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Questions: How do I even start Rom Hacking

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The ultimate tutorial is highly outdated, there are now much better tools to use, such as FEBuilderGBA(http://feuniverse.us/t/fe-builder-gba/2845) That are basically all-in-one editors that can do everything feditor+nightmare could but in much more efficient/timesaving/easy ways. I'd suggest you try using FEbuilder for a while, mess around with stuff until you get an hang of it.

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FEBuilderGBA is a fantastic program that I wish I knew about when I started. I still use the Ultimate Tutorial linked here for reference, but I'd encourage you to experiment with things before you get too far into it. The Emblem Brigade, another forum I've visited, used to have an in-house program called "Eventiel" that could create events for you. Last time I checked, it was bugged out, but just looking at a few of the controls while familiarizing yourself with the code can probably help you learn event coding. Above all else, I'd just recommend you to experiment with stuff and to expect the process to take a while. I've been working on the same FE Hack for years as a hobby. It's a lot of work, but it's also really rewarding. I may be new to the forums on Serenes Forest, but I've been lurking in the background of a bunch of FE hacking forums since around 2014. Trust me, this community has a lot of talented members who have given a ton to newbie hackers. 

Regardless of how far you decide to go with any of this, good on you for taking the first step! If you get into it as a full hobby, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!  

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