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Do you enjoy actually playing FE1?  

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On 1/31/2018 at 11:54 AM, BlueCavalier said:

I'm probably the only one here with this opinion, but I absolutely LOVE FE1. Yeah, the interface is really clunky and unit balance is not a thing (Saji is literally strictly worse than Barts in every way, WHY?), but the reason why I like FE1 so much is it's map design.

FE1 has some of the best maps in the franchise imo, my personal favorite being Champions of Orleans where you have to juggle between protecting Hardin and the Wolfguard, stopping two thieves from destroying a village, and recruiting Wendell. Also shoutouts to Oasis of Magic for being the only Desert map in the franchise that doesn't suck.

Plus, FE1 is both pretty easy and relatively short so you have liberty to use basically anyone you want. I use Daros on literally every one of my playthroughs and sometimes he turns out pretty good.

If you want the true FE1 experience, I'd recommend playing the game as intended: ironman. The game's still pretty easy, even if you do lose some of your best units and it allows you to use some unconventional picks. Roshe, Radd, and Caesar may not be as good as Abel, Navarre, and Ogma, but they can do some work.

Couldn't each and every one of these praises be thrown at FE11 (Shadow Dragon) but minus the flaws, considering Shadow Dragon retains the map design and makes most characters even MORE viable than before by making Darros for example be able to promote and making all of the promotion items into class-nonspecific master seals?

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