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Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

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Unbelievable. They all just, fucking ignored the knot of confrontation just a little ways to their south. Firmia. Brant. Kim. Hannah. That asshole ANF brass with the dumbass name. Everyone pretending not to notice, taking a convenient stroll over this way instead. Abigail wasn't sure she'd really expected anything else, but watching it play out in front of her like this still stung.

She shouldn't have fucking stuck around to help out mister high and mighty team leader. If she'd had that extra minute... she could have gotten to within spitting distance, they all could have grouped up and made a better front. Even if it didn't actually help with fighting the furry fucker, at least she would already be there with them.

Jess was fine. Better than fine, even, on top of her game if that grand explosion was any indicator. The Riese was invincible, it'd be there waiting for her after she helped ease her men out of that tight spot. And honestly, fuck any so-called 'friends' who were too self-absorbed to help out.

Not even broadcasting a word as she shifted gears, Abigail started swimming her Heracles in the direction of her family.

Oh. Fuck. It was immediately obvious that she was making much less progress than she could hope, fighting the current and having to spend a lot of energy just to keep from sinking.  Should she revise her plan? ...Maybe.

Abigail chewed on her lip, as she slogged along closer, drawing up to a location where she could just about draw a straight line to Terry, Calina, and the others, no interruptions. One of the cats was to her back, but she wasn't going to bother dealing with it for now, she had to finish preparations...

Abby moves to 11,14 and starts fiddling with some knobs and levers.



Well, she'd as much as said it earlier, but now the rebel was going and running off without a cause or a plan. Putting herself right in some danger too. Thorvald decides to fire off a shot at the machine she's come to rest near, in hopes of drawing its attention. A slight frown spreading as he noticed the ammunition he'd been spraying out rather liberally so far was running low. Might have to switch weapons soon, or find and get a restock.

Thorvald fires 250mm cannons at cat 2.

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Abby rushes towards happiness!

Thorvald covers her!
126 damage!
The cat fires back!
31 damage!
Thorvald gains +50 EXP, +4 will!

Rebel Phase!

"Urgh... O-One more time, if I could hurt him before, i can do it again!"
Calina casts Fury and Sense!
Point blank at Soor'kan!

217 damage!
"Good, good! More! Give me more, human!"
Soor'Kan swings claws back at her, but misses!

Sena has Calina's back! Even more furious!
She casts Fury and Sense!
153 damage!
Soor'Kan fires back, and is dodged!

"Terry, Fred, Jones, get out of here! You're not helping, you're just gonna get yourselves killed!"

"But Calina--"

"NO FUCKING BUTS, I'm not losing more of you here today! GO! NOW!"

With a moment's pause, the three machines broke away from Soor'Kan, heading back out over the ocean towards where they'd come from. Soor'Kan grinned, laughing, guffawing from within his machine.

Enemy Phase/Turn 3

“Wonderful! Wonderful!! This is amazing, I’ve never met a human so capable of entertaining me! I’m going to give you a special treat, for sharing this dance.” Soor’Kan was elated, this was something new! All the humans he’d stepped on before, none of them had managed to hold a candle to him, but this one! Whether it was rage, skill, or luck, she was still alive.

Soor’Kan casts Drive, Strike, Valor, Alert!

“Let’s dance to the finale, my unknown partner! Show me your worth!”

Soor’Kan goes to attack Calina!

“Okay, preparations completed,” Abby muttered to herself, preparing to engage the Heracles emergency thrusters. It was a gamble, likely as not to leave her machine spent and in bad need of repair at the end of the mad dash, but there was no way she was just sitting and watching another moment. Giving the console of her longtime companion an loving pat, she turned the key and punched it, taking the old craft’s output to the limits. First, angling such that there was enough lift to raise her above the waters, she quickly adjusted the trajectory to bring it horizontal, rocketing across the waves and whipping up a fierce wake. Alarms began sounding, but Abigail had been prepared for that. She just needed to reach Calina before anything happened, and this oughta just make it.

Was this it? I was doing fine, what changed!? Was he just toying with me this whole time? No! No way! This fucker isn’t better than me! But her attempt to parry the incoming claws had been met with her shield nearly torn off, jagged edges aimed right at her cockpit. “Abby… I’m sorry--”

“What!?” A robot had managed to wedge itself in between Calina and Soor’Kan’s attack, leaving the alien stunned. “I was so focused on the battle… Who!? Who dares to interrupt my fun!?”

“Fun? Whatever, I hope you choke on it,” Abby growled, still upset over Hilling’s fate. The beast wasn’t using the same weapon as before, but even so it remained obvious just how much of a threat this alien craft truly was. There was little room for her Heracles to maneuver, sandwiched as it was, but she angled one of her kunai backwards and attempted to throw it at the mouth of the Sacarian robot. “Bite me, loser!”

“Calina, I…” Abigail started to address her thought lost lover, but choked before she managed to get very far at all, and the third party looked to be quickly moving himself. There wasn’t likely to be much time. Could she pull it together?

