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Weirdest Unit You've invested in

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@BonziKong Didn't invest much in him sadly, (though thinking of making him my next project)

Right now he just has:
Brave Lance
Drag Back
Triangle Adept 2
QR 1
Ward Cav

  Mostly was thinking that TA would boost his damage and bulk against reds. I gave him Brave Lance because I thought it would him help secure a bit more kills, thinking of trying Slaying Lance on him. There is this one +10 Jagen on the FEH Subreddit and he's running this.




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@Fei Mao I personally think TA would actually hurt him a little since I've seen mine tank a TA3 Cecilia. I'd love to hear your opinion on him once you're done dolling him up though.

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This is my Lance!Lucina I've had for a long time. I just added Windsweep to her, and she's using it quite well. Her kit is EP-oriented, and Windsweep lets her deal with Armored units far more easily than she used to. Due to her high Spd combined with a Spd-refined Slaying Lance+ she'll almost always end up getting it off on non-boosted foes. Infantry Pulse takes advantage of her high HP as my Summoner Support to get allies activated quickly, and Reciprocal Aid also takes advantage of her high HP to let her be an excellent Pseudo-healer. The combination of Slaying Lance, Aether, and Steady Breath with her high Spd ensures that when she's initiated on she'll almost always use Aether in that battle. Close Def is used for letting her take more punishment against her melee opponents, after which she'll activate Windsweep next turn; once the Seal Spd becomes available, I'll see if I can switch to that for help with Windsweep.

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I am currently building Jakob +atk. -hp I just need to grind SP for the skills

the build is:

Weapon: Silver dagger+

special: Luna

passive: right now he has rally resistance until I get drag back/repo fodder

A slot: Def 3

B slot: seal atk 3/seal spd 3

C slot: threaten atk 3/ threaten def 3

SS slot: resistance +3

Once I get extra SP for refinements I will give him +Res and give him a different SS.  Jakob is the first unit I promoted SI fodder to 5* for and I don't regret it.

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Clive. Just Clive.

Stats (With Summoner Support And Refinery Boosts.)
HP: 55
Atk: 35 
Spd: 27
Def: 34
Res: 21

Weapon: Silver Lance+ (Attack Refine)
Assist Skill: Reposition
Special Skill: Bonfire
Passive Skill A: Sturdy Stance 2
Passive Skill B: Quick Riposte 3
Passive Skill C: Threaten Atk
Sacred Seal: Close Defense 3
Blessing: Earth
Ally Support: Mathilda

Attack During Enemy Phase: 33 (Base) + 2 (Summoner Support) + 4 (Sturdy Stance) + 18 (Refined Silver Lance)= 53
Defense During Enemy Phase: 32 (Base) + 2 (Summoner Support) + 4 (Sturdy Stance) +6 (Close Defense) = 41

This man can survive pretty much anything as long as it's not a green/blue mage or a green dragon.

Currently Looking For Panic Ploy For Maximum Cheese.

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Don't know if it'd be considered weird, but I've fully built my W!Chrom into a mixed tank. He does a very good job at it, and I use him frequently. It's a bit of a weird build, I'm gonna post it soon.


Edit: Here he is 


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