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The Notes of a Scholar


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Well I got kinda bored and wrote this... here ya go SF

                                               A Scholars Vision of the Outrealms 

 There are many realms that separate us from countless others, a collection of points on the proverbial axes of the multiverse. These are in a group term referred to as the Outrealms. 

The realms upon the X-axis of the multiverse are separated by time. At the proverbial origin lies the Corerealm, or in lay man's terms the realm of the Gods. It is a realm of a single instant where the Architects of all dwell, you see time does not flow in the Corerealm and the Architects are the only entities that can process such a realm. If you or I or any living creature, were to enter the Corerealm we would be eternally frozen, our nerves would be unable to transmit impulses to the brain or organs and we would be completely unaware of the rest of our existance, a rather tragic fate, don't you agree? 

As we move along the X-axis, time begins to flow. The first inhabitable realms come into being, realms capable of sustaining life and as we get farther and farther away from the Origin time begins to move faster and faster. It could be a moment quicker it could be a millennia faster. You could spend ten years in a realm and find that not an hour has passed in your home realm, as equally you could spend but a moment in another realm only to find that when you return, all you knew have been dead for a hundred years. Realms in which time flows more quickly than that of your realm are referred to (by the inhabitants of your realm) as Deeprealms, and those in which time flows more slowly are referred to (again by the inhabitants of your realm) as Shallowrealms. 

There is yet another realm on this axis, the Farrealm. This is a realm on the opposite extremity to that of the Corerealm, a realm where time moves so quickly no organic being can call it home. It is where the soul goes when the body dies. (As a rather grotesque fun fact, an Aum type staff opens a rift in realms to pull a soul from the Farrealm back into its former container. It does this by releasing a torrent of souls from itself and pulling back the desired soul and forcing it into the soul's former body. That's right an Aum staff is made by absorbing people's souls. It takes around 1000,000 souls to make an Aum staff) This Farrealm is absent of joy and pleasure however it is also absent of misery and strife and you can spend an eternity with your loved ones, a blessing or a curse? You decide. 

Now the more mathematically inclined of you may be wondering "Well if that's the X-axis, where is the Y-axis in all of this?" And my dear observant reader I may tell you to put your mind at ease, for now, I shall reveal all. The proverbial Y-axis, being rather difficult to explain in words can be crudely summarised as 'A realm that does not follow our law of creation, but is still the work of the Architects.' These realms include The Realms of Smash Brothers, The Realms of Mario, The Realms of God of War, The Realms of Grand Theft Auto and thousands upon thousands of other Realms. 

The multiverse is far greater than can be explained by one scholar, so I hope you yourself will ponder and research the many Realms, but keep in mind that the life of a Scholar of the Realms is a lonely one, you may meet lifelong friends in other realms, but you will also lose countless others to the cruel embrace of time, be warned!

                                                                         —A Scholar lost to the Realms

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