“Abby!? Abby! Holy fuck-- Sena, cover us!” Calina joined in Abby’s attempt, firing vulcans at the Sacarian machine. Soor’Kan pulled back for a round two, but sniper fire prevented an immediate attempt.

“Leave the words for now!” Her Heracles had taken most of that attack, and whether is was some devil’s luck, or a well aimed charge, it hadn’t exploded. While she had the time, if she had the time, Calina popped her cockpit open and got herself as close to the damaged machine as possible. “Get in! For fuck’s sake get in!”

It was risky as everything, but the same could be said for much of her life, looking back in the mirror, couldn’t it? The panels showed the message clear as Calina was calling for her, the claws were continuing to squeeze the Heracles and there wasn’t any other escape. Eject and transfer, huh. If she thought Abby could do it, then who was she to let her down? “Farewell old friend, you’ve served admirably,” she smiled wistfully before suddenly parting with her old machine and feeling the sudden rush of wind as her seat left the confines of the cockpit. It wasn’t easy using the attitude thrusters to control the emergency eject, there was little fuel and they provided minimal impulse, but it was enough to adjust course. She was going to make it! Right, there we go! Unbuckling, she stood and pushed off, leaving the chair to topple backward as she made use of the extra momentum to propel herself into waiting arms.

Sweet Jesus she jumped. Calina had told her to do so, but having her do so this brazenly, she barely had time to angle the Vergloria enough to even attempt to catch her… Abby wasn’t an idiot, this wasn’t her first emergency ejection, so at least she knew what she was doing but…! It was going to be so close to… There! “Abby-- Hhrfh!”

The girl collapsing against her knocked them back hard into the pilot’s seat, the machine staggering a moment.

“Perfect, you can die together!” The Sacarian was furious at this point, snarling as his duel had been foiled by these ridiculous antics!

“Tch,” Sena clucked her tongue, frustrated at the absolute state of everything. Calina and herself had been scoring direct hits, meaningful ones, where there should be structural weak spots, and yet the amount of damage accruing was not in-line with expectation. But so be it, if this was going to be a slogfest, it was going to be… what the… Eyes widening as her instruments pinged a warning that another mech was coming barreling toward their position, Sena swiftly tore her gaze from the wretch that had DARED do the unthinkable. Oh. Oh.

She should have felt… something. Joy? Relief? Accomplishment? They had come here to collect Abigail, and now that half of the arrangement was taking care of itself. And yet… and yet Sena couldn’t feel anything but hollow emptiness and everburning hatred. “Well then.” The sudden distraction also brought some new clarity, additional worries. Calina had been struggling, more than she had suspected. No, that’s putting it poorly.. Given how their damage was having trouble stacking up on the enemy, it shouldn’t have been a surprise that its damage against them was also taking a toll. However while she’d been trained in on only one thing, making the bastard pay, she hadn’t fully appreciated Calina’s position. Would she even have survived, if not for Abigail’s intervention? Sena shook her head, her lips spreading into a cruel smile, almost mocking. The derision wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular, it was just the feeling that most suited the mood.

Well placed covering fire helped keep a bad situation from turning worse, Sena having swivelled the barrel of her gun, adjusting aim and springing into motion almost coincident with Calina’s cry for help. It was hard to say how much of an effect it was having, but…

Eyeing the spent shell of Abby’s Heracles, now empty with her ejection, Sena figured she might as well try to make some use of it. It was going to get crushed by the claws anyway. She took aim at where the reactor providing its power should be and fired. Maybe if she was lucky the final explosion would take that beast’s hand off for them, make things a little easier. But with how today was going, there was no counting on luck. At least, it should buy the pair enough time to get things sorted and hopefully they could get back to fighting even while Sena continued to punish from afar. Punish. As long as it takes, as hard as she could.

Calina was happy she’d hammered the controls to close the cockpit as soon as she’d gotten a moment’s bearings, the explosion that erupted from the Heracles Abby had been in seconds ago rocked the Vergloria. Had the cockpit still been open… It was all too tight a timing, but perhaps it was some positive karma coming their way, after all the nonsense. And with Abby safe, here, and alive… Calina hugged her, hugged her for dear life, biting back a sniffle, losing that and further trying to bite back sobs.

“You’re alive! You’re alive, I can’t… I’m so happy! I didn’t know, we didn’t, have any way to know… but you’re alive… Abby, my Abby, I’m so, so happy…!” The battle was gone for a moment, there was just pure bliss, as her sadness over Hilling fought to remain relevant. It would be back. The grieving would come, but right now? Now was for her.

“GRAGHH!” A quiet moment dispelled by a beast’s roar. The explosion had done little to damage Soor’Kan’s machine, and everything to upset him. “It seems the fun is over! You all die, then! YOU ALL, DIE!”

“I’m so sorry…” Abigail breathed, “Everything went to shit at the colony and… well.” She pulled Calina close in a tight embrace. Their suits and helmets kept it from being much more than just affirmation that they both lived, the both existed, there and for each other. But it still had quite the impact.  Abby bit her lip and fought back tears, but more more than just this would have to wait. The slight rocking of the Vergloria from a nearby explosion was proof enough of that. “We’ve got work to do, but I promise, I’ll fill you in on everything in detail when we have more time. Until then... You drive! I’ll beat the shit out of him!”

