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Recomended avatar setup for Lunatic Reverse difficulty?

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I'm getting around to tackling the hardest things the series can throw at me, just finished tharacia776, and this game is next on my list.

So i'm wondering what the most optimal avatar setup would be for not getting screwed over at all stages of the game?

Also willing to take general advice for this as well since I never actually played this difficulty setting before (I cleared normal lunatic earlier, but that was several years ago)

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The safest class would be Knight. Def level ups assure that MU will take more than two or even three hits. Especially sword users will chip at MU. Rigging Spd. level ups is important, because getting doubled by Fighters and Bandits is terrible. +2 Def, +1Str and +15% Spd worked for me but you can swap them if you want a higher base speed. You can change to Cavalier in chapter 1 and later on promote to Paladin and Draco Lord and have your B rank for silver lances.

The most efficient choice is fighter, since you can ORKO fairly quick, if MU keeps getting Str. and Spd. level ups. Your defense will be lacking, so rigging Def or even +2HP level ups is a way to get a devasting MU that triviliazes the early game even on H4. Building your axe rank in the prologue helps if MU later on changes to Draco Lord or Berserk. I would chose +2 Spd, +1 Str and +10% Def, but if you rig HP and Def level ups, then HP+30% is recommended.

Myrmidone works as well, but only has slightly more speed. The female class set is a huge restriction as well. Cavalier and Mercenary are decent, but don't have great advantages either. Pegasus Knight restricts to female classes and has worse stats and growths then cavalier. Flying is rarely better in the prologue and there are a numbers of archers.

The only classes I wouldn't recommend are Archer and Mage. Archer obviously has a terrible enemy phase, which is even worse in the prologue with its small maps. Other characters can later on  be used as archers/hunters, as the class has many advantages. Mage is also a class that should be used by other characters, as it limits ou to one class (aside from niche things like Levin Sword Swordmaster). I also dislike that the mages base stats lack in everything, even speed.


For the prologue, it helps to rig the first three chapters for good level-ups, as they are short. If you want to use Rody and Cecillia, they should get two good level ups because they struggle even in chapter 1. Luke and Ryan have less issues, though Ryan has shacky speed. A forged bow for chapter 2 and 3 helps against eh Draco Knights and you an train your scrubs like Ryan or Hunter Luke that way. The shop should sell stat booster and if you have a save with the DLC, you have Rainbow Potions and more stuff to beat H4. In comparison to H3, having slightly more 2-range users (Bow users, Levinsword Swordmasters, Mages) and healers are more important.

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