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Best support conversations in Fates?

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I've recently started re-playing Fates again and I've been thinking a lot about the support conversations. I wasn't really excited about the children in this game, but I wanted to have the "best" platonic couples S rank each other purely because the support conversation between the two of them was great (and by "best" and "great" conversations, I mean that the two characters don't suddenly want each others babies for no reason by S rank, but they build up a close and meaningful relationship throughout C, B and A ranks). However, I'm far too lazy to have every character reach A rank to then look over the conversations myself and decide, and I really can't be bothered to watch videos on the support conversations. :/

So, in a short paragraph or in just a couple of sentences, what were your "best" support conversations in Fates? Perhaps don't try to lean towards saying, "xx character and xx character because their child gets xx ability..." because that, unless you then explain why the parents have a good relationship together, defeats the purpose of my question.

(And I do understand that Fates had some bad characters in this game and not all of the conversations were designed to be cute and happy, as some reveal more backstory about another character, so just have fun with this.)

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I personally like Saizo x Charlotte. It's one of the only ones that's legitimately funny.

I also liked Saizo x Kagero and Saizo x Felicia. Saizo is pretty smooth despite not actually trying to flirt.

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Selena x Subaki. Why? This allows you to see unique dialogue in Caeldori's Paralogue and in Selena and Caeldori's unique A-Support. I…don't even remember Selena and Subaki's Supports, I just always pair them for Caeldori's sake. Hang on, I'm gonna look it up and see if it's decent too.

EDIT! Ok, so Selena and Subaki's Supports themselves are honestly kind of forgettable. I still push for the pair because Selena and Caeldori.

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