Beat the shit out of him? But they had her, they could leave! Unless… “So we’re… Staying to help Jess?” They didn’t have time for this, whatever Abby said she’d go with… The out was there, though. “We could run. I’m just… I’m just putting it on the table.”

That hit Abby right between the shoulders, and icy knife to the back. It was expected, it needed to be said, addressed, but she certainly hadn’t been looking forward to it, and now was a helluva bad time for discussion. “He killed Hilling,” she managed somewhat flatly, trying to lead into this with at least one way Calina would understand. “I’d like to send that furbag to hell so he’ll have a pet to keep himself company until we eventually go and join him, but… yes. Also for Jess.” Abby’s last sentence was a little stilted, but she owed her the full truth. Then she paused and frowned, “Just how bad a fight is he? You’ve had a couple goes with him, you think running is the only option? You think we can get Sena to agree?”

If they did have to end up running, it would be good to know as soon as possible whether she was going to have to book it back to the ship so they could collect Jess from the neutered Riese before they could finally make that escape.

It stung, it stung horribly, but when Sena had relayed the email and the news to her, she knew this was coming. Whatever hole had been made when they’d been apart, Jess had filled it, thoroughly. “... Alright. I pilot, you fight.” She couldn’t say anything else, if she tried to, they’d start fighting. And if they started fighting now, they died… Calina put that thought away and pulled herself into the back seat, pulling the flight controls over. “He’s nothing. Now that my head’s clear, he’s nothing against us. Cut that fucker in half, Abby! He’s not getting away without getting what he deserves!”

There was a second there where it seemed things might go over like a lead balloon, but thankfully it seemed Calina came around. Abby let out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding in, then slid into place at the controls. Nodding, she agreed. “Taking him down together!”

Abby casts Drive! Vergloria Mk.II, ready for action!

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Enemy Phase cont!

Soor'Kan bristles with rage!

Sacarian 1 goes after Hannah!
"Galatea, evasive maneuvers!"
Hannah attempts to dodge!

Sacarian 2 tries to dive in and graze Elaine!
CounterChance: 93, failed!
64 damage!
Elaine STAKES back!
93 damage!
Elaine gains +30 EXP, +4 will!

Sacarian 10 wants to turn Dorkin into a pin cushion!
Buckler failed!
103 damage!
Tarquin counters with LASER BEAMS!
110 damage!
Tarquin gains +30 EXP, +2 will!

Sacarian 9 hates it when they swim!
73 damage! Curse you water!
Aliza stabs back! Cold metal knife!
32 damage!
Aliza gains +50 EXP, +1 will!
Aliza levels! Level 13!
+Shooting! +Avoid! +Defense!

Sacarian 3 attempts to finish what Gaal'Bathy started!
Thorvald defends!
Alriana shoots back!
80 damage!
Aly gains +40 EXP, +4 will!

Sacarian 5 tries his luck!
Alriana's same song and dance!
164 damage!
Aly gains +40 EXP, +4 will!

Player Phase/Turn 4!



OBJECTIVE: Defeat All Enemies!

DEFEAT CONDITION: The Riese is sunk, or, all player units are destroyed!

Jess Interfacing: Functioning, Offline.

As it became increasingly difficult to focus on shooting down enemies, while keeping the ship up, Jess felt herself sinking further and further into her Captain's chair. "Up to, you... Firmia..." Barely noticing the escapades across the water, what she did watch was the Heracles exploding... But without an angry message from Calina, she could only hope things were alright. "Be okay... Please, be okay..." Gotta... Keep the ship from sinking...

Brig Buddies

"Huh?" Kazue had been focusing her attention on Vera that the glass banging from next door barely registered. When it did, she was shocked to see their other prisoner, seemingly distraught. "It... Can't hurt, right?" Kazue slipped over and turned their audio on, pressing a finger to her mouth. "This woman is very dangerous. You should not be trying to talk to her, Esther..."

"She knows," Vera pointed out, as an arm was detached. "I handed Esther over to you all. It's fine, Esther... I was just beaten. It was bound to happen eventually."

"You... Did?" Kazue was rather surprised, this Vera was definitely... A character. This up front surrender, handing a young subordinate over to the Riese. Perhaps there was honor among some of her ilk? She seemed to fight with it...

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The situation was somewhat becoming stabilized now that a lot of the Sacrians have thinned out, but it's still quite dire between the sinking ship and everyone scrambling about. Not to mention that ol' smelly Sor'Kaan still about. Aliza wanted to do something about that of course, just not alone. Of course there was Vvi and Alriana out there, she was concerned. "Hm..." Nevertheless she continued her mission, talks can happen later. Back to the shootout!

