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Imagine a Kpop group in Fire Emblem

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Hai so I was bored, so I made this?

I could imagine VIXX in Fire Emblem though, Leo and Hyuk could be mages. Ravi and Hongbin as shamans (They be wearing glasses). Also Hakyeon and Ken would be assassins (Sexy assassins)

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The long-awaited sequel to #FE:TMS.

I'll admit, not the weirdest-sounding thing to me as far as FE crossovers could go. I still blame #FE for the category of music groups.

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just imagine how many singers/dancers there would be

well BTS is the main group I confidently know personality-wise so let's see

-I think RM would make a great berserker, he breaks everything already so may as well give him an axe and have at it
-Jin should be a lord. He's got the charisma for it and makes friends with EVERYBODY, there are so many strangers he's just randomly made friends with whenever BTS traveled.
-since Suga so cockily makes fun of Jimin's archery I guess he'd best be the archer boy and show us how it's really done~
-Jhope would be such a great dancer
-Jimin would also be a wonderful dancer, but I'm going to favor hobi for that position and give Jimin something else for variety. He's very thoughtful and takes good care of the others, so maybe he'd be the healer.
-I think V would be a mounted unit since he loves animals so much (and basically everything in existence since he's so pure). Let's give him a fluffy pegasus.
-Jungkook's such an edgelord I bet he'd be a swordmaster. A swordmaster that runs incredibly fast (from all that naruto running practice)

Now we just need some kind of mage....



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