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Favorite Pikachu shorts?

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So back in the day, me and my siblings used to enjoy some of the pikachu shorts almost as much as the movies they came with, so I thought I'd make a discussion thread about them.

I have the most experience with the first 5 shorts, since those are the ones that we incessantly re-watched. There are three shorts that I like more than the others

 Pikachu and Pichu is probbably the strongest Pokemon short, even though watching it today can be a little ironic because it more or less ends with Ash turning eleven. At the time or release though, there was nothing wrong with the ending, and on top of being sweet, it even hinted that the anime (like the games between gen 1 and gen 2) would make some accomadations for real time passing over the course of the series. 

I also really like the hide and seek short with the evil lawnmower and the first short where they go on vacation and get in a fight with some generation 2 pokemon like Snubbul and Marill. They felt sweet and I think they did a lot to establish the tone of the pikachu shorts as strictly following the pokemon acting on their own as opposed to the main series, which makes them enjoyable.


I guess I'd like to start a thread to hear other people's thoughts on the shorts? I wonder if I missed any good ones by tapping out of the series after generation 4? Also I kind of wonder if the reduced importance of the Pokemon shorts has anything to do with (pichu in melee vs later smash bros games) ? I'm not really sure how important people consider the shorts compared to the movies, but given that the movies can sell a pokemon like Lucario's popularity, I would imagine that the shorts must have some amount of influence...

This thread is  for the movie shorts. It is not for specials (such as winter vacation episodes), The Pokemon Channel short, or for Pokemon Generations.

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The first three are the only ones I remember.

Pikachu's Summer Vacation - Adorable. To see Pikachu get so pissed, hahah. Bulbasaur looks so done throughout the short.

2nd one I can't remember the name of - It was nice to see them all work together, but gosh Ash, falling asleep and letting your Pokemon run wild? Talk about irresponsible.

Pikachu and Pichu - Definitely the best out of the three, and accompanied by the best movie too, hahah. The final scene with Ash and Pikachu was adorable.

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