Aliza moves to 10,17: Beam Crossbow on kitty cat 3 while supported by Makoto with his Hybrid Chamber Rifle

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She'd either really hit a nerve or Gaal'Bathy just hadn't been challenged before. Either way, the cat was really raging now; probably for the best that the Odin was still nearby. But soon that wouldn't be a worry. The acid was doing its job of eating away at the Praxis's armor and, combined with the steady flow of damage she'd already put on the machine, her allies were making quick work of the sacarian mobile suit. Suddenly Kim came barreling in and nearly tore the machine into pieces; given more time she would certainly finish what she started. Alriana was, for the first time, relieved that she wouldn't need to fight a human.

Jesicka was quick to decide enough was enough and finally eliminated the sacarian lieutenant, along with the threat that her machine posed. Alriana was relieved, glad even, to see a non-inconsequential sacarian be killed; it helped assure her that, even with their impressive mobile suits, they could still be killed; however, she couldn't ignore, as much as she wanted to, the worrying relatability of what the sacarian had died screaming about. To be truthful, she still agreed with the sentiment; humans as a whole were inferior. These humans on the Riese were just the exceptions, that was just what her experience told her. Realizing that this similarity existed was unpleasant and certainly unwanted; she could only hope it didn't apply elsewhere. It was a worrying thought, losing herself, however briefly, just because she was pushed to the brink.

She shook her head, the Almydis mimicking the movement. A bit of an odd sight surely, to see a mobile suit do something so "human". She quickly stopped, an alert warning her of two approaching lesser Praxises. She dodged the first and then the second, giving the suits some new holes for their trouble as she kicked them away for some space. They were too close to use her other, better, guns; hopefully her allies would handle them, the damage on them was starting to pile up. Instead she turned her sights elsewhere, on the Praxis harassing one of the suits belonging to the other ship. "Puppet, let us... remove them while, they are distracted." They worked well together last time. Why not do it again?

Collapsable Sniper Rifle Cat 9 with Tarquin's Seeker Missiles as support

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Aliza says, this town ain't big enough for the two of us!
99 damage!
No counters here!
Makoto time!
Aliza gains +40 exp, +1 will!

Alriana is filled with confidence! Confidence to off these cats!
148 damage!
The cat fires back!
122 damage!
Tarquin follows up!
64 damage!
Alriana gains +40 exp, +3 will!
Tarquin gains +15 exp, +3 will!


Trel'Vaar traveled through the Halbathyn's prison, looking over the captured creatures in their cells. Some lashed out at him, some cowered in fear, some gave him no attention. He swiftly subdued those who still managed a moment's bravery against him with his mind, as he ventured deeper and further past odd creatures and strange aliens. He was headed down to their most secure cell, with their most aggravated prisoner... An Oanian from Kesworix 3B, a rather dangerous passenger, but it had been one of the last of its race. Conquering their planet had been brutal, they'd lost plenty of soldiers, and the monsters never gave up, not until they stopped breathing. This one was a rare find, and keeping it alive had been troublesome... Still, they were contained, and Trel'Vaar's most prized possession.

Coming upon the cell, he motioned for some of the nearby guards to attend him, raising the barrier to allow view to the being. He smirked, the holding cell they'd had to design to keep them from escaping had been difficult to construct. Arms locked into tight shafts of metal, legs held in a similar way, wings chained. What strange race they were, Trel'Vaar always marveled that it had no apparent gender, every time he got a good look at it. Of course closer inspection was far too dangerous, trapped as it was, aggravation could lead to escape. They'd kept it underfed to leave it weak, but... Still. Precautions. "I can't have my favorite running off on me. Now..." Another attempt, almost daily, he tried to coerce, control, or subdue the creature with his mind... Nothing. Always nothing. A mystery to this day, out of all the races they'd seen, conquered, managed to handle, this race. These monsters, they were immune to the psychic subjugation that had made the Sacarians such a prevalent power in the universe.

"I suppose I should expect that to stay the same... How is my favorite pet doing today? Still not willing to work for us? Hmhmhm, I suppose you have no idea what I'm saying. We never did teach you English... Computer, translate."

"[Translating and sending into the cell.]"

Another day of captivity, nothing changing. Kraeys-V'Los knew it had been about a day, as their resident psychic overlord came by for his visit, almost like clockwork. As the barrier lifted and his face came into view, the Oanian's tail lashed out, crashing against the wall of the cell, stopped just shy of Trel'Vaar's face by her containment. It felt as though the Sacarians had left their tail unrestrained simply to relish in how pointless those attacks would be, barred by this damnable cell. A guttural growl escaping Kraeys throat and mouth as Trel'Vaar's message came through, translated by the cell's computer.

"[You conquered my home, rained genocide on my people! Yet you think I will bend my knee to you?! Bah!]" The chained Oanian roared back at their captor, tail thrashing against the walls and floors of their cell. Another broken panel, machinery crushed under the weight of impact... the cell itself was too strong to break, but these individual pieces were not so lucky. The Sacarians had learned a harsh lesson the last time they had sent a mechanic in to fix the damage... neck swiftly broken by that same thrashing tail and flesh consumed, Kraeys-V'Los returned to strength for a few days through a proper meal... proper not the right word, the Sacarians were not the most bountiful of flesh, and with no proper tools to skin their prey, they had need suffer the fur as well. That had been far in the past by this point however, and the Sacarians had been far more cautious about the Oanian ever since.

