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What character is your main?


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My mains, by weapon type:

Sword: Marth/Ryoma (They change depending on situation but I tend to favour Marth)

Lance: Ceada

Axe: Camilla

Bow: Niles

Tome: Elise

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Frederick. Seems I'm the only person that uses him a lot too. I never see anyone else talk about him (at least not anymore. At first I saw a lot of praise on how brutal his moveset is)... :( Really saddens me.

Of course, this is bias and favoritism since he's my favorite FE character beside Ike. But I also just plain love how he plays too! He's the only axe I ever use. Lissa is too stupid and weird to me and I hate Camilla too much to ever touch her.

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1 minute ago, UNLEASH IT said:

Brave Lyn and Reinhardt. I am the cancer.

Wrong fourm,

Anyways, Marth, he is just so fun to use, plus I like him the most out of the current characters we have in the game.

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If we are going by weapon type then...

Sword: Chrom- Has a simple yet fun moveset and I prefer him over Lucina. But once Owain comes out...

Lance: Azura- Has probably the most unique moveset and specials in the game (until Olivia comes around anyways)

Axe: Lissa- I love using her Strong 5 attack. It's fun just seeing Lissa swing herself across the battlefield like a wheel using her axe.

Bow: Anna- I like her the best of the four archers and all the little quips and money puns that comes with her and despite Anna's Bow not being available yet while the other three have their prf weapon.

Tome: Leo/Elise- I like using both of these characters equally since they are both some of my favorite characters from Fates even though Elise is slightly better at doing damage with her higher Magic and Luck stats. But that might change once Linde come out and we see if she comes with a moveset revolving around Light Magic/Aura.

If I only had to pick one out of them though it's a hard pick between Anna, Lissa and Chrom in that order.

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My main is Robin. I love his moveset and I find he's the most versatile of the mages, being able to run anything from destroying everyone with his high magic stat or being a supprt That and personal bias. Robin's my favourite character so it's a given that he'd be my main.

Going by weapon types though:

Sword: Lyn - Her moveset is fantastic with everyone of her combos basically turning this game to easy mode.

Lance: Oboro - Like her as a character and she's a solid duelist. Plus her strong attack where she makes a hurricane is RIDICULOUSLY good at clearing whole fortresses.

Axe: Lissa - Its hilarious watching her swing this giant axe through hordes of enemies.

Bow: Anna? - Honestly, I don't use bow users that much. I don't care much for any of the Fates archers so Anna gets this one.

Tome: Robin - Reasons why above.

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So we're going down the list by weapon type?  I guess I should also go by "most-used" as well.

  1. Lance Armstrong - RGaYS2c.png
  2. Axe Body Spray - Frederick, please
  3. Sword or the Knee - Lynn from Valkyria Chronicles (or Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)
  4. Bow-tie - Taco Meat (or Anna 'cuz business is booming)
  5. Majick - I don't know, probably Elise or someone; I tend to prefer Topsy-Turvy

Of course, you can't just use one set of characters all the time, but the top four/six are generally the ones I prefer using.  I might sometimes swap Fred out with Lissa 'cuz she can cartwheel for days.

I'm hoping Linde and/or Tharja might give me more of a reason to play mages.  Or at least that Astra might make the current ones more fun, as I haven't gotten it on any of them yet.  And I know I'll incorporate Minerva simply because I like her a lot as a character.  Detective Pikachu probably as well, even though he's just gonna be a Ryomer clone.

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1 hour ago, Ertrick36 said:

Axe Body Spray - Frederick, please

Finally someone else that uses him! :D I was getting real sad here.

Besides Frederick though, if I had to list mains for the other weapons, it's these.

Sword - Ryoma

Lance - Hinoka/Cordelia (I switch between both a lot for this. I would've also put Azura here, but I didn't want anything else from the Fates pack, so I don't have her)

Bow - Takumi

Magic - Elise

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Overall, I use the archer siblings the most of all. Aside for mobility, once you got topsy turvy on Sakura's weapon you don't need anyone else. As for specific weapon types:

Sword: Ryouma (although Lyn is quite a lot of fun to use as well)

Lance: Hinoka (unless there's archers everywhere, in which case I go with Oboro)

Axe: Lissa

Bow: Takumi (with Sakura not far behind)

Magic: Elise

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Sword: Lyn. She's the most beastly unit in the game, mowing down scores upon scores of enemies! Her playstyle is fantastic and feels so good to use. Secondary is either Marth or Lucina. 

Axe: Lissa. I like her playstyle, I was very pleasantly surprised by how good it was. Plus I don't like the mounted axe users, they feel weird and clunky.

Lance: Oboro. Like the mounted axe users, I'm not fond of the mounted lance users either. But if I had to pick a pegasus flier for certain maps, it'd be Caeda. I have also not tried Azura yet so Oboro might get dethroned.

Bow: Sakura. All the bow users feel largely the same to me, so since she's the one I like the most as a character out of the other bow guys, I use her.

Magic: I've really only used Leo. I've been lazy and haven't used Robin. So for now, Leo.

Oh, and I don't really use Tiki much. But she's the only shapeshifter so she gets that slot by default.

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If we're going by most used in general, for me it'd be Marth, Ryoma, Anna, Rowan, Azura, Camilla, Lyn, Tiki

But honestly my entire cast is like level 70+

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Chrom: Dude's hella solid and works for any situation. That he's the first to be recruited put him in the lead for a main unit to carry you for the entire story and beyond, should you choose to do so.

 Ryoma: Since getting him, I knew he was gonna be amazing. And he didn't fail to live up to that; going so far as to exceed that to the point that I have to sometimes hold myself from using him in history mode for the sake of balance. While not the most flashy, he gets the job done better than anyone else.

Marth: The former two are favored for their usefulness, but when it comes to style, the Hero-King is unrivaled. He got da juice and the sauce, along with being my most leveled at the moment (107).

Tiki: Not necessarily a main, but moreso a secret weapon; particularly for Shadow Elimination and the like. It's as I've always said: when in doubt, throw Tiki at it. RAWR

'Course, its obvious that they aren't the only people that I use, out of necessity, but when necessity out of of the picture, any (one) of them is the top dog.

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