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Whats a good tutorial for making a good chapter map?

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I'm learning FEBuilder and mechanically, making a map is simple. You just put the tiles you want down and voila! You've made a map! But I'm having trouble actually making a good map. I've played SoV and chapter 3 of FE12, so I'm familiar with what a bad map is like. Basically I'm hoping there's a video or something that demonstrates how to plan out a challenging/well balanced map as opposed to a disaster like most of SoV's maps.

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Now, I'm not a hacker so I can't give you any pointers or any advice towards map making but I came across this video awhile back and I believe it should help you out.



By the way, I wouldn't mind play testing for you so you can see it through the perspective of someone who doesn't know how to rom hack. And it doesn't hurt to go look up some Super Mario Maker level design tutorials as well, you might learn something about general level design even though it has nothing to with FE. Hope this helps.

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