"[I will not fall victim to your domination as the others have. If you wish me to serve you, then make me!]"

"As beautiful as ever... If only I could make that power mine... Ahah, oh wait, I can." A digital console shimmered into view in front of the Sacarian leader, several buttons were pressed, and a final one he held his finger on. "You see, I've met a curious few humans here on Earth. And several have been able to create very, very effective medicine. So..." A claw appeared from one of the panels on the wall, quickly jamming a collar around Kraeys-V'los' neck. Not quickly enough to save itself, as the alien's tail crashed through it, smashing it against the ground.

"And now you are our last resort." The collar quickly tightened against their neck, almost close enough to choking. Definitely too tight for any dexterous tail to pry off. "The humans are coming to try and kill us all... When they get here, we're going to load you into your machine, and launch you, while administering this medicine. It will drive you blind with rage, attacking friend and foe, until you die from exhaustion. My last hurrah against this inferior species... Tell me how it feels. To know that, even in the end, you will do my bidding. Hmhmhmhmhm... Hahaha~ You've been so prideful, if only I could properly show you the horror I can inflict. Alas... Whatever lucky mutation you've acquired through your race's growth has made you immune to what makes us the strongest. It's unfortunate that your technology didn't follow suit, perhaps you'd be out here, looking in at me."

That was all he had to do here today, smugly appreciating his work, waiting for some angry retort. It was always amusing, messing around with these captives.

Swiftly smashing the incoming claw, it appeared that Kraeys had not been quite quick enough, the collar clinging tightly to their neck as it clamped into place. Trel'Vaar's explanation came soon afterwards... a drug developed by the humans, was it? The Oanian had no way to know at this juncture how effective it was, all they could do was snarl in defiance, and hope that it wouldn't be particularly effective against their particular physiology... it wasn't as though the Sacarians had other Oanians to test it on. There was a reason why Trel'Vaar held this particular specimen in such high regard, after all.

"[No amount of rage you could pump into me would stem my elation as I crush your puny throat in my jaws, Sacarian! Do make sure to describe your pain as it happens, such a request back is only fair.]" Kraeys-V'Los growled back at Trel'Vaar, a wicked smile adorning their face. If this Sacarian had forgotten the strength of the Sinuna, it would be a dire lesson to relearn. Inferior tech, ha! Those zodiac knights of their had been too skilled as a unit when forced to work together, but the Oanian was confident that any lone Sacarian would be easy prey, no matter what machine they chose to pilot. Even Trel'Vaar himself.

"I'll make sure to. Enjoy your sanity while it lasts, my pretty little dragon... And a reward, for being so compliant today." The ceiling opened up, a human in a lab coat falling in, looking around confused and in pain from their crash, before meeting eyes with the monster, and backing up against the cell wall. "Surely you must be tired of fur. Have a taste, the rest will make for a glorious feast."

"[Compliant... odd choice of words. And who would not? At least shave your maintenance staff before sending them to me.]" Kraeys-V'Los replied back with a snarl, though their hunger was too much to deny the offered sacrifice out of spite. The human only managed a singular shriek before it's throat was snapped by the Oanian's thrashing tail, and it's body dragged towards a swift end. Even Trel'Vaar held some level of consideration, or at least whichever subordinate he had delegated the task to, in offering Kraeys-V'Los a female. At least in humans, the difference in taste was palpable... males were almost always either too lean or too fatty, but the females tended towards a better balance... even a male made a better meal than a Sacarian of course. Crunching through bone to suck out the marrow within, Kraeys-V'Los would not waste even a scrap of meat from this one.

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Makoto had missed a shot, for once. That was frustrating, to be noticed by an enemy this quickly, but it couldn't be helped --the alien mechs were quite quick to react, it was a matter of time--. Sighing, Makoto readied his weapons again. "I can deal some damage... just need another shot."

Makoto casts Invincible [-10sp], moves to (9,16), attack Praxis Gamma #2 with Hybrid Revolver.

Makoto attacks! Target: Praxis Gamma #2

Weapon: Hybrid Revolver

Final Hit: 90 Final Crit: 30

Roll: 31, 49

Hit! No Crit.

Damage: 52

The Praxis' Armor can't hold any longer!

Makoto gains +300 EXP, +15 PP, + 5 Will!

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The Praxis had made a good attempt to carve into the Aria, having approached at a frightening pace. There had been no time to raise his shield, Tarquin felt the full force of the plasma cutter as it tore at them. Warnings and alerts littered his control panels, they'd taken more damage than he'd have liked but they were still functional for now. It was a split second reaction, Tarquin knew too well that his foe was too close for his rifle. A pair of thin lasers shot out from the Aria's eyes, someone at Corona Ten must have had a wonderful sense of humour when designing the weapon. It wasn't going to take down the Praxis by any means, but it was enough to create a bit of breathing space.

