great choke point up ahead to handle the second wave of cavaliers with.


A few cavaliers later, Faye gets a speed level. Not bad, considering that magic is going to be weighing her down. Still not a good level, though.


The rest of the cavaliers line up at the choke point, and instead of doing chip damage, Alm steals a kill.


This last few enemies provide some meh level ups for Clair and Tobin, and the battle ends.


Moving onto the next dungeon, the Deliverance Hideout, the Skirmishes ensue. Expect a lot of level ups and not much action.


Alm and Clair get pretty good level ups, all stats they needed pretty much. Clair could use some more Atk/Def though.


I manage to find an Entombed? I never knew you could find one of these in the Deliverance Hideout. He has a lot of Atk and Spd, making him pretty dangerous.


Putting Gray up front with his huge HP pool turns out to be a good choice, as he tanks the Entombed and gets a nice level up for it. I feed the kill to Kliff and he also gets a really good level up.


More level ups and crits ensue as the Entombed and his squad are cut down.


As more battles unfold, nothing much happens except for more level ups. Pretty good level ups, especially from Kliff at least.


Another area of the dungeon that I can no longer access due to Alm's class change. Passing up these areas isn't going to get any easier as the game goes on.


The Bonewalkers finally show up, but all they managed to do is give Clair even more speed than before. That's the last skirmish of the area, now to see how the rest of the Deliverance was randomized!


Final results are Soldier Clive, Cavalier Forsyth, and Mage Python. All around pretty good, Clive and Forsyth basically switched roles and another mage is always welcome.


That's it for now, I may get around to one more part today, I'm not sure though.


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