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Looking for a certain kind of RP thread

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Hello.. I'm looking for some casual FE RP threads that emphasizes using OCs and character portraits (with different expressions, of course) in order to give a more visual novel-ish feel, like most, if not all, of the Fire Emblem games

I can show you guys an example of a RP thread from another gaming forum I'm participating in, although I'm not sure if it's allowed to include links to other websites...

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Usually I just make the portraits by myself

I don't really draw them from scratch, I use portraits from other FE games as the base for my character's portrait and then retrace the shape and add more things 

Here's a little example, I retraced then heavily edited Saizo's portrait in order to make a portrait for my OC



I also had tons of experiences from editing sprites of lower resolution:


(Same character with a different design, this time I edited Seth's portrait, although I haven't changed his outfit yet)


I usually make the lowres portraits in MS Paint, while the semi-retraced portraits are made in Paint.NET

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