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Rip my map(s?) a new one.

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Totally new to mapmaking. Looking to see where I can improve the map, in terms of shading/perceived height. Looking for constructive criticism.

Not sure which tile could represent horizontally-oriented locked doors on the north side. Also unsure about the use of pillars, or if I used a wrong tile in any random place I haven't noticed.

Used FE Map Maker, and the FE7 castle tileset.

Obvious the armory/shops' borderline pixels blend with the outdoor grass, but given the tileset had no "indoor" equivalent, I'm not seeing much of a fix other than to hand-edit the tileset.

+200 Super Mega sTyle points to whomever can guess where this map's from.

Ultimately I'm planning on making a fangame in FEXNA  and when I'm enjoying my snowball fight in hell where multiple events happen on one single, enormous map, and the objective is consistently changing. You might be asked on Turn 2 to retreat to the lower-right hand stairs or face overwhelming enemies, and on turn 16 you might be asked to kill a boss locked behind the locked doors on the upper side of the map, who's defended by mages with long-range magic in the surrounding "rooms". The map will have entire factions deciding to either fight for you/against you, depending on the decisions you make, and will have multiple endings, most of which not written to be objectively good or bad.

Shinjuku Floor B1.png

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