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Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

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"Feels like it," Hannah countered in response, focusing on the important things, now. Rex's suit, and the man himself, coming into the hangar. An impressive piece of machinery, though Hannah was surprised by his lack of a SKIN suit. That would make his TK weapons far less effective, what would be the point in constraining one's self like that?

"Feel free to ask whatever you want, bro." No time like the present to shake things up, if Rex was going to focus on it. "Guessing you're here for Vasiliy?"

Chris sighed. She wanted little to do with Rex, and everything to do with relaxation. "So... Just, give him his son? I know we're in a rather crucial moment, but... We can't just keep the man away from his kid, can we? It's not like he's..." Chris had to cut herself off, she'd been about to say Rosa. They were keeping her children away from her, in a sense, but with all the terrible things she'd done, Chris felt little pity... Rex... Had issues with Firmia, but as far as she knew, the man was just as capable as Brant, and Brant would give the world for his daughters. Rex would likely do the same for his son.

"Give us a second to at least get changed and freshen up, and we'll head back to make sure none of you kill each other." Chris let go of Brant's arm and sighed into their room. "Hey girls... Girls?" If they weren't here, then... "Tonya, are they with Vasiliy?"

"Well..." Nina wasn't sure how much she should share, but it wasn't like it wouldn't be mentioned at some point, right? They'd all been talking over open channel. "Astin, was... Vera's sibling. Seeing them die, it... Must have been too much for her. It seemed as though something else happened with the Apotheosis reinforcements, something else that set her off, so... I do not know what else she is dealing with. All I know is that it is incredibly painful..." Was there anything that Tarquin could do? He was so naive to the world, only rivaled by her own lack of knowledge... And so very unrelated to this. Even Nina felt awkward, standing nearby, feeling all these private emotions Vera didn't wish to share with anyone.

"If she needs anything, do your best to help, I suppose. She may be a villain, and deserve to pay for her crimes, but... Not, like this. I don't believe so, anyway... This is... Not fair retribution." The families of the people she'd killed would likely say otherwise, but what did such a cycle serve? Nina couldn't quite understand. If this was karma... Karma was truly, truly terrible.

"I'll... Do my best, Kim." Come on, Christina, get over it... Come on! Look! Look at Nina! She's handling it, and she doesn't even know who she is! Why can't you!? Christina hit herself mentally, straightening up a bit as they took the wire down. "I'll, be fine. Let's... Let's just, get changed." If I don't start tackling this now, now when it needs handled most, when am I ever going to improve? If your twins can do it... So can you. You have to... Focusing on Kim was still helping, at least. "We... We should, get changed, and go over the battle data against the Knights' machines, Kim. Make sure we really, know what we're up against in a few hours."

"As you command, captain!" A salute, and another brilliant smile, the grey cat returned to her machine and closed it up to follow after the Vergloria.

"New plan? More room? Wait, for the alien mech!? What the hell!?" Terry was a bit shocked, even more so as he gasped, seeing the Praxis heading towards the Deliverance.

"Calm down, Terry! She's on our side, Jesus." Calina sighed, staring at Abby. Roxanna's message, huh... "Gonna be blunt. Captain Jess' mind got wiped, trying to save herself from dying." A heavy feeling settled over the woman. Abby had just said she was cancelling her rush, too... "Dunno... Dunno if she's still in there, I don't know how robots work, but... If... If you're not ready to deal with that, that's fine. I..." It felt incredibly odd, and a bit painful, having to console her own girlfriend about another woman. "I'm, just... Here for you, if worse comes to worst."

Kiir'Heln had been taking her time behind Caroline to take in the sights of the Riese's hangar. It was a stark difference to their own mothership's main hangar, so many mechanics running around, pilots idly standing about, chatting, not rushing to prepare for another battle. Even Caroline had been going about things rather slowly. Humans were just so interesting. Incredibly so, she found out, as another approached them... Missing an eye?