"Jess, we've lost thruster calibration, I am passing full control to you so I can focus on targeting systems. Most of our main systems are still functional, but we should avoid further damage." Tarquin remarked, looking back quickly to ensure his co-pilot was OK. The impact hadn't been pleasant by any means, although he'd managed to keep his cool better than previously.

"I shall assist with your attack." Tarquin replied, switching target quickly to assist Alriana and peppering their foe with a missile barrage. Their ammunition reserves were good, and Alriana had created a fantastic opening - another wave would be more than enough to finish.

Tarquin uses his Seeker Missiles on Cat #9 then Hit and Away to 10,9 (thanks Jess)

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The Aria fires a volley of missiles before moving away!


Tarquin attacks!
Target: Praxis Gamma #9
Weapon: Seeker Missiles
Final Hit: 100
Final Crit: 26
Roll: 5, 44
No Crit.
Damage: 98

Praxis Gamma #9 is out of commission!

Tarquin gains +200 EXP, +15 PP, + 3 Will!
Tarquin levels up! +shooting, skill, accuracy! +2 SP!


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Marcia casts Strike

Kim moves to 16,19 and attacks Sacarian 1 with MARS Mode S, supported by Firmia AA missiles

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Strike activated! [-16sp]

With support from the Avalon, the Artemis rains some fire at the Praxis!


Kim attacks!
Target: Praxis Gamma #1
Weapon: M.A.R.S. Mode S
Final Hit: 84
Final Crit: 17
Roll: 77, 23
No Crit.
Damage: 139

Praxis Gamma #1 counters!
Weapon: LB Beam Rifle
Final Hit: 22
Final Crit: 8
Roll: 72, 29

Avalon (Firmia) provides support fire!
Weapon: AA Missiles
Final Hit: 100
Final Crit: 13
Roll: 28, 20
No Crit.
Damage: 98

Kim gains +2 EXP, +0 Will!
Firmia gains +15 EXP, +1 Will!


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(Fluff in following post, probably)

Firmia (Tonya) moves the Avalon up 1 and left 5 spaces and attacks the entrapped Sacarian Mook #1 with Avalon Funnels! Brant supports with the Regalia's Funnels!

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Firmia is so heckin' angry!
C... Crit!
The barely functioning Praxis fires back!
83 damage!
Brant follows up!
"You're mine, you PIECE OF SHIT!"
The funnels fly!
57 damage!
The Praxis collapses!
Firmia gains +200 EXP, +15 PP, -1 will!
Brant gains +150 EXP, +15 PP, +7 will!
Firmia and Brant level!
Stats to come!

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This was good. They had taken out the Sacarian Lieutenant, and were thinning the ranks of the help... soon it would be only Soor'Kan remaining, and they could either force him away or destroy him without distraction. They had proven that these aliens weren't insurmountable so long as they fought at their best-

Hold that thought. Seung-Min lurched forward in her seat, hit by a sudden wave on nausea. For a moment, her vision blurred, coming back less crisp than before. Groaning and giving her head a shake as she tried to figure out what was wrong, it only took a moment for her to notice the message emblazoned on her screen. ARES system on standby. It had turned off? Without her input either... why was it doing this, why now? Attempting to re-activate it... nothing. Perhaps the Artemis could only maintain the system for so long until it expired? Vents closing and the system overclock reverting, it seemed that Seung-Min would be back under her own power for the time being, only with the added pressure of the strange state of her head.

Despite her awareness of everything else dampening to normal levels, Kim could still acutely feel the air across her funnels, and the Artemis itself... of all things to not go back to normal with the rest of it... clapping her palms against her cheeks, Seung-Min scanned the battlefield. ARES or not, the battle was still ongoing. No time to stop or slow down. Hopefully no one would notice the outward change in the Artemis, hurting morale was the last thing they needed.

"Vivian, I'm launching an assault on the marked Sacarian. Requesting backup." Seung-Min noted to the Avalon, moving into position as the MARS rifle shifted into mode S, unloading into it with an assortment of high-speed beam clusters from the scattergun, as well as some devastating buckshot.


"Acknowledged, Idol. Missile tubes A through M loaded... FIRE!" Marcia noted, as the request for backup came in from one of the Heion Riese pilots. Unloading a barrage of missiles into the Sacarian in conjunction with Seung-Min's beam fire, they had managed to heavily damage the craft, it's return fire evaded by the ANF Lieutenant and flying clear of the Avalon.

"Captain, the Funnels are primed and ready to followup! Merlin, requesting additional suppressing fire, let's knock that cat into the drink!" Marcia continued, inputting targeting coordinates into her console so the Captain need only push a button. And push that button she did, the Avalon's funnels raining hell on the injured alien moments later, tearing it apart with ease. Unfortunately, the Sacarian managed to get a shot off before going down, and it didn't seem Tonya would be able to evade this one.

"Incoming return fire! Raising shields!" Marcia noted, attempting to divert power away from the weapons systems in order to block the incoming riposte... but the Avalon's generators just didn't have it in them. They had used too much power to generate an effective shield.

