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Do you ever give your FE characters dumb/weird nicknames?

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Sorry in advance for the terrible puns XD

Corrin - Corn/ Mary Sue/ Arceus

Marth - cinnamon roll 

Berkut - Bercute 

Genny - the floofy weresheep 

Jedah - Jedi 

Seliph - sea leaf 

Yarne - yarn 

Inigo - Inigo Montoya 

Shigure - Disney prince 

Ryoma - Lobster Lord

Walhart - Walmart/ Lobster conqueror 

Niles - creepy douchebag 

Odin - large ham 

Rhajat - Tharja 2.0, Now With Less Abusive Parenting

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I'm fond of calling Marcus "Marcus Baracus". You know, B.A. Baracus from the A team? In Spain he was named M.A. Baracus ("mala actitud" obviosly doesn't start with a B like "bad attitude"), so not only does it fit, but it rhymes and sounds good. I dunno, I just like it.

I've also always liked pronouncing Wrys' name like a non-english speaking spaniard would pronounce it. Something along the lines of "Guhrruis". I almost died the day I was with some friends playing games on my wii U, and one of them stumbled upon my Wrys mii and said his name exactly like that.

Gilliam is another character I gave a nickname to, that being "Gili", short for "gillipollas", which basically means "dumbass". Don't get me wrong, I like Gilliam, but the name was too perfect to pass.

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