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What should I do? The game restarts after the Ch. 1

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Guys, I have a problem that it recently appeared.


I added the Halberdier class and sprites in Sacred Stones, replacing the Bard map sprites and Female General animations. When I finish the Chapter 1 and the last conversation ends, the game automatically restarts. :(


I don't know how to fix it, so I've decided to open this topic (idk if this happened before :p)

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1 hour ago, Tequila said:

At what offset did you add the new stuff?

Map sprites
Standing - 081BC674
Misc Sprites - 081E80B0

4A, 4D

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Put them in free space. There's no guarantee that the data you're inserting is the same size as the data you're replacing, since the images are compressed; if the new data is longer, than it'll overwrite whatever comes afterward, which may or may not cause the issue you're having. Free space in FE8 begins at 0xB2A610.

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