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Marth = "C3 Boss Killer"?

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One of the things I always did in all my Shadow Dragon playthroughs was to intentionally build Marth up more than the other units; just until he took Hyman down.  Then I'd start balancing out everyone's levels agan.

I know that there's already the Ogma!Killer Sword + Barst!Devil Axe strat...but I always found that annoyingly unreliable; and I usually don't like using the Map Saves just for beating up bosses.

So instead, I'd build Marth up until he got at least 11 SPD; then let HIM be the one to kick Hyman's butt (or even Gomer, the C2 boss; provided he was strong enough by that point).  I always liked that, for multiple reasons...


1) I've never found Ogma to be THAT terribly good, outside of the early chapters.  He's locked to 30% Speed, even in the Mercenary class; and this is a game riddled with enemy cavaliers and other lance users.  While Marth also faces WTD, he, at least, has the Rapier to help with that.

2) Marth is a unit you're required to field in every chapter; so it's in your best interest to make him as good as he can be.

3) Marth, at base level, is too weak to survive a hit from Gazzack (C1 boss).  So he at least wants +1 extra point in HP and/or DEF so he can help the others grind him down.

4) He's got a higher STR growth than Ogma, and more levels with which to raise said STR.  Get him to B Swords and 11+ SPD before Hyman, give him the Killer Edge, and he (IMO) actually does a pretty decent job of killing Hyman by himself.


Of course, the downsides to this are that the others aren't getting as much EXP.  Marth will be entering Chapter 3 at something like...LVL 8-9, while most of the others will be 3-4.   Still...I always found it worth it :P: .

Anyone else ever try this?  Any efficiency runners that'd like to weigh in on this?  If so, please weigh in!  I LOVE talking strategy!

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