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Fire Emblem 4: What's your favourite Enemy Army theme?

Flee Fleet!

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Throughout the game, you encounter various enemy armies, each with their own theme that playing whenever Enemy Phase begins. So, I ask, which one is your most favourite, and why?

Here's a video that plays all the enemy themes. Check the description to know which theme is for which army.

I personally have to pick both versions of the theme of Augustria Army. The first version sounds calm and intimidating at the same time to me, while the Pirates version perfectly suits any army of pirates. Manster's is my second favourite, for being so catchy, while Thracia's at third for giving this feeling of excitement.

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1 hour ago, SavageVolug said:

I would have to go with Verdane's theme. I'm not sure what it is about it but every time that one played I would start snapping my fingers and bobbing to the beat of that tune.

I agree. That alongside Augustria's theme that has pirates in them as well as Grandbell army theme are my personal favorites.


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3 hours ago, Morswo said:

The theme of Isaach Army, it reminds me at the chapter Light Inheritors.

I'll have to hand it to the Isaach Army, too. It sounds so sinister and menacing, and it also has a regal feel to it as well.

I also really like the Silesse Army theme. It has a majestic quality to it.

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