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Awakening Hard/Classic PMU

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I've been thoroughly enjoying Awakening, significantly more so than Fates actually, and after beating it a few times in the last two months, I thought a PMU would be a lot of fun. So here are my rules:

- Limited grinding will be allowed: I will only be allowed to fight two risen encounters between each chapter/paralogue. This rule makes the run much easier, but does not make the game as piss easy as usual (while I'm on this topic of difficulty, my biggest criticism of Awakening is that it is horribly unbalanced on Lunatic, unfairly so. If Lunatic was balanced more like how Fates Lunatic was balanced, then I'd be doing this on lunatic). 

Unused Units Cannot be Used AT ALL -- No meat shields, no pairup/support fodder.

- Child Units' usability is tied to their parent's -- This means Morgan is guaranteed to be used (which breaks the game, but idgaf). Other children can only exist if both of their parents are usable. Child units DO NOT take up their own slot. This means that if Panne is picked for me, then Yarne comes with her (provided someone can support with her). 

- No DLC maps/classes -- I don't own them anyway

- Renown Boosts/bonus items will be usable -- But I cannot access the bonus teams/maps at all. They are more for fun or flavor anyway. But I feel like having Forseti or Tyrfing sit in my inventory for roughly 10 chapters before anyone MIGHT have A tomes/swords isn't that big of a problem. 

- Second Seals are usable -- It's the best part of the class system of this game, and it will let me patch up some problems (namely, what if no flyer? What if no Gaius? I need a thief). 

Now for the Unit Limitations:

- Chrom, Robin, Virion (He's my fave Awakening character, so he stays. Love that asshole) + 7 gen 1's. 

- You decide my Robin Bane/Boon/Sex -- I am going to self-restrict myself in terms of classes: I cannot become a Sorcerer or a Dark Flier, and neither can Morgan. Being able to easily set up Vantage + Vengance + Nosferatu is overpowered in every sense of the word, and is a level of cheese I really don't want to use. 


I'll be updating this thread as I go, and as you guys line my roster. Don't decide classes for the selected units, as I've already banned the OP shit from me and Morgan, and second seals are limited on Gen 1s anyway. 

UPDATE: Chrom || Virion || M!Robin (+HP. -SKL) || Maribelle (My Wife) + Crybaby || Cherche + Batman || Frederick || Cordelia + Potential Thief Severa (depends on who is left) || Kellam || Stahl || Lissa + Owain

THE PICKS ARE IN, LET THE PMU BEGIN. I'll be updating it every few chapters I play or so, don't expect a chapter by chapter. Might post a picture of each character's stats going into act 2. 

UPDATE: As I am entering into Chapter 11 / End of Act 1, here are my characters' status:


FU Levant (Robin): Went to tactician 20, second sealed into Myrmidon, is now a lvl1 Swordmaster. Married Marribelle. Has the following stats: 62 hp, 22 str, 15 mag, 26 skill (yes, skill bane, I used secret books on him), 30 spd, 19 luck, 17 def, 14 res.

Stahl: lvl18 Cavalier, will promote to Great Knight at 20 -- he doesn't get a Second Seal just yet. 37 hp, 20 str, 1 mag, 15 skl, 14 spd, 11 lck, 17 def, 2 res.

Kellam: lvl1 General. Married Cordelia. This will allow for the eventual Assassin Severa. 44 hp, 23 str, 3 mag, 17 skl, 14 spd, 6 lck, 25 + 2 def, 11 res.

Maribelle: Lvl 9 troubadour. When the stars align and she hits a decent level, I'll likely make her a valkyrie. I'm also debating using my next Second Seal on her, to make her a mage -> sage. Her stats don't matter.

Cordelia: Lvl 1 Falcon Knight. Married Kellam. 40 hp, 22 str, 8 mag, 25 skl, 20+2 spd, 12 lck, 14 def, 17 res. 

Chrom: Went to Lord 20, second sealed into cavalier, promoted to Paladin at lvl 15. lvl 1 Paladin. 47 hp, 26 str, 9 mag, 23 skl, 22 spd, 21 lck, 22 def, 14 res. I like Paladin as a class more than Great Knight because of the Movement and Res. Luna is nice, but not reliable enough for me, and Defender is always good. 

Lissa: Married Virion. Lvl 13 Cleric, will become a sage in act 2. As with Maribelle, she's a healer, so her stats are irrelevant until she promotes and becomes combat capable. 

Virion: Married Lissa. lvl 1 Sniper. 33 hp, 20 str, 2 mag, 24+2 skill, 17 spd, 14 lck, 16 def, 10 res. Owain will likely become a Bow Knight, depending on when I recruit him. He definitely will be if Virion has Bowfaire by then. 

Frederick: lvl 5 Great Knight. He's starting to fall behind because I wasn't giving him much exp. I'm definitely going to second seal him into a Wyvern Rider at some point, because I'd like more fliers. I will have to decide if Freddy or Stahl is going to be marrying Cherche. Batman will probably be inheriting Luna either way, so hey. 


I've had surprisingly little luck with the random encounters, I've had 7 total in this entire run, so I've never even had the chance to break my rule, which is nice.  


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Your Robin shall be male, HP boon and skill bane, and he shall marry Maribelle, whom is my picked unit, btw.

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3 hours ago, Levant Mir Celestia said:

Your Robin shall be male, HP boon and skill bane, and he shall marry Maribelle, whom is my picked unit, btw.

I hate you for this, but I'll do it. 

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So I just have an excess of healers now. Brady is now a Grandmaster, Morgan went to lvl 15 War Cleric and is now a Trickster, just because I like that class a lot, and Maribelle is a Valkyrie. A Useless Valkyrie that will be the first one on the bench, but hey, idk. 

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