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Cuphead In: Don't Deal With the Mafia (Game Over)

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- I'm the mod and my word is final. Don't do anything that you expect will cause problems, even if it's not in the rules. This includes looking for loopholes.
- No Outside Contact, keep the talking to the game thread unless your role allows otherwise.
- Don't directly intefere with the game if you're dead or not playing - if you're going to talk to other players or post in-thread I expect everything you say to have no game relevance whatsoever. Also, do not talk about the game to other players (dead or living) while deceased unless both of you have received a link to the graveyard quicktopic. The graveyard will contain a list of players who have access to it in the OP.
Don't directly quote communications with the mod unless given permission. This includes your Role PM.
- Going 24 hours without a post nets you a prod. Going 48 hours without a post or receiving too many prods is likely to result in a modkill.
- Don't screenshot anything outside the game thread.
- Don't edit your posts.
- Don't post after hammer.
- If you get yourself modkilled, you lose the game and your alignment may be subject to further punishment to circumvent any advantage your death could result in.
- Have good integrity. Keep it civil. Don't be a jerk.
- Play to win. 

- Day 1 start.
- 72 hour days, 24 hour nights.
- Lynches on Day 1 are determined by popular vote: the player with the most votes at phase end will be lynched. A tie will result in an extra 1-hour Super Sudden Death phase, at which point the first player to have more votes will be lynched. If nobody is lynched in that time period, No Majority will be reached. If a player reaches majority (half living players rounded down + 1) at any point in the day, they will be lynched early and the phase will end.
- Lynches past Day 2 are determined by majority rules: Majority (half living players rounded down + 1) is required to be voting for a player for a lynch to be acheived. Failing to reach Majority results in the phase ending in No Majority.
- No Majority results in a No Lynch the first time, and a universal loss the second. No Lynch may not be voted.
- You will be told whether your action failed or not, but not what caused it to fail (as a general note, this accounts for stuff like roleblocker / safeguard / etc., a kill attempt that failed because the target was protected by a doctor will still be considered successful). You will also be told if your action was redirected.
- Killing roles get infinite no-kills.
- LYLO and MYLO will be announced. Whether a loss is potential or guaranteed will not be.

Set-up Info:
- All players are on the player list.
- There are 10 townies and 3 mafia in the game.
- There is a non-zero amount of Vanilla Townies in the game.
- Players may request that any theoretical anonymous day actions be used at a specific time in advance for whatever reason (not wanting to be caught on the online list, not being available when they need to use it, etc).
- Cardflips will contain a pretty picture, player name, character name, alignment & role name and phase of death. Cardflips will also never lie to you, but they might not describe a player's role in detail.
- Players can only use one active ability per night unless the circumstances allow otherwise.
- If your role PM doesn't say you can self-target, you can't.
- There are no Jesters in this game.
- Flavor is irrelevant to alignment.

Players (4):
- Baroness Von Bon Bon
- Cala Maria
- Captain Brineybeard
- Werner Werman

Dead (9):
- Djimmi the Great, Town Timewinder, lynched Day 1
- Rumor Honeybottoms, Mafia Goon, lynched Day 2
- Beppi The Clown, Town Doctor, killed Night 2
- Hilda Berg, Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 3
- Cagney Carnation, Vanilla Townie, killed Night 3
- Sally Stageplay, Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 4
- Dr. Kahl, Vanilla Townie, killed Night 4
- Grim Matchstick, Mafia Roleblocker, lynched Day 5
- Wally Warbles, Town Macho Cop, killed Night 5

This is an anonymous game. To sign up, PM me on this account or my main account (Prims) and pick one of the above characters who has not yet been chosen (taken characters are crossed out). If you're unfamiliar with flavor and/or don't care, feel free to pass on picking and I'll just RNG your character once sign-ups are over. Sign-ups over Discord PM are also OK.

Provided I have all sign-ups by then, game will start in around a week from now, on Wednesday the 24th.

Edited by King Dice

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I have two people who said they could be last minute joins (eg if I only needed one more person), but at the same time, somebody was busy and had to leave. As such, I just need one more player, after which I'll start the game.

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Day 1

[No flavor for now, folks, but I might edit it in later. Feel free to puzzle out why you're in a mafia game in the meantime.]

It is now Day 1. You have 72 hours and 5 minutes to decide on a lynch. With 13 alive, it takes 7 to hammer. For Day 1, the player with the most votes will be lynched (no hammer required).

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##Vote: Werner Werman

I accidentally pressed the controls for falling through platforms trying to shoot you, so your phase two caused me several annoying deaths.

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I don't know the game, I don't know this character, so I'm not going to even bother roleplaying.

##Vote: Hilda Berg

Because Hilda is a terrible character. Worse than Sonia, even.

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