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Serenes Forest 5★ Lv.40+10 Compendium Thread


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On 12/15/2018 at 9:12 AM, Namero said:

Here's a project I recently finished for Aether Raids. He's invincible, immortal, indestructible! lol Using this makes Aether Raids a breeze. Attacks from Veronica/Reinhardt/Lyn/Ophelia/Lilina just bounce off him like boogers! Why, oh why do light blessings not effect units outside Aether Raids?... It would be so much fun to unleash this menace on certain abyssal maps and such!


Are you able to post your standard Surtr without the Aether Raids buffs? I'll put it in the list, then.

On 1/7/2019 at 5:10 AM, Xenomata said:

When you have two cute girls at 5* +10, you kinda have to do this as well.


She's 5* +10 as well, even if it's not immediately obvious.

You want to post the full statsheet, or are you happy with just that?

Also, first post updated after a rather long holiday break and some illness.

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22 hours ago, Xenomata said:

Sure, I had two more +10s to do anyways.


+Atk -Res, +Spd -Res, and +Def -HP respectively.

Ok great, added them.

14 hours ago, Anacybele said:

@Raven You didn't add my Kaze to the list, Raven. And you even mentioned him to me on Discord.

I did add your Kaze, just accidentally placed it under Saizo. Fixed now.

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And here I was thinking I would get Soleil to +10 first cause I only needed one more, but by some miracle the New Years banner gave me 4 Kleins after not having seen him at all for months.

So here he is!


He's neutral for now cause I haven't found one with a good boon yet. And since he's so rare for me I'm not really willing to wait for one before doing the final merge, so this'll do for now.

Now to wait for one more Soleil and I'll finally have my whole arena core at +10!

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23 minutes ago, Alexmender said:

@SatsumaFSoysoy Congrats on your Cordelia, she looks pretty nice! It's an interesting choice to go with Chill Spd, I've always thought she benefits more from Chill Def because enemies are getting a bit too bulky nowadays.

I would go with that if I use her Brave Lance build, but for Firesweep or Slaying Lance I think Chill Spd is more beneficial, especially in non-Arena modes. Whatever, I can just give her both if I want to switch.

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My Kaze now needs an updated image too. lol He just got Swift Sparrow!


And I also noticed my Frederick needs the same. I must've forgotten to say in here that he got Sturdy Stance in place of Steady Stance awhile back. He also plays with a different seal more often now too.



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Sigh... I really hope this is the last time I post here for at least a while... I swear I'm not trying to get so many 5* +10 units, they just happen in my endeavor to gotta summon em all.


Ironically, Elincia, the unit who was closest to being +10 since her initial release banner a year and 1/4th ago, only reached +10 because of the recent E&N BHB banner...

Edited by Xenomata
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Been a long time coming, so let me go ahead and finally do this.

@Raven @mcsilas @mampfoid @SatsumaFSoysoy @Vaximillian @Rezzy @Johann @Hawk King @Astellius @Alkaid @Cute Chao @Usana @Nanima @Landmaster @Rafiel's Aria @NegativeExponents- @Alexmender @Fei Mao @Poimagic

My only 3 +10's with a 4th in progress and 2 or so in the planning stages. I've had these guys at +10 for a while now but I may as well lay them out here since I never got around to doing that.


Matthew: You know him, you love him, you've probably seen him in action countless times. It's Matthew. He was actually my 3rd +10 as it took literally half a year for his last two copies to arrive, but I wasn't going to post here until he was finished. I gave him Summoner Support when I took it off Brave Lyn and never looked back. I'll likely never take it off him. This is his standard set. His B and Seal skills tend to vary but this is generally what he's running for most to all content. He sees the most use of any of my barracks and that rings true even after I've stopped recording. He's also the #1 pick for the infantry Dragonflowers. Can't wait to tackle his Heroic Ordeals. I almost wish I was still recording. Oh yeah, he's one of the only two units in my barracks with a dedicated team, but you probably already knew that.


Lukas: My 2nd +10. If just about anything physical that isn't Surtr touches him, it dies. He's lost quite a bit of potency with the addition of things like Null Followup but he still gets the job done in most cases. This is his standard set but I've been thinking about switching things up. He doesn't see very much action anymore but he is a part of my Arena core even if most of the time it's just for Dual Drives. Been thinking about giving him a seasonal lance for the Chill DEF support.


Nino: My very first +10. Copies of her came like candy. Not so much anymore but she's been complete for a while. You already know what she's capable of and thousands have +10'ed her so not much to say here. She's a beast. She used to own the Flashing Blade seal but these days and times she just takes a normal one and doubles as a spur bot when she's a part of my arena core. I hope her new weapon sets her apart and gives you a reason not to just use the blade tome.

My 4th planned +10, Chrom, currently sits at +7, awaiting further copies.

Edited by Zeo
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@Zeo Congrats on finally finishing Matthew! He looks great! It really can be quite a pain waiting for those last few copies of a unit to show up. I remember raising Fir from +0 to +10 while waiting for the last two copies of Cherche.

Nino & Lukas are awesome as well. I have plans to eventually +10 my Lukas as well. I really like the Steady Breath build on yours.

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