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Altered Carbon - A New Show on Netflix: Are you watching it?

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Altered Carbon is a new science fiction and mystery show on Netflix released on February 2, 2018. It's one of their original series, which means there's a possibility that it could have more than one season, and the first season recently finished. The show stars Joel Kinnaman in his most ripped form ever, who you might know from Robocop (2014), and Suicide Squad (2016).

If you want to have a read on it here's a link to the Wikipedia page, However, it pretty much spoils the entire first season, if you read past the Synopsis. The Synopsis already spoils a lot in general too, keep in mind. If you want me to briefly describe the world of Altered Carbon, well...

As I said already it's a science fiction mystery show that takes place in the future, where humans have found a way to achieve virtual immortality, a way to by pass death. How they do it is something you should learn for yourself from watching just the first episode of the show. Essentially though with the ability to extend life, humans have been able to live through trips to other planets and conquer the star system; they've achieved things that people in the real world dream of today. However, while humans have been able to evade the riddance of life, they've also brought about it's degradation, and that's what this story explores.

I just finished the first season, and I have to say it was a very interesting, and intense experience. It did have it's flaws, but the plot and lore in the story makes up for all of them. Plus the soundtrack is by Jeff Russo, who did the OST for Legion Season 1 (one of my favorite composers now, among the likes of Ramin Djawadi and Hans Zimmer).

So my question is who plans on giving it a watch? And who's already seen or started watching it? 

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