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Nintendo Direct Mini 2018-01-11

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4 hours ago, Denomon3144 said:

How long in advance do the blank slots on the Nintendo Direct page usually show up?

I personally don't keep track of this so I can't give a solid answer, but I have noticed a number of people regularly bring this up a few days before a Nintendo Direct happens.

An example would be this post on Twitter which mentions the empty space, only to be confirmed a few days later when a Nintendo Direct for Dragon Quest XI debuted. So there is precedent.

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23 hours ago, Prince of Iris said:

Thanks, it's appreciated. I did get involved here already knowing the risks it could entail, but even in the worst case scenario, I'm not particularly interested in concerning myself over what others think of me.

I've been in the know for a while, but I think these blatantly false rumors that have popped up lately are getting a little out of hand, so I've chosen to step up to help elucidate what should actually be anticipated.

To be clear, I honestly don't know that much about the new Fire Emblem, and I don't expect myself to learn much else in advance, but for the time being, I do think people should still be on their toes for news soon, and should try to be more dismissive about rumors in general.

Thanks for all this. While I'm sure we all appreciate what you're doing, I hope you don't get into trouble with what you've been telling us.

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I was pretty impressed by Mario Tennis Aces believe it or not.  Looked well polished and with a story mode to boot.  OG Dark Souls remastered is a plus and Ys looks like a fun JRPG.

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