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[FE11] Hacking Dialogue and Events in Shadow Dragon

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Hello everyone,

I've hacked both FE7 and FE8 before, and am looking to work on a quick FE11 project for a friend. The sources on how to hack both Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones are extremely plentiful and I was able to completely learn how to hack those on my own. However, I haven't been able to find any information on hacking Shadow Dragon or FE12. I'm looking mostly to edit some dialogue and text within a chapter and to alter how some events happen. Doing so in both Sacred Stones and Blazing Sword is fairly simple, but I'm completely clueless as to how Shadow Dragon handles this sort of editing. Again, the lack of resources online has put me in an odd situation where I'm not sure what's even possible, much less what I can do with what I've got. Is there anyone here who has experience hacking Shadow Dragon and would be willing to give me a quick rundown on what I'd need to do? I have plenty of programming experience, so if things need to get messy with tables and such, I can work with that. Thanks in advance!

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There's not much to be said and there's nothing with which any sort of (programming) knowledgde would help regarding FE 11 hacking unfortunately.

Text Editing was documented by Blazer in his Nightmare Modules and it is fairly straightforward. Reading the doc should do the job. You can change BGs, Portraits and well... the text.
Eventing, as in fully customizing cutscenes, on the other hand is not possible with what we know. You can customize the gamplay (Enemy/Player Units, Items etc.) though.

You can find the basic FE11 stuff on Blazer's Website. It comes with the basic Modules and Documentation.
Some Modules are missing or incomplete, so I'd suggest you look in the resource thread here on SF for more Modules.

ALSO! In the Doc he tells you to use "Nintenlord's Compressor" for decompressing the files... DON'T DO IT. Thanks to General Horace we now know to use Batch LZ77. It does basically the same (that applies for the Unit Disposition Files, the other files can be compressed/decompressed with Nintenlord's Tool as well).

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Thanks for responding. I tried using the modules found on Blazer's page before posting but didn't come up with much. I'll see if I did anything wrong the first time around. Knowing me, I probably screwed up something simple, as usual. I also didn't know about Batch LZ77, so that should help a bit too. Much obliged! 

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