"Mrrg... direct hit, Captain. The engines weren't ready to deploy the shields, we're running low on power. Structural damage is minimal, no system damage."


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(Fluff eventually)

Hannah shifts into plane mode!

Brant moves to 11,19 and attacks Sacarian Mook #10 with Shield MIssiles! Hannah supports with AA Missiles!

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Brant prepares and fires ze missiles
94 damage!
The cat fires back!
Hannah follows up!
110 damage!
Brant gains +30 EXP, +3 will!
Hannah gains +15 EXP!

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Offline We Go

"Jessica?" Oh, it was one of these times again. The captain was getting too spent from operating at full capacity in this dreadful situation. "E-everyone, back to position! The ship is still above water, but we have limited range. Uh, focus on disrupting these machines for our pilots, maybe?" The Riese had a decent supply of weapons for that, at least. Why do I always get to be captain at the worst times?!

Brig Buddies?!

"Let me talk to her!" Esther responded in earnest, pressing herself against the glass wall, Kazue's warning had fallen on deaf ears. "Do you think I don't know who she is? 'Cause she--" Brought her there. Vera herself had cut the girl off and explained it to the ANF pilot, and then continued --explaining to Esther how things had come to be--, Esther, in turn, shook her head.

Esther's mind was struggling to process that idea. "They can't, they couldn't do that to you, right? The Luna is too strong!" It was an impossibility, or had been in Esther's mind. The girl now stared, wide-eyed, at the ANF pilot in between them. "How did this happen? How did you get her?" She fired the questions at Kazue.

In position

"Shouldn't we do something about that lone unit? I can feel their presence from here... it's distressing." Lynx complained.

"Perhaps, but not alone. Let's hope that unidentified machine can keep fending them off for longer" Bonner had no focus to spare on them, they still had work protecting the Riese.

"One of the Riese pilots launched that way, full speed. It's insane. I don't think they survived that."

"Can't you sense them? Heads up, switching to MS mode." As the machine morphed midair, Bonner focused on its descent careful to maintain a steady altitude. Hitting the floor, the Mantle's hip cannons were already raised.

"Not from this far, no."

"I see." Bonner turned to the comms. "Specialist Eriksson? I'd like to ask some backup fire, we'll be helping your side now."

Bonner to 9-19, transforms into MS mode and lands, hip beam cannon attacks Praxis Gamma #10 with fire support from Thorvald (Rocket Barrels)


Bonner attacks!
Target: Praxis Gamma #10
Weapon: Hip Beam Cannons
Final Hit: 67
Final Crit: 13
Roll: 4, 49
No Crit.
Damage: 77

Praxis Gamma #10 is out!

Bonner gains +200 EXP, +15 PP, +4 Will!
Gordon gains +400 EXP, +15 PP, +5 Will!
Gordon levels!

"...It seems they were weaker than expected, apologies for the false alarm."

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Glory?  At the feline's last words Vvi simply scoffed.  

"There's no glory in war.  Foolish to think that before your final moments, but I guess whatever appeases the soul as they pass..."

She didn't...understand.  Couldn't understand how someone could just fight for the sake of fighting, for the sake of conquering others.  

"Tell me Soor'Kan, what were you trying to accomplish from all of this?" she asked, actually curious about his train of thought.  "I doubt it was just to retrieve Alriana, or to assist these humans with their plans."

She aims at one of the cats, blinking softly as she prepared her attack.

"Tell me, how does it feel to be picked off one by one by a species you deem inferior to you?"

Rhongomyniad Cat 5


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Sorry Elaine!

296 damage!
The cat is obliterated!
Vvi gains +250 EXP, +15 PP, +5 will!
Vvi levels!

Hannah casts Analyze on Soor'Kan!
"Abigail! Abigail, please respond!" Her machine had exploded, Hannah was left with hoping the new one had caught her. Long range monitors on the scene had spotted a pilot escaping the ensuing fire, but had it been her? She was hailing the unknown MS either way. "I'm sending you what I've been able to piece together with Galatea on the machine you're facing down! It should help, so give him what he deserves!"

Calina picked up the incoming message first, and the data, smirking. "Nice friends you've got, Abby. This'll make him hurt... I'll plug in what fits with the Vergloria's weaponry."

Hannah changes back to MS mode, and speeds to 7,17!
Galatea casts Alert!
168 damage!
Hannah tears through the remaining Sacarian!
Hannah gains +200 EXP, +15 PP, +5 will!

Brig Frenemies

"Too strong? Esther... I appreciate your confidence in me, but I'm one woman. Not a telekinetic, not an android, and my only augments are physical. Maybe if I'd let them play with my mind, but... That's not a place I ever want to go near." Tiffany finished removing Vera's limbs, leaving the lieutenant to lean back against the wall in her cell, pausing to glance down at what was left... It was a depressing sight, so hopefully that mechanic boy could be trusted.

Kazue had been shot the questions now, freezing up a moment. "Uh... I... We, just... F-Fought her?"

