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Another PMU


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So I'm bored and I've aborted 3 runs in the past month because of how easy it is to break this game.

So it's time for a PMU challenge run.

The rules are simple:


- You can only choose from the first generation. I'm not even going to use Lucina.

- No unisex teams. All-female/all-male bores me.

- No pair-up, other than for transportation like GBA rescue.

- Chrom and Avatar are forced. I'm leaving 12 units for you to choose.

- Hard Mode, Classic, Iron Man


Have at it.

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4 hours ago, Knight Adam said:


Knight -> Thief -> Assassin

Trickster Kellam is suprisingly awesome. I imagine him as an assassin will be somewhat op.

4 hours ago, NinjaMonkey said:

Sumia, Pegasus Knight -> Knight -> General

I've never really liked the character or the class so this should be interesting.

4 hours ago, Lunarly said:

Nowi, whatever class you want

She will probably stay a manakete since I don't otherwise have a tank. Those early levels before her defense grows are going to be rough.

4 hours ago, Michelaar said:

Maribelle, Troubadour -> Mage -> Dark Knight

I like this one! 

3 hours ago, Dayni said:

Miriel, don't care what class you end up with.

She'll probably stay a Sage, since there are better Nosfertanks. Might take her through Troubadour for the resistance boost and Demoiselle.

3 hours ago, Emerson said:

Vaike, Fighter -> Barbarian -> Berserker

I love Teach, but a Zerker with no pair up is going to be painful in the later chapters.

3 hours ago, Ether said:

Cherche Wyvern Rider -> Wyvern Lord -> War Cleric

I never thought to take Cherche to War Cleric. That sounds fun.

3 hours ago, Tuvy said:


Just henry

Wow. Zerker with the Bolt Axe or Nosfertank? I'm torn.

1 hour ago, eclipse said:

Virion, Archer -> Wyvern Rider -> Griffon Thingy


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I've been neglecting this.


I'm on run 3 of this PMU. 


The first run I broke my own rules and repeated some of the early maps.

The second quickly turned into a low man run. I lost Virion in Chapter 1 by being too aggressive against the Risen boss. Sully fell in Chapter 2 to poor positioning and Vaike dropped in the same chapter after missing an ~80% hit against a soldier and being tag teamed on the EP. I don't remember the rest, but by Chapter 12 I only had Chrom, Robin, Nowi, Miriel, Maribelle, Lissa and Cherche. Our Avatar died on turn two of the EP by one of the many knights.


Run 3 is turning out better. On Chapter 7 now with Wyvern Rider Virion and Troubadour Lissa. Sumia is my lowest level at 7 and my average level is 10, with only the Vaike joining Sumia in not reaching level 10 yet. 

Taking Pair Up and Frederick out of the early game makes this much more challenging than normal. Tonics are essential to the survival of many, especially Sumia and Vaike and Nowi needs the boosted speed and skill early on.

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