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Do you think a Zelda RPG could work?

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On 5/6/2018 at 2:27 AM, Book Bro said:

Yes, if only because that would mean more focus on plot/writing.

+1 vote. I don't really care what the turn-based gameplay is like (whether it's Persona, Final Fantasy, or Pokemon) as long as it's not difficult, but further elaborate the story please. I wouldn't mind if we even bring in a couple of writers from Atlus or Square Enix - on the other hand, just keep Shigeru Miyamoto in a museum glass cage.

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I've been planning Zeldafied versions of Final Fantasy 1 - 6, currently focused on 1 and 6. For ZF1, I've reworked the six classes into six tribes, I'm revamping the Weapons, Armor, and Magic libraries, tweaked the stat system, implementing a battle screen engine and layout closer to FF3 as it looks and plays better, and I'm adding a trading quest that involves most of the towns and major NPCs.

I'm cool with Zelda getting an RPG organically derived from the main series. Though, I suspect a ZRPG would end up closer to Mana than Fantasy.

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You know, imagine a time system similar to Radiant Historia, with time lime(s) that you have to regulary to do things, learn info, talk to people, travel back to acomplish those things. The items that you gain would be similar to the power and skills that Stocke gains.
Though you'll probably have to delete or at least shortens the dungeons, but that sounds cool. With teammates not being in your teams and having you playing arround that.

There's also the Chrono Trigger way that sounds fun too. All attacks Link have are so Chrono sometime, that'll ask for a perfect game design.

I'm playing some Romancing SaGa... eh, not sure if that could work. It's niche as heeeeeeeeeck.

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Would love to play a traditional turn-based Zelda RPG. Zelda has certainly the lore for it to make it work (allies, enemies, locations etc). An even better idea would be an FE-like Zelda game.

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I think a Mystery Dungeon Zelda spinoff would be best, since clearing dungeons is already what Link does. I hear the Pokemon MD's are mediocre, but Shiren the Wander (DS) is excellent, and I think a Zelda-fied version of it would work well.

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