She cocked her head somewhat at the odd injury. "Jezebel, yes?" Names were simple information to find. "Why have you not seen to replacing your eye? A scar is a fine mark of battle, but an injury that hampers your abilities simply will not do..." Were humans so steadfast in their pride that the would keep even the most debilitating battle reminders? How interesting!

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It was unfortunate that they didn't get through the battle without any pilot injuries, but considering what happened to the ship itself, they were extremely lucky to not have lost a single pilot. Megumi wasn't even aware that the injured pilot Monty was sending her way wasn't a Riese pilot proper, just yet. "Thank you. We'll be ready for him," she replied, giving her assistants the signal to get things ready. With Ignatius dealing with Jessica, and the other infirmary occupants having already been treated in the meantime, it was just a matter of waiting for any new patients.

Firmia mentally braced herself after Hannah's reply. The Abrams were a little weird about family matters, so this likely wasn't going to go over too well.

"Bro?" Rex raised an eyebrow to the comment, "And yeah I'd like to see my son, thanks," he added, glancing expectantly at Firmia. "Seriously, why does she look like this? Who are you? ... what are you?" Given that he couldn't sense a thing from her, Rex already had some vague suspicions about Hannah forming in the back of his mind.

"This is Hannah Abrams," Firmia explained, "She's a Brant approved Abrams, so I would appreciate it if you saved your complaints for him."

"I don't even know where to start with that one ... and I'm guessing these Apotheosis suits are here because you captured them? Fine, whatever. Where's Vasiliy?"

"Why are you here right now?" Firmia asked insistently, "What are you planning to do, grab Vasiliy and fly out of here? Where are you going to go? We still have a massive battle ahead of us and the Anarchy isn't any safer than the Avalon. Entirely the opposite, actually. There's no point in taking him right now, so what's your plan, Rex?"

Rex almost yawned mid rant and crossed his arms waiting for Firmia to finish. "Nothing's decided yet. I came here to help out, but you wrapped things up before I got here. Right now I just want to see my son. I'll decide what to do after that."

Tonya shrugged at Chris' question.

"Well where's Vasiliy?" Brant asked.

"I asked him to wait in my room while I figure out what to do about Rex."

Brant immediately figured that Vasiliy knew his father was here in that case. This could be interesting, but either way Brant wanted to deal with this situation in his normal clothes, and with the stress of battle washed away. "Alright, just don't overreact, okay? It's only going to make the situation worse. Just give us ten minutes and we'll come make sure the situation doesn't boil over."

"Ten minutes is a long time, Brant ..." Tonya groaned in resignation.

"No kidding," Brant smirked, thinking back to how the tension of the battle seemed to slow time down to a crawl for him.

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Thorvald waved a bit as Esther arrived, then nodded. "Yeah still up there, seems like." Hadn't gotten a reply back yet, but as the cyber-TK gave her own plea to get the woman to open up and come out of the cockpit, a text did come through on his communicator. Quickly thumbing through it, he had to frown a little. It's not that he couldn't understand where Vera was coming from--having to shatter the idol image someone has of you by looking weak and vulnerable in front of them can be a very real fear for people--but he wasn't sure she was doing herself any favors right now either. Still, she was an adult and could pick her battles. Who was he to really question.

"Hmmm, looks like she just wants to be alone right now. I guess we'll have to settle for just, letting her know she's got people thinking of her. It's like that saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. I'm sure when she's ready, after we've let her know the water's there, she'll reach out to one of us and come for it. But until then..." He put a hand on his chin and paused in thought.

There was also Roxanna's message to consider. There wasn't anything he could do to help the Jess situation. Thankfully ever since Megumi found herself some assistants he hadn't been pressed into emergency surgery again, and he honestly doubted even people with actual training wouldn't be finding themselves ill at ease having to work on someone as... special as the captain. But maybe he could help manage morale for everyone else's rest and recuperation?

"Well, in the meantime, I'm making waffles! Who wants in?" He looked slowly around at the gathered pilots. Including himself... Four in the immediate vicinity. That would be a manageable batch. "Tarquin, Nina, Esther, you guys hungry?"

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