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Fire Emblem Fates: Past Heroes Assemble!

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No this is not a patch; I just wanted to put in a good name. Anyway, I've been playing Fates for the past 4 weeks and despite its story flaws, it's a fun game. While playing and seeing many different classes, I thought of something: "Wouldn't it be funny if I made Corrins based off of characters from other FE games?" And then, I thought of this neat little challenge.

It's pretty simple; just pick a game and a character you want to play as and pick the talent (or buy dlc) that resembles their vanilla class. As soon as you are able to buy a heart seal, you have to class change and you can't go back to being a noble AND you can't use any other seals except the master and eternal seals.

However, if you really want a challenge; pick a game, grab a random name picker, type in all the playable characters, and boom! The random character that was picked for you is now your main lord. Of course you get 3 tries and can only pick one of the 3 you pull. 

So that's an idea I had. What do you all think?

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