"You're... Kazue Fujiwara, right?" Vera glanced over at her, smirking, as Tiffany left the cell and headed out towards the elevators. "Then it's no wonder you were able to parry me, even in a machine like that. Would you mind giving me an autograph, later? If I'm allowed to have it, of course. It's an honor to have fought against someone like you."

"H-Huh!? I'm, what? Th-Thank you, but... Uhm... I, I just... I'm... J-Just putting what I was t, taught to use on the battlefield..." Was it truly so impressive as to ask for an autograph? Vera seemed the type to study the blade all the same as her, so maybe this was a spot of pride for her.

"You use what you've been taught well. Esther, you could learn a lot from the people on this ship."

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"'That's all of them..." And that was the end of it, for Caroline, despite the scare at the start, she made it out quite safe...

Wait, there was still that whole commotion on the distance, huh?

"Ah, geez, I didn't even catch... that's a different looking suit. I hope they're doing fine...?" Whatever fought Apotheosis was a friend of theirs, right?

Caroline to (11,20), cheer Abigail.



"I... but... buh..." Esther wasn't going to just up and take it that her idol got defeated like that. Vera was stubborn, even in defeat. "But you're way too good at this! And I mean, if they come close--" Vera already went on a tangent, praising the ANF pilot in their presence. It was always a bit like talking to a brick wall, with her.

It frustrated Esther so much, she punched the glass wall.

"Damn it!"

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Vera felt the gentle vibration, sitting so close to where Esther had slammed her fist, and sighed. "I'm sorry, Esther. It wasn't as if I was defeated alone. There were a lot of people fighting me all at once... And that Lieutenant, Seung-Min, put the final nail in my coffin. I think the Sacarians threw me to the wolves... If I'd had backup, maybe this would've gone differently. But expecting them to work with us like that, there's just no way." Vera bit her lip, smiling wryly. "Please don't be so upset.  lot of this was just... Out of my hands."

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It was fine. Everything was fine. The curious, awkward, but not unfriendly alien managed to continue dodging long enough for the enemy elite to be put down, and none of the grunts seemed to have that same, triggering weapons Jess had such bad memories with. It was fine, they were doing this.

Even so, it was a little embarrassing. She had to wonder if she'd even really helped. She half got the feeling that her tagging along had ended up with young Tarquin spending more time worrying about her, and less about the fight... but despite that their combat record was still incredibly strong. As she felt the cold sweat from moments before begin to dry on the back of her neck, she managed a small smile, as she operated the controls, kicking the thrusters into gear to buy them some space from the enemies that had closed in to melee, a range where they were somewhat disadvantaged.

Closing her eyes briefly, she found herself pondering the boy's question about where her future might take her, once the war was over. She'd had a plan of course, but like most plans, few survive contact with the enemy unscathed.

"Well, originally, I'd been aiming to either serve for fifteen years, or hitting E-7 paygrade before retiring to civilian life, whichever came first. Had sort of then tossed around joining law enforcement as a detective, or maybe working as a private investigator, solve mysteries sort of thing," Jess went over things slowly, walking alongside the tracks of her old train of thought. Even if most of the cases she'd end up handling were only as exciting as finding out who a spouse was cheating on the other one with, that had sounded pretty alright. Did she still feel that way? Was that kind of future still in the cards for her? Jess wasn't sure. A lot had changed, when that mission had turned disaster, but had this too been included? There'd have to be a lot more thought given to the matter, and maybe she should bring it up in her next chat with Cheryl.

Oh, crap, caught up in daydreaming, she'd ended up bringing them closer to one of the other enemy models as she'd bought good distance from the others. Thankfully, it seemed there'd be no ill-repercussions from the slight distraction, as no sooner had they come into melee range, then several of their allies descended with coordinated assaults, eliminating the threat.

Yes, things were certainly looking up, at least as far as the current engagement was going. Going back to school, huh, a normal boy? Something about hearing him say that was oddly touching, and Jess raised a hand to her chest and rested it over her heart. Then after a few moments, she shook her head, and turned her focus again to the generator output and managing their energy reserves.

Well things were just about wrapped up here by the Riese, which just left... Thorvald turned his attention to the remaining signatures, a good minute or two away from their current position. They were probably going to have to go take care of that next, and the Riese was still in no position to fight. Having even a Megalodon class though to keep them company would make everyone a lot more comfortable, so it was time to make sure Miss Alkaev was comfortable.

"Don't be alarmed, Avalon crew, just giving you a light patch up. Saw you took a little bit of heat there, last exchange, and if we're in for any more, gonna want you close to tip-top as we can, 'specially with the Riese how it is right now." A brief message of intent over the comms oughta keep relations friendly.

Thorvald to 14,19 repair Avalon

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More To Think

"I see..." The mention of it being a team effort and the distrust of the Sacarians had calmed Esther a little, although her face still contorted into a wince for the split of a second after the mention of who landed the final blow. "It sucks that it came to that... I don't trust these guys much, but I was sure we could handle them if they got rowdy..." Esther's stance slumped, eyes suddenly more interested in watching the floor than anything else in the brig. "We lost too many good people now, so I guess it's not the same..." Still, she was finally coming to terms with it.

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