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Super Robot Wars ∀: Deep Space IC Thread - Part 3: Crisis Point

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"Tch," Firmia wasn't buying into Trel'Vaar's unique spin on events. "They wouldn't need defending in the first place if people like you weren't always starting wars." While her hatred of Sacarians in general was beginning to waver slightly, the Alkaev wasn't about to show one ounce of mercy to the architect of this war, and by extension, so much of their suffering. She didn't have an actual plan for addressing the knights and their king just yet, but maybe once they had a better idea of what they were capable of.

Avalon moves to 17,24!
Regalia moves to 18,25!
Anarchy moves to 16,29!

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"Puppet entering operational range." Tarquin replied, giving Jess an uncharacteristically child-like thumbs up. The Sacarian King had made a self righteous speech about defending his own, which was rather hypocritical considering the nature of their invasion. History had a habit of deciding who was in the right and wrong, Trel'Vaar seemed intent on writing his own early edition of events. "Jess, ones wonder how an alien invader claims to maintain the last line of defense. Perhaps his invasion had unintentionally become a self inflicted genocide of his own people."

Whether or not the Sacarians were a victim in this all was a matter of perspective, however, he couldn't offer much sympathy to the invaders. If they were willing to claim the Earth as their own, they should have expected some resistance.

Tarquin moves to 14,25!


Elaine grit her teeth, fuming as she listened to the patriotic ramblings of the mad king. She couldn't believe his nerve, making them sound like the bad guys. "You! You crappy overgrown fleabag!" she roared, broadcasting to anyone who would listen. She was shaking with anger, they'd done so much to try and save humanity from the Sacarians, they could at least accept they were wrong. "You can't try and take a shit on our planet and then say we're the ones attackin' you! You're full of it! If you all were so grand and proud, you wouldn't have sent all your furry little slaves to death! You ain't no king, you're a fuckin' tyrant!"

Elaine moves to 17,29!

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And they began their move. Tycho kept himself quiet, reserved... He'd need his patience for what was coming. Being in what might be a state-of-the-art machine, he still remained outclassed when it came to both allies and enemies. That wasn't going to bring him down however.

Soon, Tycho brought himself forward, giving a deep breath. Inhale, exhale... He readied an arm on one of his Xiphos.

Tycho moves to 15,25

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"Whew, that fight's already looking rough. Better set myself in position..."

Carlos lands, moves to (17,23)!

"Engines, ok. Energy diffused into the arms..." Makoto prepared his machine as it whirred closer to the towering Sacarian warmongers. The pressure he felt was adding a... weird sense of clarity to his movements, and the special frame was shimmering a faint blue light as it responded to his comment.

"Distortion barrier, up!"

Makoto moves to (14,28)!

Calm down, calm down, they can't obliterate your suit in one shot... it's pretty sturdy.

Caroline was content being in the rearguard.

Caroline moves to (15,24)!

"Are you prepared, Lieutenant? I've been practicing some new moves with the Mantle's plane mode while we were waiting."

"Ready when you are, sir."

Bonner moves to (19,26)!

"She just doesn't get it, does she... she went on ahead all her own. Fuck." Esther dashed with the Metis, trying to keep up with the Artemis' speed.

Esther lands and moves to (14,30)!

Hannah to (17,25)!

Louise to (17,30)!

Kazue to (15,31)!

The Riese moves to (15~16,26~27)!

Terry repairs Abigail's Vergloria!

Repair on the Vergloria! (+52HP)
Terry gains +100 EXP!
Terry levels up! +1 Shooting, Defense, Skill! +3 SP!


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Enemy Phase/Turn 2!

"Hah! What a bold one, charging in ahead, human. I like it-- show me what your machine can do."

Kim's Artemis is attacked by Jiin'Sal!

Philotimo(Jiin'Sal) attacks!
Target: Artemis (Kim)
Weapon: Horned Maul
Final Hit: 64
Final Crit: 26
Roll: 85, 24

Kim counters!
Weapon: M.A.R.S. Mode A
Final Hit: 76
Final Crit: 24
Roll: 2, 24
Damage: 106

Kim gains +4 Will, +60 EXP!

"Ho? You can keep up..."


"Hmph... how long will you put up this bravado? Your race tires me."

Trel'Vaar himself sets his sights at Abby!

Philosophia(Trel'Vaar) attacks!
Target: Vergloria(Abigail)
Weapon: King's Rifle
Final Hit: 100
Final Crit: 18
Abigail chooses to defend!
Roll: 19, 92
No Crit.
AB Field activates!
Damage: 47

Theia provides support fire!
Weapon: Starspray
Final Hit: 0! (Alert)
Final Crit: 31
Roll: --, --

King's Will in effect!
Abigail suffers -3 Will!



Hel'Kaar takes aim at Esther!

Theia(Hel'Kaar) attacks!
Target: Metis(Esther)
Final Hit: 100
Final Crit: 19
Esther chooses to evade!
Final Hit: 62
Roll: 74, 71

Esther gains +3 Will!


Player Phase/Turn 3!


Objective: Rout!

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